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Bosses in 5 seconds: Siege of Orgrimmar wing two

Bosses in 5 seconds SoO wing two
Guess who's back? Yep, it's bosses in five seconds again, returning with some advice for Siege of Orgrimmar LFR wing two. As ever, do remember that these are not in-depth strategies. They're not meant for your heroic raid team, and there are many guides out there which will suit you better if heroic raiding is your thing. This is meant, principally, for LFR, but will arm you decently if you step into a Flex PuG to take on these bosses. It's quick-and-dirty strategy guides for the second wing of LFR bosses. Let's get going!


The Dungeon Journal is a bit daunting for Galakras, but it's actually a pretty simple fight.
  • Clear trash. Keep Bonecrushers stunned and Tidal Shaman interrupted. Tank adds in fire pools, they take damage.
  • Towers will open as Demolishers appear. Kill Demos first then...
  • Send 1 tank, 1 healer and around 3-4 DPS to the towers. South, then North, avoid frontal cone so you don't get knocked off. Avoid shoot at all costs. It will two-shot you. Someone stay to man the turret.
  • Ground team kill adds and Demolishers.
  • When Galakras lands, stack up. Try to kite the fireball through other people.

Iron Juggernaut

This is another fight with a huge dungeon journal entry that can be mostly summed up in one bullet point. It's the first one of the list. Are you ready?
  • There is a heck of a lot of bad. Don't stand in any of it.
  • If you can bubble or mitigate over 50% incoming damage, soak the Crawler Mines. If you can Slow Fall, even better.
  • Tank-swap on Flame Vents
  • Ensure you have your back to a wall for the knockbacks in Siege Mode, when they earthquake starts they're coming. He is usually tanked to the far right of his compound.
  • Don't kite the Laser through the group.

Kor'kon Dark Shaman

There's a theme emerging here. For Normal or Heroic difficulties, it'd be really important to understand the nuances of everything here, but for LFR purposes it's simply a case of...
  • Don't stand in bad. There is a lot of bad. Don't stand in any of it. Or near it.
  • All trash should be cleared from the area and buildings within it before you pull.
  • The dogs will die really fast. Face them away from the raid and burn them down. Hero/Lust on the pull.
  • Tank-swaps may be needed when Haromm's debuff stacks up.
  • Focus down the Slimes, melee may need to run away if they have no CDs for the proximity AoE damage.
  • Tank bosses together so players can cleave. Try moving them round the edge to keep away from abilities.

General Nazgrim
  • Don't hit him during defensive stance unless you're a debuffed tank
  • Don't stand in or near the cracks on the floor
  • Tank-swap at 3-ish stacks
  • Use a healing cooldown in Warsong, if your group needs it.
  • Don't hit him during defensive stance unless you're a debuffed tank
  • Look out for the spinning axes
  • Prioritize adds over the boss, in this order: War Shaman and their totems, Arcweaver, Assassin (don't turn your back to them), Ironblade (ranged only).
  • Don't hit him during defensive stance unless you're a debuffed tank
  • Use hero/lust when he hits his first Berserker stance.
  • Don't hit him during defensive stance unless you're a debuffed tank

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