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The Queue: Podcating in 2014

I'm curious with a question for you all today, dear Queue... are there a lot of people out there that would come listen to the podcast if we did an episode during the day, or on the weekend sometime?

I'm thinking it might be nice to let more people (that normally can't) join us for the live show. What are your thoughts, o' community?

Also, the above picture is one of my cats during the pre-show of the podcast last night. She always sits with me and listens to the people talk through the speakers.

Krastanoff asked:

not sure if it's been announced yet, but will the boosted lvl 90 characters have professions automatically levelled up, would you have to grind them all the way, or will they be automatically boosted up to, say, 300 or something, and you start from there?

In order to get the professions boosted up, the character you're boosting needs to be level 60 or above. If the character is new, then the professions won't be boosted.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, to be honest. On one hand, it's nice to have a "veteran's bonus", but on the other....
  1. This isn't a real veteran bonus, since level 60 can be gained in as little as a month or two for a new players. For a game that's nearing a decade old, that's nothing.
  2. One of the goals is to get a new player into the endgame content more quickly, and leveling professions can be a huge barrier to entry. So much so that I'm wondering how many new players will really level up their professions after the jump to 90. If a profession costs 15,000g just to get up to a usable level, I can see a new player looking at that and go "nope, just going to raid/pvp/erp-in-that-one-in."
I have a feeling professions will be redesigned. And my suggestion? Off a profession boost that brings a single profession up Mists level for $20. I'd just throw $100 or so at my screen if Blizzard were to do that.

KnackeredOne asked:

Why were the pvp vendors placed so far away from the main city this expansion?

Blizzard wanted people to get out and explore the world more. Did it work?

I think it did, but I also think it created situations that were annoying. Having vendors randomly out in the world is a pain to get to. And why would the PvP vendor be hanging out on a wall near bug-dude land? It makes a lot more sense for the vendors to be located in the city.

Now, I think there's other ways for Blizzard to get people out into the world. A compelling gameplay reason would be a good thing. Make me want to fly out to the middle of no where, I'll do it happily then. But if I just have to do it to pick up some minor upgrade to my ring, it's not going to happen without me getting annoyed.

HadenHenderson asked:

Is WOD going to have an underwater zone? Zangarsea? Just seems like a golden opportunity to have one.

Ring ring. Ring ring. Ring ring.

Me: Hello?

Disembodied Voice: Hi Adam! It's Zarhym, Blizzard Community Manager of Kickass. How's it going?

Me: Oh great, how are you?

Disembodied Voice: Good! Got some cobwebs stuck in the my skull the other day, but you know how life is. Say, would you and the WoW Insider staff like to come on a tour?

Me: You bet!

Everyone flies out to Blizzard HQ and are around the third floor looking at the new zones in WoD being developed.

Disembodied Voice: So this zone is a new underwater zone! It's going to be Vashj'ir 2.0. Players are really going to love it! We just finished it on the zone designer program.

Me: Can I take a closer look?

Disembodied Voice: Sure! Just don't close the window, we haven't saved it yet.

Closes windows.

Me: Fixed it for you.

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