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Breakfast Topic: Do you have any raid rituals?

I love balance druids. More specifically, I love the giant lovable ball of feathers that is known as moonkin form. In my old raid guild, our resident boomkin took to pulling out a balloon while waiting for raid invites to go out, or while happily downing bosses. There was just something so completely perfect about the image of a boomkin with a balloon string tied to one oversized feathery wing that I really couldn't get the image out of my head. When he finally stopped raiding, a boomkin-less drought of raiding followed. When my old raid guild split up, the new guild I joined just didn't have any balance druids.

But we have just recently finally acquired not one, but two of them. And of course the first and most important thing in my mind was that they be decked out with balloon pets as part of every raid. Partially because it was a nice reminder of my old friend, partially because it was just so darn cute. What I didn't expect, however, was the rest of my guild happily embracing the idea of boomkin having balloons as part of the uniform. I noticed neither of them had the balloons out during myriad wipes on heroic Nazgrim, and asked them both to pull one out. Next attempt, Nazgrim was down -- and we somehow decided it's all because of those balloons.

It's gotten to the point where both boomkins have their pets on their hotbars. I barely have to remind them anymore, the raid officers will do it for me. And it may seem strange, but the little ritual of boomkin and balloon-wielding seems to have helped our performance. Maybe it's just a moral thing, who knows? Does your raid have any unorthodox rituals or habits that they do before every pull, or after every wipe? Is there something unusual you do that just seems to work for performance, even if it doesn't make any logical sense at all? Have you ever had a kill work because of some random, extraordinary thing that more than likely had nothing to do with the kill at all, but you embraced it anyway?

And if you happen to be a moonkin ... why don't you have a balloon yet?

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