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Who here has the most level 90s -- and why?

Breakfast Topic Who here has the most level 90s
Let's talk alts, people. How many 90s are you altaholics running these days?

I guess it's pretty interesting to poke around for big, flashy totals -- and yeah, it would be cool to recognize the player with the highest number of 90s -- but I'm really more interested in how and why you pushed all those characters to the cap in the first place. Are you chasing the whole concept of one level-capped character of each race or class? Perhaps you've been building an empire of craftspeople. Or maybe you just really, really, really like the leveling game. What drives you to level 90 again and again?

How many level 90 characters do you have?
0 to 12550 (25.9%)
2 to 34008 (40.7%)
4 to 62363 (24.0%)
7 to 10596 (6.1%)
11 or more324 (3.3%)

Are there any of you out there who've actually leveled an entire character select screen full of characters to level 90? If you have more than a handful of 90s, what's your motivation for level-capping so many characters?

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