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Ahn'Qiraj War Effort

[Ed. note: This article was contributed by Ugkul]
Want to know what the various items to turn in for Ahn'Qiraj are (check out the list below)? Predictably, prices for these items are rapidly rising in the AH. The first time you turn something in, you obtain ten commendation signets that can be turned in for a reputation boost as well as a Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies crate that typically contains a scroll and a green/blue item; subsequent turnins only net one commendation signet and one supply crate. Ten commendation signets net a 75 point reputation bonus, which means you could net a 1125 reputation bonus just for turning in one of each!

Alliance and Horde have different turnin items and quantites. The list is below:


90000 Copper Bar
28000 Iron Bar
24000 Thorium Bar

33000 Stranglekelp
26000 Purple Lotus
20000 Arthas' Tears

180000 Light Leather
110000 Medium Leather
80000 Thick Leather

First Aid
800000 Linen bandaids
600000 Silk bandaids
400000 Runecloth bandaids

14000 Rainbow Fin Albacore
20000 Roast Raptor
17000 Spotted Yellowtail


90000 Copper Bar
22000 Tin Bar
18000 Mithril Bar

96000 Peacebloom
19000 Firebloom
26000 Purple Lotus

80000 Thick Leather
60000 Heavy Leather
60000 Rugged Leather

First Aid
250000 Wool bandaids
250000 Mageweave bandaids
400000 Runecloth bandaids

10000 Lean Wolf Steak
17000 Spotted Yellowtail
10000 Baked Salmon

Definitely an interesting way to get everyone involved in a world event, but we feel the supply crate rewards might be too generous.

Farmers are taking notice and AH item prices are rapidly rising, as well as shortages in other areas, such as bags, since one can obtain a better price selling off the leather at the AH then from the final item.

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