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Caption This: A winner is you!

Another two weeks, another two winners of our biweekly Caption This! contest. The victor, with 22.8% of the vote, was cchhiipp with "Put ... the ... egg .. back." Cchhiipp will receive a 60-day game card and a big hug. Yanel captured second place with "Soooo....I'm guessing it was YOUR alts we were ganking in STV all morning?" A Hordie for life, Yanel picked an I Survived Barrens Chat! t-shirt from J!NX.

Congratulations to our winners, and for all the runners-up, look out for an all-new contest on Tuesday (with some exciting new prizes!)

Gallery: Caption This!

I'll throw a piece of cheese and a cheap engineering pattern on the ground to distract them for now while you Seed of CorruptionPut ... the ... egg ... back ...In a daring attempt to increase its user base even further, Blizzard unveils the new Ken and Barbie Hero classes.So ... one of us is going to have to change.I can haz Nimbus 2000?

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