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Scalpers raid eBay, didn't take long

It's probably not helpful to hundreds (thousands?) of customers who suffered the slings and arrows of BlizzCon ticket purchase, but scalpers are already selling tickets on eBay. Since Blizzard has done quite a bit to try and make the event scalper unfriendly, this is entirely an example of folks attempting to profiteer on an honest effort.

Blizzard's rules for BlizzCon are set up to mitigate scalpers' ability to resale on eBay and other internet venues. The ticket pickup rules, from the official BlizzCon website say:

Tickets and badges must be picked up at the Anaheim Convention Center; Blizzard Entertainment will NOT be mailing the badges out. To pick up your tickets, you will need to provide the credit card used to make the purchase. There are no exceptions to this.

And as one eBay scalper says in his auction, he'll have to deliver the tickets "near" the convention center. So, the buyer should beware. You don't have any assurances your scalper will actually show up, and you could find yourself out a grand or two pretty. Of course, you'd kind of be bringing it on yourself anyway.

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