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New Cooking Recipes!

As mentioned in yesterday's Rogue post, I highly believe in Cooking as a skill that's excellent to have. You save yourself money in regards to buying food, and you have a highly portable and common source of buffs. For those of us who have classes that can't cast buffs, this is a real boon -- although every class can benefit from added buffs! So when I saw the mentioned addition of more new Cooking recipes in the patch, I had to get out there and see what was available.

For those of you who haven't gotten time to check into them, here's the lowdown. There are three new recipes available from the lovely dancing barmaid, Kylene, in the bar in the Lower City. The amusing thing about these three new recipes (at least to me) is that they have you cooking the off-hand fish "weapons" that you can catch. (Of course, this means that gone are the days of Monty Python Fish Slapping Dance renditions. Wait... Maybe that's just my guild. )

Nonetheless, for those with an eye for fresh fish and sampling the finest in Azerothian Cuisine, check out the Good Eats after the jump!

Stewed Trout
Ingredients: 1 [Barbed Grill Trout], 1 [Flask of Port], 1 [Soothing Spices]
Item Requires Level 65 to use
Use: Restores 7500 health over 30 seconds. Must remain seated while eating.
-- If you have the fish, might as well save yourself some cash and make up a batch of this. The spice and wine costs are a lot lower than the costs of a stack of food from a vendor.

Hot Buttered Trout
Ingredients: 1 [Enormous Barbed Gill Trout], 2 [Soothing Spices]
Item requires Level 65 to use
Use: Restores 7500 health and 7200 mana over 30 seconds. Must remain seated while eating,
-- You can't beat food that does both Mana and Healing if you're a caster. It's like two for the price of one

Fisherman's Feast
Ingredients: 1 [Huge Spotted Feltail], 1 [Goldenbark Apple], 1 [Soothing Spices]
Item requires Level 65 to use
Use: Restores 7500 Health over 30 seconds. Must remain seated while eating. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and gain 30 Stamina and 20 Spirit for 30 minutes.
-- Hooray for another nice buff!

While I don't expect these will make people run out and pick up Fishing en masse, it is nice to get some new recipes occasionally. Especially when it comes to fish that were largely otherwise just vendor trash (or great gag gifts) before. Bon Appetit!

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