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Elemental buffed

Hello, saga of Shamans in patch 2.3! We haven't had a post about you in, oh...a day or so. Time for an update, don't you think? And this one ought to be pleasant to most of you readers. But first, a recap.
  1. Blizz promised buffs for Elemental DPS in 2.3.
  2. It turned out to be a nerf on the PTR (for anyone over +200 damage).
  3. Shamans got very upset.
  4. ???
  5. Blizz realized they'd made a mistake, and buffed Elemental DPS!
Yes, it's true. Eyonix has recently made a post in the Shaman forum promising an imminent hotfix to the PTR, to the tune of a 5-6% increase to the damage coefficients of Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning. According to the whelp, this works out as follows:
  • <1100 +damage: slight buff to DPS (as compared to 2.2)
  • 1100-1200: no change
  • >1220: slight nerf
Well, it hardly seems to be the buffs that were promised back in the day, but hey, it beats a nerf! How about it, Shaman players? Are you pleased now, and ready to go back to your regular totem-dropping lives?

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