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Pandemic wins again at WSVG Louisville

WSVG's Louisville event took place this past weekend, and the results say that Pandemic has done it again, winning the 5v5 3v3* tourney and taking home the big prize of $10,500. Nice work if you can get it!

Pandemic, you'll remember, won it all in China as well. They definitely look like a winning arena team-- Warrior, Paladin, two Priests, a Shammy and a Mage. Strangely enough, both Priests are Disc/Holy, which might not surprise you arena vets, but it surely surprised me. Their Paladin is Holy, too, while the Shammy is a more reasonable Elemental, and their Warrior is specced Arms.

Grats to Pandemic for that one-- the next WSVG WoW arena event will be in Dallas on July 5-8 (and if you haven't signed up yet, they're giving away Blizzcon tickets to a few lucky participants). Will Pandemic three-peat? Considering their arena season 2 score is 22-1, it seems a pretty safe bet.

Full list of this weekend's winners and their prizes after the jump.

*Update: My fault, this was a 3v3 tourney, not a 5v5. The team on the Armory may or may not have been the team that played, or if it was it's likely they switched players in and out. Thanks, commenters evo_dragon and Den!

1. us Team Pandemic - $10,500 + $3,000 travel
2. us Insurrection - $6,000 + $3,000 travel
3. us MoB Turtle Beach - $4,200 + $3,000 travel
4. us MoB TurtleForce - $2,400 + $3,000 travel
5. us Check-Six - $2,400
6. us 519 - $1,500
7. us Cute Baby Elephants - $1,500
8. us Evil Geniuses - $1,500
9-12. us Cloak of Shadow word: Death Coil
9-12. us Elitist Jerks
9-12. us MoB *Turtle Power*
9-12. us The One Shots
13-16. eu Fnatic.WoW
13-16. us Sapped Girls Can't Say No
13-16. us Serenity Now
13-16. us The Challenge

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