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What's the most boring class?

I saw this poll over at the worldofwarcraft LiveJournal community, and immediately wondered how you loyal WoW Insider readers would vote, and whether it would be different from the LJers.

The original question was: "Of all the classes available in WoW, what one do you have the least interest in playing?"

Now I know Death Knight is not technically available in WoW yet, but I'm sure some people are already violently disinterested in playing them, so I put them on the poll as well.

What class do you have the least interest in playing?
Death Knight600 (4.3%)
Druid688 (5.0%)
Hunter1580 (11.4%)
Mage631 (4.6%)
Paladin3215 (23.2%)
Priest1670 (12.1%)
Rogue1306 (9.4%)
Shaman1149 (8.3%)
Warlock701 (5.1%)
Warrior2308 (16.7%)

For the record, I voted Paladin. I don't know if that's because Priest has been my long-time main, and I'm just jealous of pallies' skills, or because I tried to level one once and it was slower than the time I tried to play Warbears, which was yesterday. Either that game is hard or I'm really dumb. Possibly both. Shaman is a close second though; I've never managed to get one past 20.

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