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GuildOx shares the most popular Alliance and Horde names by race, page 2

  • Dranosh
  • Orcandbeans
  • Orcgasmic
  • Gorehowl
  • Orcchop
  • Orcazm
  • Goel
  • Thrãll
  • Draenosh
  • Rehgar
Overlord Saurfang's words atop Icecrown Citadel must have moved a whole bunch of Orcs to tears because the #1 Orc name in WoW at this point is none other than Saurfang's son, Dranosh Saurfang. Gorehowl, Grom (and late Garrosh's) legendary axe is definitely a cool name for an Orcish character, but a little easy if you ask me. Only three dumb puns are on the Orc list, which makes me a proud Horde member. Good job, Orcs. Also, there's only one Orkchop, and you're not him.

I leave you with this:
My boy died at the Wrath Gate. I am here only to collect his body. We named him Dranosh. It means 'Heart of Draenor' in orcish. I would not let the warlocks take him. My boy would be safe, hidden away by the elders of Garadar. I made a promise to his mother before she died; that I would cross the Dark Portal alone - whether I lived or died, my son would be safe. Untainted... Today, I fulfill that promise.
  • Morbidus
  • Putress
  • Putricide
  • Zombie
  • Wormfood
  • Rotted
  • Cadaver
  • Sin
  • Skalm
  • Abracadaver
Undead characters have a worse time than Humans when coming up with names. Technically, you should just be named some lame Human name -- because let's face it, you were once a Human, and then you died, and then you stood up. There was no name-changing registrar when they buried you or tainted grain brought you back from the brink as a rotting husk. Unless there was. I might have missed that quest.

Anyway, throw in a reference to rotting or worms or just name your guy Zombie, and I guess it's good enough. Abracadaver is pretty clever, though. Don't listen to the Steve Miller Band song Abracadabra -- that song is awful.

  • Layonhooves
  • Bulladin
  • Bovinestorm
  • Moosader
  • Protroast
  • Milkadin
  • Steerroids
  • Wreckingbull
  • Hølycøw
  • Cattleclysm
I'll just leave the Tauren names here, lest my face explode from all of the aneurysms I will suffer reading these names. Protroast is new and made me happy.

  • Voodrood
  • Trollform
  • Zandali
  • Tuskticular
  • Voodoomkin
  • Voodookin
  • Trollaltdel
  • Batmon
  • Zulfi
  • Voodoodrood
Troll names should be easier to come up with than most races on Azeroth. Zul'Blank and Blankjin are popular Troll naming conventions, but people can branch out and choose some different templates. Tuskticular is a real stretch, and Batmon is well past its prime. Putting those bats in for the Troll druid flight form was the best and worst thing happen to the Trolls, because now we have a ton of Trolls running around named Batmon.

Voodoo is another big prefix in Troll names, which isn't surprising but also not used particularly well. There are better names out there, people! Let's find them.

Everyone already knows most of my naming conventions by now, but I usually put the first half of my middle name, Genz, as the basic root for all of my characters' names. Genzjin was my Troll for a long time, and it worked perfectly! Trollaltdel is pretty hilarious, though.

  • Tinkertotems
  • Gobfather
  • Goblinhood
  • Goblink
  • Yòda
  • Yodà
  • Gobzilla
  • Goblivion
  • Gobsmack
  • Picksprocket
Gnomes, you should be ashamed of yourselves after looking at the sheer amount of successful puns the Goblins have. Actually, you should just be ashamed of yourselves for choosing to roll Gnomes, am I right?! Old joke is old? Whatever --the Goblins took the Gob- prefix and owned it, letting no pun too bad stand in their way. Goblinhood, Tinkertotems, Gobfather, and Goblivion are all fine and dandy, if not forced.

The true crime is the use of Yoda as a base for any Goblin name. Have any of these people even seen Star Wars? The only thing Goblins have in common with Yoda are small stature and green color. If that's enough for a name and all it takes to be clever, I might as well name my Tauren paladin something terrible like Milkadin ... oh. Never mind.

Blood Elf
  • Glitterstorm
  • Vynash
  • Salandria
  • Keleron
  • Bubbleøseven
  • Krelen
  • Anasterian
  • Liadrin
  • Vynicus
  • Popmybubble
One of the top Blood Elf names is Salandria, which is actually adorable because it is the name of the Blood Elven orphan you take around for Children's Week from the Shattrath orphanage. Apparently, she grew up and is now fighting Deathwing. Good on you, Salandria. I was wondering where Glitterstorm came from on the last list of names for warriors that GuildOx gave us, and now the secret is out. Blood Elf warriors. Nice.

The rest of the names are fairly standard, with a skew towards Blood Elven heroes such as Lady Liadrin and Anasterian Sunstrider. I am not all that surprised or moved by any of the Blood Elf names that made it into the top 10; however, Lady Liadrin is one of my favorite characters in WoW, and I think she should get more screen time.

Horde Combined
  • Voodrood
  • Glitterstorm
  • Dranosh
  • Bovinestorm
  • Layonhooves
  • Tinkertotems
  • Bulladin
  • Trollform
  • Excision
  • Protroast
  • Cleaveland
  • Sin
  • Moosader
  • Gobfather
  • Goblinhood
  • Hølycøw
  • Zandali
  • Restofarian
  • Steerroids
  • Milkadin
Finally, we have the Horde master list. Some things to note are all of the Tauren paladin names, which means Blizzard made a killing off of race and name changes when Cataclysm hit. There are a lot more Trolls than I thought there would be, especially on the master list, and a whole bunch more Orcs than I had anticipated. The fact that Dranosh is so high up on the list makes me a happy person.

Thanks again to GuildOx for all of this awesome information and a fun look into the most common names in World of Warcraft. When more fun data like this becomes available, we will be sure to show you guys and gals. In the meantime, remember to never name any of your characters any of the names you've seen on the last two pages. You don't want to contribute to this, do you?

Brace yourselves for what could be some of most exciting updates to the game recently with patch 4.3. Review the official patch notes, and then dig into what's ahead: new item storage options, cross-realm raiding, cosmetic armor skinning and your chance to battle the mighty Deathwing -- from astride his back!

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