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Breakfast Topic: What are you doing to prepare for Mists?

Breakfast Topic What are you doing to prepare for Mists
I finally did it. I broke. I couldn't help it, my bank, bags and Void Storage were bursting at the seams and I knew there was no feasible way I could possibly level through Pandaria with as little space as I had. So Tuesday afternoon, I systematically began going through my bank and my void storage and vendoring things. What I couldn't vendor, I deleted. I didn't touch the sets I can no longer obtain. My set from the original Zul'Aman and my paladin lookalike set from the Wrath launch event are both safe, as are my other rarities.

But sets that I flat out won with hard work and dedication are now out the window. Goodbye tier 6, you marked my official return to raiding and I will miss you dearly. So long tier 1, no hard feelings but I need room. Goodbye holiday event items, it's not like I was using you anyway. Everything I got rid of, I can farm up again easily enough. But it still stung. I've got 120 more slots than I used to have though.

And in a way, it was oddly soothing. It is really weird looking at my bags and seeing how empty they are. It's weird seeing my bank with a ton of space in it. The Void Storage, however ... well, that's still full. But I think I'm good to go as far as Mists of Pandaria goes. I've got the space in the bags, and I know Pandaria is full of fabulous fashion that will more than make up for what I tossed away.

What are you doing to prepare for Mists? Have you cleaned out your bank and bags? Are you getting snacks and drinks for a long leveling grind? Are you switching up professions? Are you gathering heirlooms? Or are you leaving the planning to others, and just winging it?

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