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WoW Insider Weekly shows off our most popular weekly features of the past week -- if you missed them before, catch up to them here.
Blood Sport: No scrubs allowed in Season 4
Arena matches in Season 4 are just like TLC -- they don't want no scrubs.
Spiritual Guidance: Three priest specs your raid should not leave Shattrath without
The Priest column gives any good raiders three Priest specs to look for.
The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Are Warriors underpowered?
No. Column over. Or is it?
Blood Pact: Tanking Leo
Vims shows warlocks how to do a little tanking on the big blind guy.
Reader UI of the Week: Draxyl of Turalyon
One of our great readers shows off his UI for your pick-apart pleasure.

Five more great can't-miss weekly features after the break.
Addon Spotlight: Altaholic
Sean covers a great addon for the alt-happy folks among us.
Know Your Lore: Auchindoin
KYL covers that big crater in the southern part of Terrokar Forest. Note to self: if given the chance to summon Murmur, don't.
Shadow Diaries: In which I take a shortcut
Our Shadow Priest chronicles why he's been away from the game for a little while.
Guildwatch: officers dont do officers like u did
Wait did you really miss this classic bit of insane guild drama? If you did, then you really need to read this site more. Seriously.
Breakfast Topic: Do we really need a third faction?
Ok, so this is actually a daily topic, not a weekly topic. Still, it's a good read, with some interesting questions and answers.

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