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Azeroth Choppers is a real thing that's happening


That one word encompasses the length and breadth of the WoW Insider team's reaction to the newly announced Azeroth Choppers. World of Warcraft and American Choppers is not the kind of marketing cross-over we expected anytime soon, but when you really think about it, it isn't all that much of a shock considering Blizzard's Chris Metzen and Samwise Didier. And it isn't quite as weird as Mr. T and his obsession with mohawks.

Azeroth Chopper is a webseries/competition wherein custom chopper designs will be created for both the Horde and the Alliance by bike experts hand-chosen by the famous-to-some Paul Jr. Players will vote on which chopper becomes an in-game mount, which is an odd approach considering whichever faction loses the battle is likely to miss out completely. Perusing the Azeroth Chopper website, it appears the webseries will run for eight episodes, the first of which is debuting next week.

Personally, I'd have preferred an American Pickers crossover. I have a whole lot of World of Warcraft junk (or treasure, depending on the day) piled up in my office closet and I'm not very good at bartering. Prime target, I say.

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