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WoW Moviewatch: Behold, the power of a GM

Digg is linking to this blog post (who knows how long it will last) about "the Top 10 WoW Exploits of All Time." Like most Digg stuff, it's a few things you've probably seen before, compiled and hyped up to be much cooler than it is. But of the exploits-- Old Ironforge, falling under Stormwind, the airport, and the top of Ogrimmar-- the last one is the most interesting (and not really an exploit). It's video of someone setting up a private server and showing off just how much control a GM has over the game.

The comments in Digg point out that these "commands" are probably not what the actual Blizzard GMs use to control the game-- they're placeholder commands created by whoever hacked the server code. And while all of this stuff is pretty cool, we're guessing that if you're actually a GM, the chance to use it is rare-- usually you're fixing tickets, not spawning legendary weapons or Rag in the middle of Stormwind. Still, it's a fun little watch.

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