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Sunday Morning Funnies: Unlikely transformation

World of Warcraft, eh?It's Sunday Morning Funnies Time! Coincidentally, this could coincide with Peanut Butter Jelly Time, if that is how you roll at breakfast. Today we explore the origin of a mysterious sound, find out how Worgen came to be Druids, and then escape from a Blizzard dungeon, all while drinking our morning coffees.
  • Dark Legacy Comics: Clink Clink. Well that is one way to save money, isn't it?
  • Check out the latest from LFG. Pay extra special attention to the discovery made in panel six, because it isn't made by looking!
  • Teh Gladiators: I Am Your Father. I wonder if martial arts are a rat racial ability?
  • The Scout Report #75 suggests that Scout may be stuck as a Gnome for awhile. She may be slow to take a hint, but she eventually figures it out, although that fight probably would've been amusing.
  • Noobs: The Deadmines. I think someone is about to get schooled in loot etiquette.
  • Beyond the Tree: Staggering Knowledge.
  • NPC: Kiblets.
  • NPC: Tail of Escape Part 1 and Tail or Escape Part 2. Part two is so awesome and adorable that I can't even begin to comment!
  • WoW eh: Yes, Google Is That Old. I love how disinterested the Worgen looks in the last panel.
  • Cru the Dwarf: The Exorcist. I love the artwork in this one!

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