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Saturday again-- come with me as we take a look at all the great weekly content that WoW Insider had to offer the past seven days.

Ready Check: Breaking through Kael'thas Sunstrider
Our brand new hardcore raiding guide tells you how to take down The Sun King.

All the World's a Stage: Top ten ways to roleplay the holidays
Fun stuff to do in character this holiday season.

Officers' Quarters: A dangerous gift
Sharing your account with someone is a lot like being a board at a fastener convention: sooner or later, you're going to get screwed.

The Art of War(craft): Outdoor PvP, Part 1- War in the Old World
Killer places to fight.

WoW Rookie: Welcome to PvP
Just leave your dignity there at the door. I'm kidding! Mostly.

Shifting Perspectives: New Druid leveling 1-5
I wouldn't think you'd need a class guide for 1-5, but darned if our Big Bear Butt Blogger hasn't gone and written one up.

Raid Rx: Basic healer raid design
How to fit healers into your raid the right way.

The Light and How to Swing It: Ret gear, part 2
Featuring blood elves in bikinis. Made you read!

Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: The meeting

Blood Pact: The Warlock wishlist
What do Warlocks want under the tree this next year?

Totem Talk: You are the panic button
It's true-- when the rubber hits the road, you can count on a shammy.

Well Fed Buff: Caf'd Mac and Cheese
The Caf'd means caffeinated. I had no idea such a thing existed, but now I have a strange impulse to actually try it.

Blood Sport: What's your Arena resolution for 2008?
Suggestion: don't lose so much!

WoW, Casually: December 28th to January 3rd, New Year's, WSG, etc.
Easy casual stuff to do ingame the next week.

The Care and Feeding of Warrior: Weapons
Be honest-- this is why all warriors roll their class anyway.

Insider Trader: Connect-the-dot gathering
Gathering a little boring? Let Lisa help.

Phat Loot Phriday: Orb of Deception
Do a little faction bending with this world drop.

Ask WoW Insider: Do you tip your tank?
Never, ever heard of this. I always just assume gratuity was included with, y'know, the healing.

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