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Breakfast Topic: Did you reach your Hallow's End goals?

Candy Run 2013 Hallow's End
The Hallow's End holiday ends today. Check the calendar on your local server to see what time it ends for you. You may have one more chance to try for The Horseman's Reins, if that's your thing. It's not mine and since I already have the Hallowed Be Thy Name achievement, my only goal was this year's Candy Run from It came from the Blog.

I did do quite a bit of trick or treating on my army of alts, but I found that it was much harder to do on recent alts, ever since they took the automatic learning of level appropriate flightpaths away. Still it was worth the experience, even though I didn't get a single broom this year. For some reason, I got tons of skeleton wands though. Very odd.

What about you?
Did you reach your Hallow's End goals?
Yes, and I got the mount!452 (12.2%)
Yes, but I don't have the mount.717 (19.4%)
No.879 (23.8%)
I had no Hallow's End goals.1643 (44.5%)

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