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Breakfast Topic: Thanksgiving WoW Plans

With Thanksgiving holiday approaching quickly for American players, it means either 4 days of non-stop WoW playing or 4 days snowed in with talkative relatives and no Internet connection.

For those of you planning to play WoW over the four day Thanksgiving weekend, what do you plan do accomplish with all that time? Rack up Honor Points? Level that new alt? Farm Zul'Aman for a bear mount? Grind towards one of the new flying mounts?

You can vote in the poll or leave a comment below!

WoW plans for Thanksgiving
Grind Honor Points in PvP474 (22.3%)
Grind Badges of Justice227 (10.7%)
Grind Zul'Aman109 (5.1%)
Grind levels on alt596 (28.0%)
Grind for new flying mount115 (5.4%)
Grind teeth through another family get together606 (28.5%)

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