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Outland reputation set- Paladin (DPS): Crusader's Scaled Battlegear

This is the PvP set for DPS Paladins. The Battlegear sets are of a superior quality and are equal to the Level 70 High Warlord gear that can be purchased with honor points. The pieces can be purchased by becoming honored with Cenarion Expedition, Honor Hold/Thrallmar, Keepers of Time, Lower City, and the Sha'tar. Complete sets require honored with all five factions as listed below:

Crusader's Scaled Battlegear



Crusader's Scaled Gauntlets Hands Thrallmar/Honor Hold
Crusader's Scaled Helm Head Keepers of Time
Crusader's Scaled Legguards Legs Cenarion Expedition
Crusader's Scaled Chestpiece Chest The Sha'tar
Crusader's Scaled Shoulders Shoulders Lower City

Crusader's Scaled Battlegear





Crusader's Scaled Gauntlets
728 28 25 12
Crusader's Scaled Helm 946 28 60 16
Crusader's Scaled Legguards 1019 36 42 16
Crusader's Scaled Chestpiece 1164 27 42 12
Crusader's Scaled Shoulders 873 25 33 8


4730 144 172 64

Crusader's Scaled Battlegear





Crusader's Scaled Gauntlets
12 12 45
Crusader's Scaled Helm 13 15 80 M, R
Crusader's Scaled Legguards 16 16 100
Crusader's Scaled Chestpiece 13 14 135 R, R, Y
Crusader's Scaled Shoulders 9 10 80 R, Y


63 67 440
Set Bonus 2: 35 Resilience
Set Bonus 4: Reduces the cooldown of your Hammer of Justice by 10 seconds.
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