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Breakfast Topic: Your luckiest WoW moment

It's been a while since we had a panda cheering image, so I thought I'd better fix that. Tell me, dear readers, about your luckiest WoW moment? The moments when you've been playing the game and had such a stroke of luck you could barely believe it. Or something associated with WoW that's made you feel like the luckiest person on the planet, even if just for a moment.

Me, well, I've been very lucky indeed. I landed a job writing about WoW just over two years ago, I got to go to BlizzCon this year, I have met some amazing people and made some amazing friends. WoW truly is a social game, and the community surrounding it is a beautiful thing. I've been really lucky to get to know a few of these people in the short years I've taken my hobby and tried to make a (rather paltry) living out of it. Thanks to WoW, I have a job I love, and am lucky as can be.

That's all well and good, though, all very nice and heartwarming, but here's the real story. A while back, a couple of years in fact, I was tanking to get a satchel, opened it, and got a Swift White Hawkstrider. Yep, that's right, from a tanking satchel. Heck yeah! What's your luckiest WoW moment?

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