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Six North American realms to open for BC

Blizzard has been telling us for a while that they will be launching new realms when the Burning Crusade hits (they'd be crazy not to). But what they haven't told us was how many, which kind, and most importantly, what their names will be. Haven't told us until now, that is. I present to you the following post from Drysc:
  • We'll be launching the following six realms with the release of The Burning Crusade expansion on January 16, at 12:01 AM EST.

  • Nagrand - PvE, Oceanic - Bloodlust battlegroup

  • Velen - PvE, Pacific

  • Coilfang - PvP, Pacific

  • Terokkar - PvE, Central

  • Exodar - PvE, Eastern

  • Auchindoun - PvP, Eastern

  • The majority of these realms will be placed in a new battlegroup, the name of which has yet to be announced. These are new non-transfer realms and as such the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj will be closed and they will not be open to character transfers for six months.
Six realms seems a little skimpy to me; I think it's a safe bet that they'll be opening more either with the BC launch or shortly afterwards. The names follow the trend of BC-themed names that we saw with the European servers, which is cool. I like the new flavor they bring to my realm list. Speaking of the names, Drysc tells us that Auchindoun is pronounced "Aw-kin-dune." Good to know.

Will you be rolling on one of these new servers when you get the expansion, or staying with your old home? Me, I could never leave Shadow Council, but I'm sentimental like that.

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