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Scattered Shots: So you want to be a hunter, Part 7 Levels 61-70

Welcome back to the Scattered Shots, the weekly World of Warcraft Hunter class column. This week we continue our "So you want to be a hunter" leveling series as we look at Levels 60-70 and see why I really feel they're the best class in the game. So join me, Eddie Carrington, Brigwyn from The Hunting Lodge blog and podcast, as we explore what's in store for us hunters.

Maybe one day hunters being able to tame duids as their very own pet. Wouldn't that be awesome? I want to thank Dwarffinator and Lissana of for making this picture and sending it in for me to use.

This is part six of our, now eight part "So you want to be a hunter" leveling guide series. In what was originally to be our final guide, we will now instead cover 10 levels, 60-70, with levels 71 through 80 coming next week. Part of this change is in response to your feedback wanting a bit more information on the skills.

As we do in each, this week we'll review what skills you learn, suggest talent builds for both you and your pet as you level, we'll highlight some suggested dungeon quests that match your current level.

We've 6 previous installations in this series. Here's what we've talked about so far.
  • Part 1: We reviewed racials and their impact on the hunter class. Reviewed each of the current races and what the benefits were of each racial.
  • Part 2: We quickly talked about the first nine levels. We also went on to talk about each of the three hunter talent trees and their basic play style.
  • Part 3: Last week we discussed what happened from levels 10 through 20. We also went over the quests to learn how to tame your first pet.
  • Part 4: We covered some of the covered attacks, buffs and spells. We also began looking at how to teach your pet new skills by applying pet talents.
  • Part 5: We covered levels 21 through 40. We ended up with you getting your epic riding mount and you now can wear mail. From now on completing quests and gaining levels will be much faster.
  • Part 6: Is where we started to see that we were learning more new ranks than new spells as we leveled from 41 to 60. We ended our time in Outlands with our first flying mount.
That's where we've been. But where are we heading? This week we'll be levels 60 to 70. We'll wrap up Outlands, head out to Northrend. Next week we'll wrap it up by reaching level 80. Then we'll focus on gearing up join everyone having fun storming the castle to tackle the Sindragosa, the Lich King and his Scourge minions and anything else Blizzard can through our way as part of Patch 3.3.

Before we get to caught up and head out with our pants down around our ankles, we need to level up. So let's make sure we review the guidelines for using this guide.
  • "So you want to be a hunter" is for the new player or at the least a new hunter.
  • This guide is not a "How-to get to 80 in less than 3 days" leveling guide. It's more of a "Here's something thing for you to look out for and consider"
  • In an effort to reduce confusion, this guide presents all of the quests, instances, and equipment at recommended gear level. It is possible for some players to complete quests while lower than the published recommended level.
  • Due to the sheer quantity of quests available, from level 60 on we will only highlight the dungeon quests that offer significant experience gains or other rewards that would help improve the leveling experience. Also, with the new Looking For Group interface as part of the PTR Patch 3.3, finding groups for these instances shouldn't be as painful.
  • If you've leveled a hunter before or are just set on skipping through all this wonderful content just to reach the end game, then I recommend you use the filters in WoWHead to help identify every possible quest for your level and faction.
  • All talent build suggestions are taking into account that most players seem to have a tendency to either level by themselves, in very small groups of 2-3 players.
  • All pet talent builds are based on soloing with a tenacity pet (e.g. turtle)Since this guide is about leveling, pet talent point allocations will be using a tenacity pet.
  • This guide focuses on the leveling the PvE hunter. We will discuss PvP and raiding in other guides
  • With all of that out of the way, let's get leveling.
In Part 6 we ended after achieving level 60 and getting our first flying mount. Now we can fly anywhere we want in Outlands and not have to weave our way through the giant mushroom maze that is Zangarmarsh.

Also, thanks to our new found freedom, you'll be able to zip through the quests faster. Also, get bored with a zone? Then it's just a short flight to zones that have similar levels of content and keep on leveling. Just don't forget to stop and pick up a Nagrand Cherry from time to time. Maybe maybe take some time complete the dungeon quests or even try soloing a group quests.

Levels 61 – 62

Speaking of flying around and leveling, what you know, we've arrived at level 62. I'm sure you can't help bu notice that this is more of a skill-up level and you don't learn any new skills or attacks.

We'll skill up Explosive Trap (Rank 4). It doesn't sound like much but couple Explosive Trap with Volley and it can make a pretty lethal combination for multiple mob pulls.

The other skill-up involves Steady Shot (Rank 2). Even though we use other shots in our rotation, Steady Shot is still our back bone and cooldown filler.

New Hunter Skills
  • No new skills
Hunter Talent Allocations

Pet Talent Allocations

Tenacity Pet Build

Dungeon Quest Chains to Consider

Rare Pets
  • No Rare Pets

Levels 63-64

Man that was a quick couple of levels, we're moving right along. Thanks to completing a run through Ramparts and Blood Furnace we were able to get some great loot along with loads of experience.

Now we'll head out to Zangarmarsh, the land of overgrown mushrooms, walking plants, and Naga, lots of Naga. While you're questing in the marsh make some new friends, the Sporelings of Sporeggar for example. They need help defending their nursery from Bog Lords who have decided they make tasty hor'dourves. If you're a hunter that cooks, they are an especially good reputation to get. They have the Sporeling Snacks. Trust me, your pet will love them even if they don't taste that good (you have to eat them, not your pet).

Unfortunately, we still don't get any shiny new skills, but we are able to skill-up Black Arrow (Rank 3) and Raptor Strike (Rank 9).

I know that many out there say that leveling and skilling up your melee skills are a waste of time. I agree in principle, but there are times that the best hunters I know still get caught in melee range and can get off at least 1 attack before they Disengage.

New Hunter Skills
  • No new skills
Hunter Talent Allocations
Pet Talent Allocations
Dungeon Quest Chains to Consider

Heart of Rage (Blood Furnace) – Perfectly Balanced Cape and 20,800xp.

The Blood is Life (Blood Furnace) – 20,800xp. Go ahead and pick the Breastplate of Retribution to vendor. (Yes, I know it's plate and we hunters can't wear plate. Just take my word on it, every little bit helps when you're trying to get your epic flying mount just that little bit quicker.)

Instances to Consider
Rare Pets
  • No Rare Pets
Level 65 – 66

At level 66 we learn our first new skill since learning Tranquilizing Shot and Deterrence at level 60, Kill Command. Many think Kill Command isn't that big a deal. I have to disagree.

I find gets a sense of satisfaction having my pet fully enraged with The Beast Within and hearing that growling chomp sound as Kill Command is cast. Not only do I enjoy seeing Elvis munching on some poor warlock, but I also get extra tingly knowing that a 60% damage bonus for any of my pet's special attacks are going to be extra painful as well. (So you don't think I forgot, the full 60% damage bonus is really on the first attack only. After that each attack is reduced by 20% seconds during the 30 seconds Kill Command is in effect.)

We also get to skill up Counteattack (Rank 4) and Immolation Trap (Rank 6).

New Hunter Skills
Hunter Talent Allocations
Pet Talent Allocations
  • No new pet talents
Dungeon Quest Chains to Consider
Rare Pets Level 67-68

We've made it to level 68! Can you believe it? It's been a crazy journey in Outlands and now we can make one not so tough decision. Do we stay and slog our way through more Burning Crusade content, or do we pack our bags and head back to Azeroth for the first boat heading out to the mounting battle with the Lich King and his armies in Northrend.

Before we go, we do learn some new skill-ups and one new attack as well.

At level 67 we were able to skill-up Multi-Shot (Rank 6), Serpent Sting (Rank 10) and Volley (Rank 4).

Then at level 68 we were able to skill-up Aspect of the Hawk (Rank 8), Aspect of the Wild (Rank 3), and probably one of the more important ones, Mend Pet (Rank 8).

We also learn a new skill, Snake Trap. Snake Trap is one of those traps that sometimes seems like it has a mind on its own. One minute the snakes are behaving and attacking the target you intended, then the next? Not a slithering bugger to be seen. At least not until you realize they've just decided to go off and attack another mob.

Even with this minor annoyance, Snake Trap is another great tool in our arsenal. By dotting multiple targets with some annoying interrupts and poisons.

New Hunter Skills Hunter Talent Allocations
Pet Talent Allocations
Dungeon Quest Chains to Consider
If we do all of these dungeon quests they'll net us about 50,000xp just from the quest turn-ins. Plus we'll end up with one really cool hat!

Instances to Consider
Rare Pets
  • No rare pets
Level 69 – 70

At level 69 we learn another skill that is critical to our class and distinguishes us from someone like say a warlock, than Misdirection. Once you learn Misdirection from the trainer, I highly recommend you practice using it on your pet all the time.

Use Misdirect to direct mobs and control mobs. You can use it to help your pet round up a bunch of mammoths your farming, anything at all, just use it and become very comfortable with it. The more comfortable you are at using Misdirection the easier it will be later on when you're trying to save your healer. And everyone loves a hunter that knows how to misdirect and can save the healer and prevent a wipe.

Besides learning Misdirection you also learn Arcane Shot (Rank 9), Black Arrow (Rank 4), Aimed Shot (Rank 7), Explosive Shot (Rank 2), Mongoose Bite (Rank 5), and Wyvern Sting (Rank 4).

New Hunter Skills
Hunter Talent Allocations
Pet Talent Allocations
  • No new pet talents
Dungeon Quest Chains to Consider

You could do a handful of quests in Sethekk Halls, Shadow Labyrinth, and Black Morass and gain over 100k in experience.

But honestly, at this stage in the game don't you are really want to be in Northrend working your way through Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra? You'll get about the same amount of experience killing mobs along the way completing quests.

Instances to Consider
Rare Pets I'm not sure about you, but I know I'm ecstatic that we've finally reached level 70. That means only 10 more levels and we've reached the point of being able to run heroics, raids, and start gearing up for Icecrown.

In our next installment of "So you want to be a hunter", we'll complete your journey wrapping up the last 10 levels (71-80). After which we'll be tackling gearing up and preparing for raids, raiding, as well as looking all the cool things that are sure to continue to develop before the release PTR Patch 3.3.

Until we next time, may all your pancakes be hot, and you never run out of syrup.

You want to be a Hunter, eh? Well then you came to the right place. Scattered Shots is the one column dedicated to helping you learn everything it takes to be a Hunter. Each week Scattered Shots will cover topics to help you Fix Your DPS, Choosing the Right Spec, Gear Selection, Macros and Pet Selection, Pet Specs and Management.

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