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Caption This!

Welcome back! Now that our enforced break is over, Caption This has returned, with an all-new chance to win fabulous prizes! (Note: prizes may not be considered fabulous by non-WoW players.)

The story goes like this: I post a picture during Tuesday maintenance. You write a humorous caption for this picture by Friday, August 15 at 11:59 PM EST. It could be a funny description of the situation or a quote that you imagine the characters in the screenshot saying. Examples of previous winners can be found here, here and here. Leave your captions in a comment on this post, and keep it clean -- if Blizzard would warn you for saying it in-game, don't enter it in the contest. During the weekend, the WoW Insider team responds with their favorites, and ten of those will be chosen for the final vote. On Tuesday morning, we put the top ten up for a public vote in a new post. Voting ends Wednesday, August 20 at 11:59 PM EST. After the voting, we notify the winners. If they respond to our e-mail and confirm that they're eligible to win, we mail out their prizes and write a "winner" post whenever we get both responses.

And what are these prizes, you ask? Well, first place winner gets a 60-day game card, worth approximately $30. And for a change of pace, the second-place winner will get his choice of one of these seven World of Warcraft action figures from Toyglobe, subject to availability: night elf druid, human warrior, gnome warrior, troll priest, dwarf warrior, orc shaman, or blood elf rogue, worth up to $20. No, you can't have Illidan or the draenei harbinger.

However, to win you have to be eligible -- and to be eligible, you have to be a U.S. or non-Quebec Canadian resident at least 13 years of age. Sorry, EU and Oceanic readers, but legal restrictions make it impossible to include everyone. The official rules for the contest can be found here. Read them or be faced with a wave of attack lawyers!

This picture, featuring tons of elvish goodness, comes from the official WoW screenshot archives. Good luck!

Gallery: Caption This!

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