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BC figurines coming in fall

ToyFare reports that DC Direct is producing some lovely Burning Crusade figurines, schedule to debut this fall. All we have so far are pictures of unpainted prototypes (like "you are not prepared" Illidan, pictured at right). They look pretty nifty to me, although I know very little about figurines.

Two things about this story strike me as odd. As they point out over at ToyFare, DC Direct usually makes stuff based on DC comics for the direct market, as you might expect. These are of course not based on DC work, and furthermore seem to be headed for the mass market. Second, "release date: fall?" That's over six months from now; it seems like they would have done better to get them out a bit sooner. But maybe the manufacturing process doesn't allow for that or something.

Anyway, click on over to ToyFare to see the prototypes for a Draenei Paladin, an Orc Shaman, a Dwarf Warrior, and Illidan. (Is it just me, or is the paladin wielding a one-handed weapon with no shield nor offhand?)

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