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Blood Elf model preview coming Tuesday

Hold on to your elf ears! The Blood Elf model preview will be coming to an internet near you tomorrow, Tuesday, November 24. A tweet from the new @WarcraftDevs (which you should all be following) let us know about the impending release earlier today.

The Blood Elf model is the last model we've been waiting for. It got delayed from WoD's release because of reasons that have never really been fully spelled out. But nonetheless, Blizzard is delivering on their promise to get it out with a patch shortly after release... so stay tuned!

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Last Week on Massively: WoW's rebound

This post originally appeared on Massively from Editor-in-Chief Brianna Royce. At the end of every week, we round up the best and most popular news stories, exclusive features, and insightful columns published on Massively and then present them all in one convenient place. If you missed a big MMO story last week, you've come to the right post.

After a shockingly long content drought and disappointing expansion previews, World of Warcraft proved that no one cares about content droughts and disappointing expansion previews by resecuring over 10,000,000 subscriptions, just in time for its 10th anniversary celebration. To compensate for the trainwreck launch of Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard granted the entire playerbase five extra days of gametime.

Read on for a look at the rest of this week's top MMO stories.

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The Queue: Garrisons, bladefists, and Blackrocks

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

As is often the case with Monday editions of The Queue, we might be a bit brief today.

Benjamin Seeberger asked:

What's the max number of followers you can have? What happens when I want another follower but have no more room? What should I do!

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Around Azeroth: So many core hound teeth ...

Hey, vanilla raiders! Remember when someone would fall off of something in Molten Core and would manage to pull a ton of trash mobs back to the raid group, therefore dooming the other 39 people, most of whom were usually AFK at the time? And then the perpetrator would explain that he was 'just exploring?' Wasn't that just hilarious? Submitter Moonfaxx of Death Jesters on Stormrage (US-A) triggered some nasty flashbacks of those raids with their aggregation of core hounds. Now just don't remind me of the suppression room in BWL. As a rogue, I drink to forget that.
Want to see your own screenshot here? Send it to We strongly prefer full-sized pictures with no UI or names showing. Include "Azeroth" in the subject line to ensure your submission dodges email spam filters; if you'd like to be credited, also include your name, guild and realm.

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Breakfast Topic: Who's your favorite follower?

So far the Garrison seems to be a hit. This got me curious as to which Garrison follower people enjoy the most. Is it a rare or elite you like because they cleave through missions, or perhaps simply a sentimental choice like my favorite, who is a spoiler heavy choice because he went through so much along side us, from Cataclysm to this expansion.

There's a lot of potential followers to consider. So who is it for you? Can you tell us, or are you still farming her, him or it?

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Know Your Lore: The Molten Core

The World of Warcraft is an expansive universe. You're playing the game, you're fighting the bosses, you know the how -- but do you know the why? Each week, Matthew Rossi and Anne Stickney make sure you Know Your Lore by covering the history of the story behind World of Warcraft.

In the deepest parts of Blackrock Mountain, the Dark Iron toil relentlessly, slaving away at the whim of an ancient, terrifying master of flame. The Molten Core, as it is called by the denizens of Azeroth, is not this creature's home. Instead, it is the home of a dark ritual gone terribly wrong, a ritual that not only backfired, but subsequently resulted in the enslavement of an entire dwarven clan.

The 10th anniversary of World of Warcraft has some extra special goodies this year, including an updated, 40man LFR version of the Molten Core. Although many players lurked in its depths in the original iteration of the raid, the story of the area and how it came to be was scattered all over Azeroth -- because the tale begins long before there were dwarves, clans, or anyone to call Blackrock Mountain by name.

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WoW Moviewatch: Pride

Fair warning: This is a very, very long machinima, clocking in at over and hour and a half, and there is some NSFW language at various points in the film. If, however, you were looking for the ultimate in Siege of Orgrimmar story machinimas, this is it. We featured the trailer for Pride just before BlizzCon, and the movie itself came out on November 5, just as everything was beginning to kick off in Anaheim. However, the trailer has nothing on the full film, which features the story of a group of horde heroes who have let the Sha of Pride tear their group apart, but manage to pull together to achieve the impossible, and defeat Garrosh Hellscream.

The film is a pretty amazing combination of Blizzard cinematics and voiceovers interspersed with the main story written by Suge. And on top of all of that, actual raid footage from the Siege of Orgrimmar was also used to full effect, showcasing guilds The Fallen and Blow fighting the 25m Heroic (now Mythic) version of Garrosh Hellscream and his cohorts. It's a pretty amazing film, and although there are a few voice actors with less than optimal microphones, it really doesn't matter so much in the long run. Pride may run a little long, but it's worth the watch.

Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an email at

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Garrison Secrets, Easter Eggs and Hidden Surprises

Leave it to Blizzard to slip a few in-jokes into their new Garrison feature in Warlords of Draenor. From riffs on celebrity names to hidden caches of Garrison resources to a special bird that will make you the envy of all your RP friends, we've compiled a list of everything we've found so far.

First, of course, is Pepe, the bird that you can wear on your head. As outlined by our very own Anne Stickney earlier in the week, Pepe is a bird hiding in a tree in your Garrison. If you can get to him and click on his little feathered figure, he'll perch on your head for the next hour. Yes, even as your run the special 40-man Molten Core or hunt elites for desperately needed Garrison resources. And, in case you were curious, Pepe's secret origin has been published by his creator.

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The Queue: Draenic marshmallows

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is answering all kinds of questions today.

Look, I'm not going to argue the mechanical wonders of goblin engineering. I mean I'm a goblin engineer and everything. But I'm wondering where the heck this particular goblin managed to find marshmallows on Draenor -- I'm not objecting, mind you. I'd just like some for myself, thanks.

BlazeNor asked:

Do anyone know if the rarity of followers effect the benefits to the profession shops they are assign to?

Nope! All rarity affects is how many traits your follower has, which in turn plays into how good they are at completing missions. An uncommon follower with the ability to work at the Engineering shop will offer exactly the same things as an epic follower that has the same ability.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: A shocker for sure

Gnomeregan Forever
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: Targe bursts into song. A grumpusaurus appears. Linola does a new Q&A. Richard solves a puzzle. Plus: Gogogo!

In comic news this week, we have a new addition to the list! The Warcraft Hero, by Mike Minotti, is actually a comic that we featured here for quite awhile, before it ended. If you're interested (and I recommend it!), you can check out the comic from the beginning. Bonus: Although Mike originally revived the comic as a one-time-only special, he has decided to start it up again. It will update Fridays, and be featured here weekly!

We also have a few new WoW-related comics from PvP on the list this week. Thanks for the tip, JereHunter!

Also on the list this week, Gnomeregan Forever features both a new update on the Shattershore storyline, and some bonus wallpaper, which just so happens to feature Faramir the cat. Plus, Trigonometry Comics has a special character guide up, which doubles as a showcase for the new character models. I love Rug's attitude in her entry!

I jokingly predicted, last week, that this week's list would contain gags about wait times and disconnects, and it certainly does. I knew that our resident entertainers and storytellers would meet frustration with humor and creativity. What I didn't anticipate were the more heartfelt responses; check out Surviving Azeroth (the text below the comic) and Kibble & Bit to see what I mean!

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