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Breakfast Topic: How many Blizzard games do you play?

I like Blizzard games. I've liked them every since I was very young, when the company was still called Silicon & Synapse and released a title called The Lost Vikings. I remember playing that game on the computer for hours after it came out, along with my sister, my brother, and even my mother, who found the puzzles and graphics pretty charming. That said, Warcraft and its associated titles are easily my favorites to play -- but I've dabbled in plenty of other Blizzard titles too.

Hearthstone is quickly becoming a go-to favorite for when I want a quick few rounds of cards. Diablo III is incredibly fun when I want to release a little stress and simply smash some demons for a while. But I still haven't touched StarCraft -- I'm not really good at that kind of game, so I have yet to give it a shot. And my mind is still wavering on whether or not I'd like to try out Heroes of the Storm. The concept sounds really cool, but it's another one of those games that I'm not sure I'd be really good at playing.

However, I find myself slightly more willing to give Heroes a shot when it launches, mostly because it's a Blizzard game -- and I like the way Blizzard games play. I'm curious though -- how many Blizzard titles do you play? Do you tend to stick to one style of game, or are you happy enough to expand your horizons and try something different every now and again? Are you planning on picking up Reaper of Souls, or even Heroes of the Storm when it eventually releases?

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