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Breakfast Topic: Which class do you love (besides yours)?

Yesterday we discussed which classes and specs people hated, whether in PVP or in your guild. Scientific studies have shown that too much rage can lead to heart disease, so today we'll lighten up and discuss which classes we really like (besides our own, of course.)

I like resto shamans. Most of the resto shamans I know really, really love being resto, and they enjoy trying to figure out which totems to drop and being generally helpful. "Do you like my mana tide?" they'll say. "Grace of Air incoming! Do you want some free jewels for that socketed item? Look, I got an extra strength potion -- does a warrior or rogue need it?" It makes me feel bad that I have no way to buff them, aside from tossing them free mana pots. People will fight to have a good resto shaman in their raid group, and I don't blame them. Admittedly, some of them need a quick why-mutilate-rogues-don't-like-windfury tutorial, but that's a complicated issue and I don't expect them to remember rogue specs, especially since rogues are notorious for often forgetting that you can't drop every totem in the world at the same time.

I also like really rare race/class combinations, like gnome fury warriors or female dwarf rogues. Something about them just makes me think "Good for you! Fight the man!"

What class/race/spec is your favorite?

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