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WoW Patch 3.1 PTR Build 9626 Patch Notes Changes

A new Patch 3.1 PTR build is out tonight, build #9626. This build adds some changes and brings a few undocumented changes into their proper documented status.

And with this new build, we're going to try something new here at WoW Insider. Each time the patch notes change, we'll bring you a listing of significant changes to them.

What's a significant change?
  • Non-grammatical, there are grammar and spelling errors in the patch notes. While people might like to make fun of them, they're not of any consequence.
  • Non-contextual, sometimes the context of a note changes but doesn't really make any difference. Something like a Shield Bash change moved from the Arms tree (where it was mistakenly placed) to the Protection tree (where it belongs).
  • Non-formatting, often times the format of the patch notes will change. This includes things like using ":" or "-" in the appropriate places. These don't concern us.
  • Sometimes the new changes to the patch notes will just be undocumented things becoming documented. But that's important to know too.
So after the break you'll see our first go at this. A complete list of the changes from the initial Patch 3.1 PTR build to PTR build #9626. You can also view the fully updated notes, and view an archive of previous iterations of the patch notes.


Death Knight:
  • New talent: Improved Death Strike. Increases Death Strike damage by 10/20.
    Please note that while it is removed in the patch notes, it is reportedly still on the PTR.


Death Kngiht:
  • Outbreak: Increases the damage of Plague Strike by 15/30/45% and Scourge Strike by 10/20/30%.
  • Maim: This ability is now considered a stun, and shares a diminish category with all other stuns. It no longer has a chance to break from the target taking damage.
  • Intensity: Now grants 17/33/50% of mana regeneration while casting.
  • Disengage: Cooldown increased by 5 sec.
  • Mage Armor: Now grants 50% of mana regeneration while casting.
  • Talents
    • Arcane
      • Arcane Meditation: Now grants 17/33/50% of mana regeneration while casting.
    • Fire
      • Pyromaniac: Now grants 17/33/50% of mana regeneration while casting.
  • Improved Concentration Aura: The resistance to silence and interrupt granted by this talent now becomes active when any Aura is used, not just Concentration Aura.
  • Improved Devotion Aura: The additional healing granted by this talent now becomes active when any Aura is used, not just Devotion Aura.
  • Sanctified Retribution: The bonus to damage done granted by this talent now becomes active when any Aura is used, not just Retribution Aura.
  • Meditation and Improved Power: Word shield have changed locations with each other.
  • Meditation: Now grants 17/33/50% of mana regeneration while casting
  • Improved Spirit Tap: Now grants 17/33% of mana regeneration while casting.
  • Spirit Tap: Now grants 83% of mana regeneration while casting.

  • Savage Roar is now considered an Enrage effect and now increases physical damage done by 30% instead of increasing attack power.
  • T.N.T. re-designed: Increases the damage done by your Explosive Shot, Explosive Trap and Immolation Trap by 2/4/6%.
  • Divine Aegis: Divine Aegis effects will now stack, however the amount absorbed cannot exceed 125*level (of the target). It will also now take into account total healing including overhealing.

Patch 3.1 brings us Ulduar, dual specs, significant changes to all the classes, and more! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1.

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