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Reader UI of the Week: February 21 - 27

This week's submission is chock-full of AddOn goodness. Let's dive right in, shall we?

Hello :) I'm Cassandra (or Cassey for short) and this is the ui I use to play wow with.

Character: Felyna (Darkspear US)
Screensize: 1280x1024 (windowed play: 1252x1002) 19" LCD
Theme: I wanted a nice, clean UI that gave me access to information and basically everything I need.
Addons: I use a lot of addons, so here we go... Format: Main addon (Similar/Joint Addons), [ ]used on other characters, not felyna

Ace (Ace2, AceGUI)Adapt
[Auctioneer (Beancounter, BtmScan, Informant)]
Cartographer (Fishing, [Herbalism], [Mining], [Opening], Stats, Teasure)
Natur Enemy CastBar (Debuffs, Options, PvEModule, PvPModule)

(Complete list continues after the jump)Clearfont
DiscordLibrary (DiscordUnitFrames, DiscordUnitFramesOptions)
Enhanced Flight Map
Enhanced Tooltip
Fubar (Bag, Battleground, Clock, DPS, Durability, [Experience], Factions, Honor, Location, Money, Outfitter, Performance, Regen, Rest, Scale, Speed, TinyTip, Volume)
KLH Threat Meter
OneBag (OneBank, OneRing, OneStorage, OneView)
Perfect Raid
Periodic Table 2 (PT2 Browser)
Scrolling Combat Text (Options, SCT Damage, SCTD Options)
Simple Combat Log
SSPVP (AB, AutoTurnin, AV, BGLibrary, Loader, Overlay, PvP, UI, WSG)
Super Macro
Theory Craft 2
Tiny Tip (Extras, Options)
WarcraftRealms Killing Fields
XLoot (Group, Master, Monitor)

Some info: I came to WoW after playing Guild Wars, and was extremely disappointed at the lack of customising the default UI could do. Over the 18 months of playing I found that addons could improve the information I get, but made the UI look terrible. Using various art mods, the first version of this setup was created. That was about 6-8 months ago now. Since then it's evolved into this today.

I do have 5 chat boxes along the bottom. One for guild/party/tells, beside it is the defence channels (both local and world), and right above that one is the general one where mod messages go. Moving further right there's the general chatbox which also handles the trade channel and says/yells, and finally the combat log. It lets me see the guild chat and party chat while in a major city without the trade channel pushing it up fast.

People often comment that while the UI looks good, it must make patch days terrible. It used to, for sure, but more addon writers are utilising the UI forum list of changes as well as PTR's to make sure their addons work. 2.0 broke a lot, and I made the switch to more Ace-based mods. Now most patch days are just a matter of checking the 'Load Out-of-date Addons' button and logging in.

So what do you think of Felyna's UI? Want to show off your own, send it in!

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