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Poll: What's your MMO of choice?

...or second choice? While those of us here at WoW Insider heavily obsess over World of Warcraft, we're vaguely aware that it's not the only game out there. But here and now we're not going to talk about World of Warcraft -- we're going to talk about the other games you play. Do you moonlight with another MMO? Tell us what your favorite is in our poll -- or if it's not an option on our poll, leave us a comment!

What's your MMO of choice?
Guild Wars503 (19.4%)
City of Heroes / City of Villians336 (13.0%)
Lord of the Rings Online386 (14.9%)
Second Life71 (2.7%)
EVE Online313 (12.1%)
Everquest / Everquest 2178 (6.9%)
Lineage / Lineage 294 (3.6%)
Final Fantasy XI252 (9.7%)
Vanguard51 (2.0%)
Runescape155 (6.0%)
Dark Age of Camelot119 (4.6%)
Dungeon Runners31 (1.2%)
Dungeons and Dragons Online101 (3.9%)

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