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US Connected Realms schedule updated with 15 new connections

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Blizzard has updated the US realm connection schedule for the remainder of the year. In total, 15 more connections are slated to happen over the holiday season. If your realm is on this list, your capital cities are about to get a little more crowded. You can read Blizzard's original preview of connected realms to learn more about how the whole process works.

This first batch of realms will be connected on Monday, December 16 during a scheduled maintenance from 6 a.m. PST to 11 a.m. PST:
  • Andorhal and Scilla/Ursin
  • Crushridge and Anub'arak/Chromaggus/Garithos/Nathrezim/Smolderthorn
  • Icecrown and Malygos
  • Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
The second batch of connections will take place on Monday, December 23 during a scheduled maintenance from 6 a.m. PST to 11 a.m. PST:
  • Anetheron and Magtherdion/Ysondre
  • Darrowmere and Windrunner
  • Demonsoul and Coilfang, Dark Iron, and Dalvengyr
  • Draka and Suramar
  • Velen and Eonar
The final batch is happening on Friday, January 3 during a scheduled maintenance from 6 a.m. PST to 11 a.m. PST:
  • Akama and Dragonmaw
  • Executus and Kalecgos
  • Galakrond and Blackhand
  • Shandris and Bronzebeard
  • The Forgotten Coast and Balnazzar, Gorgonash and Warsong
  • Undermine and Anvilmar
You can view the list of realms connected thus far here.

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