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Breakfast Topic: The noob old days

We were all noobs once. Well, I certainly was, at least. My very first character was a Forsaken Rogue who used a white weapon way past Level 20. Wanting to better his equipment, I searched Thottbot for the fastest weapon, thinking that the more hits I got in, the better my damage would be. I found out about the Daring Dirk, a 1.6 speed dagger sold by vendors, and excitedly went to Stranglethorn Vale to camp it. I was so thrilled when I got it, a green weapon, I eventually dual-wielded them. A 1.6 weapon on my Main Hand. I felt powerful.

That was just one of my many, many noob moments back then. When we first started the game, our very first MMO, my wife and I had no concept of tanking or the archetypal roles and group compositions. We headed into Sunken Temple with our friends, a Warlock and a Mage, and we thought that since my wife played a Shaman who wore mail, she should take the hits. Of course, she was also our only healer. Also with no concept of threat, we took about five hours to finish that instance, wiping numerous times. I look back on those days with fondness.

We all had to start somewhere. Our GM and Main Tank, perhaps one of the finest Warriors and raid leaders I know, regaled us with a story of when he was assigned to tank one of Garr's adds in Molten Core. Thinking that all he had to do was slap on a shield, he was astounded by the strength of the enemy, who would nearly one-shot him with every blow. These days, he just makes everything look easy, taking to chain pulling adds even when people at half mana just to keep things interesting. Were you ever a noob? I admit it with a bit of pride, too, since I'm happy with how much I've accomplished so far. What were your most memorable noob moments?

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