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Blizzard names first round of qualifying teams for the North American 3v3 arena tournament regionals

According to Nihilum, Blizzard has now sent out the first round of emails to the qualifying teams for the North American regional finals for the 3v3 arena tournament. They'll be barred for competing in ranked matches for the second qualifying rounds, but will be allowed to fight skirmish matches to pratice their skills. The following teams, according to Nihilum and the official ladder page, made it to the next round:
  • Dude I got it on FRAPS at 2,182 points. Their team consisted of 2 Warlocks, a Shaman, a Druid, A Priest, and a Hunter.
  • duelist going for glad at 2,181 points. Their team consisted of 2 Rogues, a Mage, A Druid, and a Priest.
  • Frag Dominant at 2,179 points. Their team consisted of 2 Rogues, a Druid, and a Warlock.
  • Dynamo Gaming at 2,178 points. Their team consisted of a Warrior, a Druid, a Rogue, and a Warlock.
  • In The Shadowplay at 2,178 points. Their team consisted of 2 Shamans, a Rogue, a Priest, and a Warlock.
  • gc and his DAD at 2,178 points. Their team consisted of a Druid, a Warrior, and a Warlock.

As you can see, 3 teams tied for 4th, meaning they all get to go forward will participate in a special tiebreaker playoff to determine who goes forward. These teams will be joined by another handful of teams to be selected during the second qualification round, which officially begins on June 3rd for practice matches, with the qualifying games taking place from June 17th to July 15th. You can register for the US tournament realms at the Information page here.

Of course, the next thing to speculate on is how these teams will affect Blizzard's decisions on class balance in WoTLK. There are no Paladins on any of the teams, and only 1 Mage and 1 Hunter. On the other end of the scale, there are 6 Warlocks, 5 Druids, and 5 Rogues. Once the second qualifying round is over, it should be interesting to see if the class makeup of those teams is more of the same, or mixes things up a bit.

Edit: Blizzard has now posted the official announcement of the winning teams, including clarifying the fate of the 3 teams tied for the 4th place. They will participate in a special playoff in order to determine which of them will move on to the regional qualifier.

[Via MMO Champion]

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