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Your favorite music

Madmarv thinks that there might be a relationship between WoW players and metal or rock music, since everyone he knows that plays the game listens to metal or rock, and lots of videos use the same. But other players quickly prove him wrong-- not everyone listens to or even likes metal or rock music. And since we've got these nifty polls, why not figure out exactly what you do all listen to?

Of course, if metal/rock doesn't win (and I suspect that it won't-- my guess is you all are a pretty eclectic crowd), then the question remains just why all that crazy rock keeps showing up in your PvP vids anyway.
What's your favorite genre of music?
Metal/Rock3756 (53.9%)
Rap/Hip Hop459 (6.6%)
Electronic/Trance/Dance1013 (14.5%)
Jazz193 (2.8%)
Country139 (2.0%)
Pop/Top 40259 (3.7%)
Classical277 (4.0%)
Other869 (12.5%)

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