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Sunday Morning Funnies: I will never sleep again

Contested Territory
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: A revelation. Your first million. A dwarf with a point. A great loss. Plus: It's raining cats!

In comic news this week, we have an appearance by Massive Pwnage (which usually isn't WoW-related, but is featured when it is). We also get to meet a murderer, albeit briefly. I suppose we will have to wait until next week for the full reveal on Gratz! Plus, "A Question of Pragmatism" continues on Gnomeregan Forever.

Last week, Rug announced that despite her recent awesome guest comics (on Gnomeregan Forever), she currently has no plans to start her own comic. However, she will continue to grace us with her guest pieces, and, lucky us, there's another one this week!

In sadder news, I have two hiatuses to announce. Due to outside forces, Sara & Kleeyo is on hiatus indefinitely, although not permanently by any means. Contested Territory is also going on hiatus, and is scheduled to resume on July 8.

Finally, it's BlizzCon badge time! Vidyala (of From Draenor With Love) sells beautiful, unique, hand-painted BlizzCon badges (which are fully removable and separable from the "badge" parts, to give you frameable artwork, and also come with a high-quality digital image). The best part? Even if you don't want to (or cannot) purchase a badge, there's a gallery up of 2013 badges for perusal and we'll definitely get to see at least some of what is drawn for 2014. Really, go ogle them, because they rock.

And of course: Have a happy day, fathers!

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