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Breakfast Topic: Do you buy in-game items?

I admit it: I've spent real money to buy in-game mounts and pets. After all, who could resist the adorableness of Lil' Ragnaros or the Cinder Kitten? Sure, it can be silly to spend real dollars on items that are purely virtual in nature, but with as much time as we all spend in World of Warcraft, why not? The new cosmetic helms in the Blizzard store -- more expensive than pets, less expensive than mounts -- have recently brought the question of buying cosmetic items into conversation once more.

So do you or have you bought in-game items in the past? And are you planning on picking up a shiny new helm? Let us know!

Are you buying a cosmetic helm?
I already have one, and I'm considering getting another.321 (5.7%)
I've bought mine!243 (4.3%)
I'd consider buying cosmetic items, but I don't like the looks of any of these.1678 (29.8%)
I haven't decided yet.965 (17.1%)
No way! Buying virtual items is a waste of money.2423 (43.0%)

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