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WoW Insider's Wrath: Ask a Beta Tester

Wrath of the Lich King: Ask a Beta Tester

Though we don't have the persuasive powers required to convince Blizzard to give you all beta keys of your very own, we can answer your beta-related questions. Do you have a burning Wrath question that you just have to have answered? Leave it in the comments, and we'll be back here every day, same time, same place, to answer some of your questions.

Please Note: If you're the sort who wants to avoid spoilers, turn back now! We're aiming to avoid major story spoilers, but this feature is all about beta content and we can't talk about the beta without giving a few things away.

(for more general news on the beta,
check out our page all about Wrath of the Lich King)

The past meets the future Ask a Beta Tester: The past meets the future
We only have one or two days of Ask a Beta Tester left, ladies and gentlemen. Very soon, it will be no more. Who will care about beta questions? We'll have the expansion in our hot little hands! Forget the beta, we'll have the real deal. We've actually had a lot of fun doing this for you guys though, and we're kind of sad to see it go. I like to think you guys have had fun with it, too. You know, beyond drooling over the Wrath screenshots and information.
  • jared.daniels asked... I won't be getting the WOTLK expansion for a few days after the launch. What do you suggest I do until I can get the DVD?
  • popeguilty asked... If I want to get in there and start wading through some undead, which zone should I head to?
  • Batium asked... Can a warrior with Titans Grip dual-weld this fishing pole with another one for extra fishing?
  • Graham asked... When I go to Northrend, will I feel like I am the only one who hasn't done everything already? How many people really get into the beta?
  • MikeH asked... I was wondering... which starting area is better for skinning leather and such? I have played Beta and was trying to figure out where I want to take my Skinner for best effect.

Come back little walrus, I just want to help! Ask a Beta Tester: Come back little walrus, I just want to help!
Welcome to another episode edition of Ask a Beta Tester! Just a few more days until Wrath. Are you excited? I'm excited. I'm so excited that I don't think I'm going to answer any questions today, and instead slam my face on my keyboard in joy and post that to our main page instead. At least that's what I would do if I didn't want to write for WoW Insider anymore. I'll behave, I promise!
  • adoure asked... I want to start on my Kalu'ak rep to get the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole asap, which starting zone will offer more quests from the Kalu'ak?
  • Hellscreamy said... Which starting zone in Northrend has the most village's or forests and the least open areas? I don't wanna end up in another Barrens look-a-like.
  • Tharkis said... Which starting area do you think is the least likely to be overpopulated and not look like the area surrounding the Sunwell Plateau at launch?
  • YukonPete79 said... Do bosses on heroic mode in WotLK drop badges like the bosses of the heroic BC dungeons?

Kalecgos, Wintergrasp, and how much is this going to cost me? Ask A Beta Tester: Kalecgos, Wintergrasp, and how much is this going to cost me?
We're going to get right down to business this evening, folks. I was kind of heartened to see Willferal (our first questioner) ask about something that's bugged me for a while.
NOTE: Consider this fair -- if belated -- warning that there's a significant, if general, spoiler in this AABT concerning an important quest chain in
Wrath, and if you're trying to avoid spoilers completely, please do NOT read AABT. This column is nothing but a pile of spoilers compressed into a spoiled package and tied with a spoilery bow.
  • Willferal asks... I know that in Wotlk, the players are fighting Malygos. But in TBC, Kalec/Tyri are blue dragons that help us, and Kalec is especially vital in his help to kill Kiljaeden. What's their role in Wrath?
  • Carang asks... I love professions. Probably one of the first things I will do is buy grandmaster for all of my toons professions. Do you know how much its going to cost to train grandmaster?
  • Myshkii writes... Enchanting-wise, are we gonna see something like in TBC where there were items that could only be used on items with ilvls of 35 ?
  • TheChao writes... Where the hell is that last picture from?
  • Frostymage asks... After the wrath gate quest horde characters get to retake the undercity with all the horde leaders. My question is what do the alliance players get?
  • Adamarius asks... I remember reading on Wowinsider a while back that they were testing a new NPC collision system. You showed a video of it on the Tournament test realms. Has there been any news of this being implemented in Wrath, or has this been shelved until its "Ready"?
  • Jatheak asks... Are there enough incentives for Lake Wintergrasp to constantly have enough players in each battle to be both enjoyable and competitive?
  • Drall asks... I've seen many of the new armor models, and, while they look pretty epic, can't find more then one or two for them. All the helms look the same, and the shoulders...Am I just not looking hard enough?
  • Hellscreamy asks... Which starting zone in Northrend has the most village's or forests and the least open area's? I don't wanna end up in another Barrens look-a-like.

Spirit, AoE, and raid loot Ask A Beta Tester: Spirit, AoE, and raid loot
I'm going to start off this AABT by stealing a question that Alex actually took last time, mostly because I started laughing when I read it yesterday. I have, oh, conservatively, billions of Wrath screenshots on my hard drive at this point, but there's one I remember all too well.
  • Marathan asks... Some time ago, there was a talk about new player character models for Wrath - and even some bugged pictures. So the question is, are they going live? Are we finally going to get improved graphics on our characters?
  • Runstadrey asks... When I start WoW after installing the WotLK dvd, will my addons already be there, or will I need to do some manual moving?
  • Nevermindz asks... I heard that spirit will be more useful for both DPS casters and healers in Wrath that it is now, is it true? How?
  • Exordius asks... I know that the beta is actually closed, but before it shut down was there any hope at all for us shammies so desperately in need of a ranged AOE?
  • Azzeron asks... I'm not sure if this has been asked already, but, I've heard rumors that the 10- and 25-man bosses of an instance have the same loot tables. And that the only difference from killing a boss in the 10-man version as opposed to the 25-man version, is that they drop different amounts of loot (2 epics for 25-man, 1 epic for 10). Is this true?
  • Chris asks... So is tailoring still a "must" for shadow priests? With the change to " spellpower", is there anything THAT worthwhile that is tailor-specific?
  • Kildon asks... Are you aware of any talk of a graphic overhaul of the classic game?
  • Azshizzle asks... Will we have different hotbar(s) when we switch to an another spec with the dual-spec system?
  • Arlendor asks... So what speed do these 'ghostly gryphons' fly at? Is it dependant on your level of flying skill?
  • Kar on E asks... Do I need to level my Mining to 375 before mining in Northrend or are the nodes available at 350?

Spectral gryphons, prospecting, and portals Ask a Beta Tester: Spectral gryphons, prospecting, and portals
Only six-ish days of Ask a Beta Tester left! Whatever will we do!? Well, we'll go on with our lives probably. I mean, we'll have Wrath of the Lich King. Who cares?
  • ahmed ahmed asked... Have you heard anything about ghosts being able to go through mountains in WotLK, so they can reach their destinations faster? My friend told me that is what is going to happen, and I hope that it will go live!
  • Erika asked... When LK comes out are we going to have to build up the starting areas like we did with the SSO or Can I chill a few days on an alt while I let everybody start their DK and stuff?
  • Sielanas asked... How easy is it to obtain the new gems? What should we prospect early and are there any mining nodes that have better frequency of getting a freebie?
  • LordV asked...... I'm not sure if this has been asked or answered yet but here goes! Mages can head to Dalaran at level 71. I was wondering if there are any level restrictions on the Teleport and or Portal spells or can mages learn said spells as soon as they arrive?
  • Marathan asked... Some time ago, there was a talk about new player character models for Wrath - and even some bugged pictures. So the question is, are they going live? Are we finally going to get improved graphics on our characters?

Zul'Drak and more Ask a Beta Tester: Zul'Drak and more
Welcome to yet another edition of Ask a Beta Tester. We're coming to you a little later in the day than we usually do, but I think getting the site's redesign up was worth it! It's sparkly, isn't it? We only have a little under a week of Ask a Beta Tester left, so let's make the best of the time we have and get started!
  • Nick S asked... Is there any lore for the Trolls? I've seen very, very little that's not negative. Where's the Troll lovin'?!?
  • J. asked... As we're winding down on questions, I'm sure this has been covered (and I've missed it): do the 10-man and 25-man instances have separate raid IDs? For example, could I run a 25-man Naxx with the guild and turn right around and run the 10-man? Or, if you run one, are you stuck until they reset?
  • timmy! asked... If you champion for faction B and after you just championed for faction A, and faction A catches you wearing faction B's tabard, will you lose rep with faction A for "cheating" on them?
  • Enyad asked... I heard from a friend that Blues went back and said the championing would be allowed for old school reps (Timbermaw, AD, CC etc) in level 80 instances. How true is that, if it is? Or is it just like I've been reading for only Northrend factions?
  • ithobbit asked... Taking a cue from the starting zone quests questions, I am a lore freak, would it be possible (or feasible) to do the quests on BOTH starting Areas at some point?
  • Ella asked... Can you give us a short list on what instances there are in northrend, and at what approximately level you should attend to these? I don't want to miss any.

A closer look at the starting zones and other things Ask a Beta Tester: A closer look at the starting zones and other things
There's only about a week left of Ask a Beta Tester, so get your questions in while you still can! You can be special like Radiophonic and get your name all bold-like up here! I guess we could actually answer the questions, too...
  • Radiophonic asked... So I'm hearing that there are tons of quests in all areas, has the allowable number of quests in your quest log expanded or should we all start getting those last 10 or so completed?
  • JonRowley asked... If you are exalted with Argent Expedition and in a dungeon that typically gives their faction, but wearing a DEHTA tabard will you still get rep with DEHTA?
  • Mouton asked... For the dungeons in the starter zones, how "buried" are the quests? In HFP, you'd have to do a reasonably long quest chain to get the Ramparts quests, which meant I had run the place twice before actually getting the quest for it. Will this happen again in Northrend?
  • Schtix asked... I've been looking everywhere, but I've yet to find much information on changes to Naxxramas. So I'm wondering, did you have an opportunity to see any ten-man content? Do you know if the bosses are very different from how they were before?
  • Jodi asked... Could you possibly tell us more about the starter areas? Everyone says to quest where you like it the best, but I cant find enough on each starter area to really know which one I will like best. What kind of story does each bring, what kind of quests, what kind of playstyle? I'm really interested to know because I want to start leveling as soon as I can so my mage can start porting people to Dalaran.

More on phasing and starter zones Ask a Beta Tester: More on phasing and starter zones
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester on this Maintenance Day Tuesday. Let's get started right away with webrunner's question...
  • webrunner's question... Have you seen any interesting/fun usable gear with cool procs or use abilities, or is it just stats, stats, stats till the Tauren come home?
  • Rodrigo asked... Are there any mounts summonable like the Magic Broom of the Headless horseman? Instant summon is just too delicious... I'll miss mine in 2 days...
  • The Hammer asked... As an RPer, I'll be looking forward to hosting events within Northrend, and within the other places in the game. I am worried, however, about this phasing technology. A lot of my events are situational, and rely on everyone being on the same "page", as it were. So, my question is, far from being a gift to the RP community, is the expansion and its phasing going to damage these events? By explanation, will an attack on a Scourge-controlled town fall apart when most attendees have already seen the Scourge off, in their phasing version? Or does it not work like that?
  • Fojar asked a pair of questions...
    If I want to get the maximum awesome-lore experience, would you recommend leveling my Alliance toons or my Horde toons first?
    And also, have you noticed any significant bugs or problems with the phasing system?
  • Joe asked... How should we approach mounts and riding skills as we go into WotLK? If we can afford our epic flyer and training, should we go ahead and do it?
    Are there faster mounts in WotLK that require new training?
  • Omestes asked... Is this like TBC, where I can comfortably level in Northrend at 68?
  • Nick S asked... Are there quests chains involving trips into Utgarde Keep in both starting zones, i.e. if you want to clear all the Utgarde Keep quests will you need to run quests in both starting zones to get the (Dungeon) quests?

Starter zones and starter epics Ask a Beta Tester: Starter zones and starter epics
Just a little earlier, Allison Robert posted questions we wish we had been asked on Ask a Beta Tester. Me? I'm still going to answer the questions we have been asked, starting with Jay's question...
  • Jay's question... In Warcraft III:The Frozen Throne, the Blood Elves and Naga teamed up to wage a massive battle against Arthas right on the slopes of Icecrown. It's already been mentioned that settlements and Ruins from further back, when Arthas's expedition land are still there. Is there any sign of the Belf and Naga ruins from their assault?
  • David asked... Do you think there will be lag and problems because all of the influx of people in Northrend once the expansion hits, or will having two starting zones solve that problem?
  • Sallix asked... Are there any class specific quests in Northrend?
  • Runstadrey asked... Could the Blessed * of Undead Slaying be the gear that Blizz wants us to wear into Northrend?
  • Trustee of Lothar asked... Even though we won't be able to champion old factions, will we be able to champion new factions in old dungeons? Does championing require you to earn experience/honor? Can you champion during BGs/arenas?

Questions I wish we'd been asked Ask A Beta Tester: Questions I wish we'd been asked
Here at WoW Insider sometimes we go a little nuts around big news events due to sleep deprivation or sensory overload in conjunction with large hits of caffeine. When that happens while we are writing "Ask A Beta Tester," occasionally we ask ourselves questions ("Why am I not in bed?") that we later realize might actually be useful.
  • Why are you not in bed?
  • What's the biggest difference between "Burning Crusade" and "Wrath of the Lich King?"
  • What else has improved the ingame experience?
  • Is there any overall trend you've noticed in quests and leveling? How has the game evolved from classic WoW?
  • They've said they were trying to get Arthas involved in the player's story earlier and more frequently. How did that pan out?
  • What's the most tempting thing to do as soon as you get Cold Weather Flying?
  • Enough with the gushing. What didn't work out so well?

Lordaeron, epic quests, and other things Ask a Beta Tester: Lordaeron, epic quests, and other things
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester, where we answer your questions about the Wrath of the Lich King beta! Let's get things started with Chris's question...
  • Chris's question... I really enjoy the Epic quest in Nagrand to bring Thrall to meet his grandmother. Is there anything like that in Wrath where you have to complete all the quests in one zone before you get an epic quest to complete?
  • Bearkub asked... I am not 100% sure this would fit as a "beta" question, but here goes... I play a 70 Holy Paladin and a 70 BM Hunter, while my partner plays a 70 Destro Warlock and a (soon to be) 70 TG Warrior (we will not be respeccing, so Ret/Demo or the like isn't an option)... What are the 2 "best" 2-man combinations for us to use while leveling in Wrath? By best I mean efficiency and synergy, as well as ease of not being forced to split up in 5 mans.
  • Debesun asked... Is there any mention of any Lordaeron specific Alliance forces in Northrend? During a certain in-game cinematic there are certain alliance soldiers calling "For Lordaeron!" in a similar way one would say "For the Alliance!"
  • BiggusGeekus asked... What is WotLK's equivalent of Arakkoa Feathers, Sanguine Hibiscus, Firewing Signet Rings, etc.? What are the dropped items in WotLK that are turned in for reputation, yet are still sellable on the auction house?
  • Laz asked... Is there a Northrend equivalent to Consortium monthly gems consisting of Northrend gems? Or are we stuck with free Outland gems only?

Icecrown, quest rewards, and scary monsters Ask a Beta Tester: Icecrown, quest rewards, and scary monsters
Good news! No corny jokes today! Just pure, delicious Ask a Beta Tester.
  • Actuality's question... When I first ran around TBC, the Fel Reaver scared the hell outta me. Ground shaking, crazily running everywhichwhere to get away. And the Draenei spiders still creep me out. But by and large the monsters now have a "ho hum" quality because I'm too used to them. My question is, are there any monsters in LK that will scare me or creep me out for at least a while?
  • Sorano asked... Is there still reputation gains and factions involved with raids? Does Naxxramas, the first raid, have a faction(s) attached to it?
  • Strongshield asked... What are the airships for?
  • Tony asked... I know you covered which starting zones have the most lore for different races. But my question is which classes should go to what zone for the reputation rewards. I have a Lock, pally, and warrior and some factions may have better things for each of these. What zone should each class go to for rep rewards?

The mystery of Crystalsong and other things Ask a Beta Tester: The mystery of Crystalsong and other things
I showed you the Alliance airship on yesterday's Ask a Beta Tester, now you get to see the Horde version! And now that that's out of the way, let's start with a couple of questions from Aerei...
  • Aerei... I've got possibly the most important question ever asked in this column! Are we going to see NPCs rocking the new hairstyles now available? I don't think it's fair only PCs should get them.
    Also, if Dalaran gets mage trainers because it's the mage city, how come Shattrath doesn't have paladin trainers? Huh?
  • Roscoe asked... I have a question about the blacksmithing sockets. When a blacksmith adds a socket to an item, is there any rule as to what color the socket is? And does the item get a socket bonus that's randomized, or do they not have a socket bonus at all?
  • Kolo asked... Do Reputations from TBC instances scale down? For example, doing Scholo at level 70 grants almost no reputation with Argent Dawn. Does this apply to doing level 70 heroics at level 80?
  • Timothy asked... Regarding the nether drakes now... Will we still be able to complete the questlines and get a nether drake mount after Wrath hits?
  • Magrresha asked... I've noticed on Wowhead and Wowwiki that there aren't any quests under a Crystalsong Forest Category - nor is there an achievement for completing quests in this zone. Yet there are two camps, one for the Silver Covenant and one for the Sunreavers - if there are no quests here, then what are they for? Or are the quests simply not implemented yet?

Heirloom items, class trainers, and more Ask a Beta Tester: Heirloom items, class trainers, and more
Another day, another edition of Ask a Beta Tester. Today, as a special treat, I am going to answer your questions while blindfolded. And on fire. And covered in bees. ...actually, I don't really like that idea so I'm going to answer your questions like I normally do...
  • Naraxus's question... Something I was thinking about was how much of an important stat "Hit" was on endgame gear in BC. A couple of patches ago a lot of the lower level gear was given a hit stat to it and I was wondering if the 70-79 gear in WotLK has "Hit" or is it just basic stats and spell power, attack power etc?
  • Jeff asked... Regarding Heirloom items... Can you put enchantments/enhancements on them? If so, can you transfer those buffs between characters? Seems a little too good to be true to have my level 1 alt starting out with a pair of shoulders with Aldor inscriptions on them.
  • Suraci asked... Are there class trainers in Northrend or do we have to go back to our Horde/Alliance cities to train new spells?
  • ironblade asked... Regarding gear, what sort of HP will a lets say level 80 Naxx epics geared tank have? Because I heard people say the entry level raid in Wrath should get you around 20k-ish, is that true?
  • wrez asked... Regarding the phasing mechanic, if a Guildie of mine completes Quest X, which, through Phasing, alters the way in which he sees the game world and I have not yet completed this Quest, will we be unable to do anything together anywhere in the game, because the way in which we're seeing the world is different, or will we be able to interact as normal? And if our interaction is limited, how so? Game-wide, Zone-wide, etc.?

Tradeskills, training, and rep gains Ask a Beta Tester: Tradeskills, training, and rep gains
As the beta winds down, Ask a Beta Tester becomes a little more infrequent, but as long as we have questions, we will answer.
  • Rob asked.... Are they planning to put in recipes for green items between 350-375 to make it easier to grind up professions? Or should i just suck it up and make (obsolete) blue/purple items to level up.
  • Locke asked... I know there's the Wrath Gate cinematic and so on, have you come across or know any other cinematic events like this, or was this the only one?
  • Chris asked... In the Classic world, we got new spells and abilities every even level. In the Outlands, we got them at every level after 60. Is it the same for Northrend? Will we get new spells and abilities ever level after 70?
  • barbarion asked... I really enjoyed The Ring Of Blood in Nagrand. Have they got anymore quests like that in northrend and is there any information about it yet?
  • Fuster asked... Will there be any inscription recipe drops or will we only be able train and discover glyphs and books?
  • ermansup asked... Are there any reputation grinds that make completing quests linked to said reputations unoptimal before a stage such as honored is reached by other means. Like it is in TBC with the Cenarion Expedition and the Unidentified Plant Parts.
  • Jeger asked... For most players, the rewards you got from the first couple of TBC quests were good upgrades to the epic gear we already had. Just wondering how long will tier 4,5,6 last us in Wrath? Will I still use my current gear at level 75?

This and that Ask a Beta Tester: This and that
You can tell the Wrath beta is winding down, because Ask a Beta Tester has been getting a lot fewer questions lately. Because of that, we're going to be pretty short and sweet today. If you still have questions, though, keep em coming!
  • dfsnow asked... What's happening with Alchemy and Alchemist's Stones in WotLK?
  • Johan asked... Have you seen any Wrath quests that grant home city faction rep?
  • svenhoek asked... What happens if a Death Knight leaves the starting area before coming back to the side of the Horde/Alliance? Are they hostile to all factions?
  • roa asked... What's with the limited talent points upon creating a new DK? How can you get hold of all talent points up to level 55?
  • szander asked... Will you get XP for dailies in the expansion?

Factions and reputation Ask a Beta Tester: Factions and reputation
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester, wherein I sigh at names like fungus and then answer their question anyway.
  • fungus asked... Will we be able to do the BC heroics for the achievements after Wrath comes out?
  • Beath asked... Does Culling of Stratholme grant Keepers of Time reputation? If not, is there a new faction associated with this instance?
  • Carney00 asked... Are the pvp items for the different factions (Horde, Alliance) going to look different again or are we all going to be wearing the same duds?
  • Kiukiu asked... How soon into Northrend can we start getting rep for the endgame factions such as the Knights of the Ebon Blade or the Argent Crusade?
  • Scarcheek asked... Will Outland and Shattrath become obsolete for level 70 once the expansion is released?
  • Andrew asked... Are endgame raids/instances in Wrath really that easy? I've been hearing from numerous beta testers and other bloggers that everything is just so darn easy. Any testers have any input on this? If this is the direction Blizzard is going with WoW, I'm not seeing any reason to stick around.

More on leveling, Alliance lore, and starting zone RP Ask a Beta Tester: More on leveling, Alliance lore, and starting zone RP
"Ask a Beta Tester" took a short break during patch 3.02 madness, but we're back!
  • DM7000 asks... What happened with the glyphs that turned (Druids) into a polar bear or a lynx?
  • Alpen asks... Will there be a new "Fel Reaver" type mob in Northrend which will make us all cry when we have to go afk while questing?
  • Littlepins asks... Will BC dailies still be level 70 or will they be upped to level 80 in the expansion?
  • RedBearon asks... With Warth's 2 entry zones, I'm trying to decide where each of my characters should start. Now I understand that it is a matter of personal preference, but is there a "preferred" zone for RP/lore reason for each race?
  • CRE asks... I might have missed this, but do I need to make the highest lvl alchemy stone in order to create the stone which will be available in WotLK?
  • Amaxe asks... We've been hearing a lot about the epic storylines for the Horde in the coming expansion. Do the alliance get similar ones, or do we get hosed on it?
  • Gridwerk asks... Do I even bother to run the (mostly for the purpose of lore at this point) "end-game" dungeons knowing that in two weeks "leet" will be dramatically redefined or do I push to level my 60 alt?
  • Sprocket asks... Would it be better to go ahead and level to 70 or just get my 60's to 68 and just start leveling again when Wrath comes out?
  • Tim asks... Can you apply both and enchantment and an engineering "upgrade" to an item?
  • Johncheese asks... How soon can park our new DKs in an inn or resting zone?

Leveling, the Taunka, and mounts Ask a Beta Tester: Leveling, the Taunka, and mounts
All of us here at WoW Insider are staggering around somewhat zombie-like in the wake of BlizzCon with the patch (probably) coming tomorrow and the amount of information we're hoping to get out in the next 24 hours. So in all truth I don't know whether the answers to today's questions are completely factual or just stuff that started swimming in front of my eyes at 1:00 this morning. Arthas is actually a girl underneath all that armor, just like Samus Aran. The zone music to Icecrown is "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who. The Hateful Gladiator cloth belt is a pink tutu. Flying bunnies will be available in the next expan-
  • Jason asks... Will Northrend be accessible at 68 like Outland was accessible at 58? Or do I need to be a solid 70 to quest and instance in Northrend?
  • Frostymage asks... With the 50 mounts achievement are you going to have to get a load of rep up with all the capital cities or are there loads of new mounts available?
  • Trilynne asks... Rep mounts from Outlands factions: Will these still be available to obtain in the expansion? I'm thinking about the Cenarion War Hippogryph, Netherdrakes, and Sha'tari Skyguard Nether Rays.
  • Sweet Sweet SoulShards asks... I wonder about Tauren lore...have the taunka helped the taurens with finding out their origin or something?
  • Abbadon asks... How soon can we start sending mail to our new DKs? Can they get mail from the getgo, or do they have to finish the "experience" first? Thanks.
  • Zanieblyar asks... Is there much of a difference in quest experience/money that I should or shouldn't level my alt to 70 in Outland before entering Northrend?
  • Aysel asks... Any sign of the AQ40 mounts being usable outside of AQ40?
  • Jedunster asks... Since Rhonin and Vareesa show up in Northrend, are there any signs of Krasus/Korialstrasz or of Rhonin and Vareesa's children?
  • Everrest asks... Will (dual specs and new enchanting mechanics) be in the patch that is expected/rumored to be dropping on Tuesday? Or are they going to be introduced within a patch after Wotlk launches?
  • Eternauta asks... How fast can you level in outland with the changes to xp? are they implemented in the xpac or in the echoes of doom patch?

It's all about the money Ask a Beta Tester: It's all about the money
We have a lot of profession questions today, but also a few about Achievements, the Beast Mastery 51-point talent, and what happens when you push Death Knights off a cliff.
  • Riley asks... How is the Shaman Hex ability working? Does the target still have control of movement and does the PvP trinket work against it?
  • Mannas asks... Can achievements be lost?
  • Khree asks... You say that alchemists keep their specializations. Will tailors?
  • Robert M asks... What new alchemy trinkets are BoP?
  • Matt asks... My alchemy skill is at 375 (on live) but I never bothered to pick up a specialty? Does it make sense to do it now, or should I wait until the xpac?
  • Realz asks... Has there been any mention of an Engineering Research?
  • Wii WIlli asks... With regards to BM hunters. If we tame exotic pets and then decide to respec later (either with a complete respec to, say, Marks, or just a BM tinkering), will we lose our tamed exotic pets?
  • Stormscape asks... Do Death Knights have any means of surviving a long fall?
  • Sjb asks... Another profession question... how profitable will inscription be in the long-term?

The Alchemist Ask a Beta Tester: The Alchemist
Apologies to Paulo Coelho fans for borrowing his title, but we have two Alchemy-related questions to start us off today, in addition to questions on Blacksmithing, cinematics, and dailies:
  • Horizons asks... Do the alchemy specializations in wrath still work the same way as they do now in BC?
  • Rhozul asks... Do I want to push my Priest, who is in greens, to Northrend after my Paladin to level Alchemy?
  • Sorano asks... Can you apply Vigilance, the buff gained from the 31 point protection warrior talent tree, on the same warrior who cast it?
  • Woca asks... Once I ding 71, will my crit rating plummet?
  • Frostymage asks... I saw the Wrath gate video and was wondering if there are any other quests that have a cinematic or involve having something big happening in the world?
  • Sjb asks... Do Blacksmiths seem to be making a name for themselves with their new ability to socket items? Any idea how the BS armor and weapons scale with dungeon gear?
  • Roma.mink asks... Since we're on the subject of WotLK dailies...what level do you have to be to start doing them?? Do I have to wait until I'm level 80? :(

The Borean Tundra, Paladin spells, and more Ask a Beta Tester: The Borean Tundra, Paladin spells, and more
Welcome to Ask a Beta Tester! We're not going to waste any time today, and just jump in feet first...
  • Jerematic's question... Are there any other world PvP objectives, beyond Wintergrasp?
  • Chalios asked... I'm a prot pally and I was wondering that since Blessings of Kings is going to be 2% stat increase base with an extra 8% on the improved version, will Greater Blessings of Kings start off with 2% as well at base and scale with the improved version or will it still be 10% and provide me with an extra 4 talent points?
  • Rylia asked... Regarding professions: what's the minimum character level required to get grand master profession level? i.e. if I want alts with every profession, how high do I have to get them?
  • saldat asked... Is there any news on allowing engineers to change specializations in WotLK?
  • Sherp asked... How much gold do Daily Quests earn in WotLK? Do they average 10g like the SSO dailies do, or is it more? Are there any other easy moneymaking venues?
  • BlindSeerWolf asked... I read that Arugal and his werewolfs(worgen) are coming back in WotLK. Have you seen him/them?
  • Fobok asked... I've heard some people complain about Borean Tundra, but no specifics. What's wrong with it? Is it the zone design, the look, the quests?
  • Ally_pally asked... I have a rather technical question. reports Seal of the Martyr's Judgement as receiving 25% bonus from weapon damage as opposed to the Horde's Seal of Blood which renders a 45% bonus from weapon damage. What are we really looking at? Is this a "balance testing" to figure out which Blizzard will use for both, or is alliance getting a toned-down version?

Exotic weapons, furbolgs, and more Ask a Beta Tester: Exotic weapons, furbolgs, and more
Hi there, and welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester after its little Sunday break! If you're new to the column, then just 'welcome' instead of 'welcome back' and if that's the case allow me to explain! Have a question about the Wrathbeta? We have an answer! Probably. Just ask in the comments section below, and we'll try to answer you in a future episode. Now, let's get started!
  • CactusHam asked... I noticed on the Description of the Shaman's Maelstrom Weapon (and maybe its in other places as well, but this is where I saw it) that in addition to requiring axes, maces, staves and daggers it also requires "One handed Exotics, Two Handed Exotics" as well as "miscellaneous". I'm curious about what seems to be a new weapon type? Is this a new weapon type? If so, what classes can use "exotics"? And what exactly is an "exotic?"
  • nist7 asked... Are they increasing the amount of quests you can have active at any one time? Also, I'm guessing they are upping the amount of dailies you can complete in one day as well?
  • palatank asked... What's the minimum profession level to learn new Wrath recipes?
  • Durana asked... Will you be able to donate Frostweave to increase your reputation with the old world home factions (Darnassus, Orgrimmar, Darkspear Trolls, ect.)? Or will I still be running Scholomance/Stratholme for runecloth?
  • stunts01 asked... If you wear the same faction tabard as the faction dungeon you are running do you receive extra rep?
  • Sirg asked... What can you tell us about furbolgs in Northrend? It's one of my favourite races, and I would like to see a faction or some furbolg related quests.
  • Vivimord asked... Any word or sign of Atiesh being implemented in WotLK?
  • Stigg asked... What would you say is the best tree for leveling as a druid? Is feral still on top or is moonkin more efficient for leveling?

More on daily quests and champions Ask a Beta Tester: More on daily quests and champions
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester! I've plugged in more music for you above, this time from Icecrown Glacier. If you're feeling kind, you should go give some love to the guy that posted them later on. For now, though, we're here to answer your Wrath of the Lich King questions!
  • Sorano asked... While killing mobs in a dungeon that normally gives rep for a faction, for example: The Wyrmrest Accord, if I am wearing the tabard representing the Warsong Offensive, will I gain reputation for both Wyrmrest Accord and Warsong Offensive at the same time?
  • Locke asked... Had a question about Old World city guards, will their level be raised from 65 to 75 with he expansion? Or will it remain the same?
  • Vinicius O. E. asked two questions... Do we have new item suffixes like the ones added in BC like "of the Beast", "of the Invoker", "of the Champion", etc?
    When will the XP needed to level from 60-70 decrease? When patch 3.0.2 is released? WotLK?
  • Wroar asked... Can we get some more information on daily quests? Where are they? How many are there? I believe it was already stated they reward about 30g per quest, but how hard to do are they? And how long do they take?
  • raya said... Please tell me there is gonna be a AH in Dalaran!

Reputation, crowd control, and more Ask a Beta Tester: Reputation, crowd control, and more
We all know how this goes by now, so let's jump right in. If you don't know how this goes, click back through a few of the previous editions of Ask a Beta Tester. You'll catch on, I'm sure.
  • Xaktsaroth asked... How does reputation work in general in Wrath? Are there turn-in quests? Rep for killing Mobs? Quested Rep? If you just quest, how far along does that reputation take you?
  • timmy! asked... With the adjustments made to healing, is it still possible to heal 5-mans while leveling with a non-healing spec e.g. a shadow spec priest healing a 5-man dungeon?
  • Creo asked... Do the 3 person mammoths (such as the 20k version from Dalaran) involve any speed increase beyond the normal 100% epic ground speed increase?
  • Legather asked... If one is determined to pick up mining as the gathering profession, does blacksmithing or engineering seem to be more rewarding in Wrath?
  • Emmy asked... If I spent a few days raping and killing in Booty Bay to get the Bloodsail Admiral title, will my resulting hated reputation amoung the various Goblin factions cause me to get killed on sight at an important quest hub in Wrath?
  • Alpen asked... How are boomkin shaping up? What I really want to know is will entangling roots be a good enough cc to get us into any 5 man we want like mages?
  • David Whyld asked... How large is Northrend in comparison to Outland? I read an article today in Total PC Gaming that claims Northrend is 20-30 times the size of Outland... which sounds like a pack of lies to be honest as that would make the expansion 4-5 times the size of the original game. But it got me wondering if Northrend is bigger or smaller than Outland?

Raid zones, plot, and more on phasing Ask a Beta Tester: Raid zones, plot, and more on phasing
I decided to do something a little different with the image above for today's Ask a Beta Tester. Instead of beating you over the head with another of my awesome Dalaran screenshots, I've plugged in some music you can listen to while you read, if you'd like. Just hit play, and get in a Wrathkind of mood.
  • Milkgas asked quite a few questions, but many of them involve story spoilers that I don't think readers would appreciate seeing in this particular column. What I don't answer, you can truck over to Ask a Lore Nerd and I'll squeeze them in on the bottom behind my usual "spoilers be here, yarrrr" line. We can definitely hit a few of them though:
  • Has there been any hints in the quest text of either the Uldum or the Karazhan Basement as a raid or dungeon in this expansion or the next?
    I've noticed some undead blood / high elf models in the beta, is there any evidence of us having to fight an undead Kael'thas?
    Are there any keys necessary to access raids or dungeons? One of which I noticed was the drop from Sapphiron to access the Eye of Eternity.
    In Warcraft III there were eight dreadlords sent to keep Arthas in check. Six are dead, all but Mephistroph and Varimathras. Is there any hint of Mephistroph in Northrend?
    Is the Scarlet Crusade still determined to flight the plague? If so why do they have a base off the coast of Icecrown, surley the Lich King would have pushed them back if they were so close.
  • uncaringbear asked... What happened to the new dances? Weren't we supposed to be getting some sort of a dance studio to make our own customized dances?
  • Chris asked... Will titles like Champion of the Naaru and Hand of A'dal be disapearing with patch 3.0 or when the actual expansion hits? My guild only needs to kill Kael...
  • Talia asked... You've mentioned, regarding the new phasing system, riding through a zone "empty of mobs" because you've already quested through it. Does this phasing idea hold for all mobs, or only special/quest related ones? Does this, then, have the obvious implications for helping friends with quests you've already done? What about farming/grinding?
  • Derec asked... Are there any quests that send you back to Outland?

Soundtracks, trinkets, and travel Ask a Beta Tester: Soundtracks, trinkets, and travel
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester! We'll jump right into things today...
  • Graham's question... What is the music like in Dalaran? Is there a web site where I can hear some/all of it?
  • onetrueping asked... In the new Naxx, and indeed, Wrath in general, does the old Argent Dawn trinket work? Not as far as scourgestones, mind (doubt they'd add that), but as far as granting a little rep per kill and the bonus AP vs undead?
  • Justin asked... Is there an easy way to get from Northrend to Outland (and back)? A portal from Dalaran to Shattrah, or something? Everyone does it in WoW now by keeping Hearth set to Outland, but that won't work with us all questing in Northrend...
  • Cyramn asked... I'm currently farming some rep for the Cenarion Circle in Silithus, and I was wondering if any quests in Northrend will give some CC rep. I saw some D.E.H.T.A. quests are giving Cenarion Expedition repuation, but are there any other druids in the north giving rep for CC?
  • Galla asked... What is the duration of the new 'Replenishment' effect that hunters, priests, and paladins now give their raid and party, can they stack, and how does it work if you have more than one of these classes in one group/raid?
  • Rhudaur asked... I am wondering about learning new recipes in professions in Wrath past what the trainers can teach. Will all professions have a daily quest to get tokens that are turned in for new recipes, or is it just the Jewelcrafters that will have to do that? Will there be other recipes available through drops?

Shaman, Engineers, and Feral Druids Ask a Beta Tester: Shaman, Engineers, and Feral Druids
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester, where for one glorious day, we don't have any passenger mount questions! But I know, deep down, there are a thousand more on the horizon.
  • Elmo asked... How are Enhancement Shamans shaping up? I heard silly things like Elemental gear is great for them or 2x fast weapons with Flametongue. Are we really gonna make that much of a turn around? In other words, is my hard earned gear all worthless? Not just the epic gems and Strength enchants.
  • Jolly asked... Does engineering in WotLK have an equivilant gathering skill to gas cloud mote-farming in BC?
  • raful asked... As the Death Knight will be a bit better then the other classes, will it replace Warriors place as MT in elite guilds?
  • Jankka asked... I haven't heard much about the new siege weapons except for the part that they're used in Strand of the Ancients. But what I'm wondering is; Are you able to take the siege weapons against keeps, such as the Valiance keep?
  • Mattarias asked... Oh gods, does anyone notice that barber chair has manacles attached to it?
  • Steven asked... Have you seen any feral tanks along your travels? How have they shaped up?
  • james asked... How much gold do things like dailies, quests, instance runs etc get you? Will the 5000g for mount training suuddenly become alot more affordable with everyone making much more money from quests and other sources. Seeing other big cash dump things like the dalaran ring it looks like it 5000g will not seem so much Whats your experience from beta?

Shaman, Engineers, and Feral Druids Ask a Beta Tester: Shaman, Engineers, and Feral Druids
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester, with even more passenger mount questions! Don't worry, though. It didn't devour our entire column today. We have plenty more for you!
  • Sorano's question... What I'd like to know his exactly how much protection warrior dps as changed. All the talents seem too good to be true.
  • Ironside asked... If somebody shoots a fireball at your group while you're riding the mammoth who takes the damage?
  • Hakker asked... How does the whole passenger thing actually work? Like, if I were to ride on someone's mammoth, would I be stuck in place like I were riding my own mount? Or would I be able to move around the mount freely like say the tram or on a boat?
  • Chris asked... Regarding raid gear: If the gear from 10-man raids is one Tier below the 25-man version, that must logically mean that, having completed the entire 10-man progression path, there will only be one 25-man dungeon with any loot better than yours. Won't this completely discourage people from progressing through the 25-man versions of the raids? (Until the very last one, of course)
  • Nathral asked... With Death Knights being a Tanking/Melee DPS class, I have to ask do they have any kind of Threat Management or a full Threat Dump? Or is it going to be like a Fury warrior, your threat dump is to take one in the face and die?
  • Necromos asked... Quick question about loose ends in Naxx lore: Is the whole Kel'thuzad's phylactery thing cleared up?
  • Bombrik asked... Regarding Barbershops, I was told there are only three chairs that can be used and everyone else must wait in line. Are there any mechanics in place to prevent griefing cause I am very sure on my server of Kirin Tor, that you'll have people taking the chairs, then going AFK for the next 3 hours to insure that no one else can use the barbershop.

Shaman, Engineers, and Feral Druids Ask a Beta Tester: Shaman, Engineers, and Feral Druids
We have a few more questions about the passenger mounts today, but a lot of Mammoth-related questions are repeats of ones we've answered previously. So if you still have a question about them after today, I recommend checking the last few editions of Ask a Beta Tester to see if it's been answered already.
  • Iceman's question... Are the flying passenger mounts? Ground mounts are lovely and all, but once everyone takes to the skies will they become useless to everyone with cold weather flying?
  • G asked... if the "vehicle itself takes falling damage," what does that mean exactly? Will it eventually break and be unusable? Can it be vendor repaired like armor and weapons?
  • Snoogles asked... How do gear and weapon enchants stack up? Mainly, are there leatherworking, blacksmith, and enchanter...erm...chants, that stack on one item?
  • Sweet Sweet SoulShards asked... Can you tell us more about the new Slash Commands and Emotes in Wrath? Is /cower the only new emote with an animation?
  • Zuldim asked... With 25 man and 10 man raiding, the gear is "one tier" above in 25 man. So, for example, 25 man naxx gear is equal to 10 man whatever comes after naxx gear?
  • Sanzer asked... So wait,...we get a pet UI and a mount UI, but no tabard UI, and yet there is a achievement for getting 25 tabards (which I am strangely drawn to do)? Am I confused, will there be a UI for tabards, or are they just going to clog my bank?

Multi-passenger mounts and Enchanting Ask a Beta Tester: Multi-passenger mounts and Enchanting
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester, where we answer your questions about the Wrath of the Lich Kingbeta! We had quite a few questions regarding the multi-passenger mounts coming in Wrath, so we'll mostly focus on those. That's not all we have today, but most of it.
  • JPN asked... What does the tooltip mean for the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth where it says it carries vendors?
  • Sniss asked... Can you suggest the best enchants for a Death Knight fresh from the starting zone?
  • Kessian asked... When an enchanter puts the enchant on parchment and then on the Auction House, will they have to have the mats to create the enchanted parchment, or will the person purchasing the enchant have to provide the mats?
  • Tap asked... About Druid's flight form: can they fly in Northrend without cold weather flying? I'm guessing no, but...
    Do they get it like everyone else (buying/training) or is there a specific druid quest for it?
  • Dendail asked... With the passenger mounts how will aggro radius be affected? Will your lower level passengers still aggro like normal?
  • Moonshot asked... Will the passengers of the multipassenger mounts be able to get off whenever they want or will they be stuck on the mount tell the driver dismounts?
  • Chamual asked... What are the passanger mounts acutally for? Why would anyone want to spend 20k on them? Apart from bussing around pre-lvl30 characters, whats the benifit of them? Everyone at least now has an epic ground mount, so why would you want to be a passanger on a motorbike or Mammoth?
    What is it that makes it worth 20,000 gold?

More on mounts and other things Ask a Beta Tester: More on mounts and other things
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester, where we answer your questions about the Wrath of the Lich Kingbeta! Most of our answers are short and sweet today...
  • Molly's question... What's the word on passenger mounts? Will they be a whole new level of riding skill, or will you simply purchase them individually? How much do these things cost?
  • David Whyld asked... What kind of HPs and mana are characters at level 80 going to get? I saw some screenshots where characters in a level 80 raid looked to have 30-35k HPs - is this something we'll all be able to achieve?
  • Zhiva said... What levels can use multipassenger mounts?
  • Bill asked... I was wondering what is going to happen to the quest line for the druid's epic flight form. Will new druids have to scramble to put together a few 80s to go back and finish off a level 70 heroic instance for the quest completion? Will it become trainable at a druid trainer in Northrend? Or if I don't get it on my druid before the expansion will I miss out on the opportunity all together?
  • Reliik asked... What is the DPS on the ammo in WOTLK?
  • Drae asked... For Blacksmithing, are there any new mail items? Wondering if I should change my professions on my shammy.

Flight, gear, and more Ask a Beta Tester: Flight, gear, and more
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester! We'll jump right into things today...
  • Snuffles asked... In regards to flight, what areas are restricted (besides Dalaran) and how to they prevent us from flying over the ocean? Is it a wall, or a new fatigue system?
  • Kodath asked... With Death Knights coming out, are there any plans on setting up Teir armor sets? For instance, take down Curator, and there is a T4 glove token he can use?
  • Rufihoe asked... I have been looking at some of the level 80 gear from factions and dungeons and I am just starting to feel like I might even be keeping some of my items all the way to heroics at level 80. So the question is am I missing something or Is my full t6 set replaceable before 80 or is it going to take me to 80 and somewhat beyond?
  • themadchemist asked... I currently have 2 70s a resto shammy and a prot pally. I am hoping to make my Death Knight my DPS class. How is DPSing PVE/PVP with a Death Knight? Is it redundant or engaging/challenging?
  • Boke asked... Has there been any mention of the item or items that are going to be replacing the Amani War Bear Mount in ZA?
  • Sapphyre asked... Is running Heroic dungeons still tied to faction reputation for individual dungeons? If so will this remain at honored or is this being reset back to a higher level upon launch?
  • JM asked... Have quest rewards been improved so that you aren't getting so much useless gear? I hate completing a quest on my rogue just to find a wand and plate gear as my reward selection.

Raids, rare mobs, and more raids Ask a Beta Tester: Raids, rare mobs, and more raids
We've had a lot of class-specific questions lately (especially Hunters) here on Ask a Beta Tester, but since I don't play every class, I can't answer all of those. However, I've forwarded some of them on to our motley crew of bloggers, so we'll hopefully be able to answer you soon. Until then, let's get started on some other things, shall we?
  • Robert M asked a pair of questions... Is there going to a difference in the number of badges the same boss drops in the 10 man and the 25 man?
    Will you be saved to a raid in the 10 man and not be able to do the 25 man that week? it seems like a 25 man geared toon could help the guild in the 10 if its a slow week or some of the raid members have a RL issue.
  • sphynx asked... After learning to summon a mini-pet, do you lose the 'container'? From what I saw of the beta you can keep it, but does that mean I can, say, send my firefly to all my alts and sell it on the AH again after using it? That would be rather devastating for the rarity for a lot of pets...
  • Agent StanSmith asked... Are there going to be more rare mobs in Northrend? As a rare-hunter, I was kind of disappointed by the sparseness of rare mobs in the outlands, and I would really hope wrath returns to the variety available in the old world.
  • Chamual said... Seeing as there are now lots of 10man raids, does this mean the end of heroics? Are there still heroics in WotLK and do you have to run them to gear for the first 10man?
  • Daniel asked... What is the WotLK raid ladder at the moment?

Championing clarification, raiding, and more Ask a Beta Tester: Championing clarification, raiding, and more
Quite a few people wanted some clarification on the Championing system mentioned in previous editions of Ask a Beta Tester, so I'll try to do just that: The Championing system is not retroactive, and by that I mean old factions are not included in it. You can't use this to grind Orgrimmar or Honor Hold or whatever in level 80 dungeons. It only applies to Wrathreputations, and so far, not even all of those.
  • Bhubba asked a pair of questions... Are there any items similar to "Everlasting Underspore Frond"? It was immensely helpful while leveling in Outland, and I was hoping for another version, or one at level 80 (the Frond isn't as helpful at 70 as it was leveling).
    With the change to mounts and pets, once you "train" them, do they tell you if you already have learned them, such as with other similar items? God forbid in my quest to get all the mounts I can, I waste gold buying ones I already have.
  • Culhag asked... I plan on getting the "Leading the Cavalry" achievement sooner or later, and for that I may level my faction cities to exalted. Do we get any significant amount of reputation with them while leveling in WotLK? Or should I start now, before the rush on runecloth for the titles?
  • gridwerk asked... I have a question- and this is probably the wrong place to put this but... Is the skill-level necessary to start in WoTLK going to be the next step up from the skill-level necessary to beat the last run, i.e Sunwell? To dumb it down so even I dont get confused: will you be able to start WoTLK in TBC greens or are you going to need to get all the top tier stuff just to stay alive?
  • Bean asked... I had a question about the new mana regen mechanics. Does the Replenishment buff stack? As in, if you have a group with a SPriest and a Survival Hunter, and Both activate it at the same time, do you get a stacking buff at all? Two unique buffs? Do they stack at all?
  • Muddy asked... I'm wondering about raid content progression. Are most guilds planning to split teams and gear up in 10-man versions or does it seem feasible to go straight to the 25-man version?

Baron Rivendare, heirloom items, and more Ask a Beta Tester: Baron Rivendare, heirloom items, and more
Remember a little while ago on Ask a Beta Tester, someone asked if Jaina Proudmoore has any role in Wrath? And I said no, she has no new story involvement? Well, a recent beta patch made a fool out of me. She has a role, it's epic, and no she doesn't make out with Arthas you horrible, horrible people.
  • Shadgalaul asked... What about the whole dual-spec situation? Was this implemented, or did it just fade out and get scrapped?
  • Mike asked... How are the rewards for getting achievements received? Through the mail? Do you get them from certain NPC's? Does it become a quest you turn in?
  • Hinalover asked... I thought I heard that they were taking out the Baron run of Stratholme. I was running that with a Pally Buddy a month ago and he heard of that and was trying to get the mount with no success.
  • doug asked... Question about bind-to-account items: I understand you could probably mail them to characters on the same server, but how would you transfer a bind-to-account item from server to server?
  • CallMeIrd asked... Maybe this has already been asked, and if so I missed it. Sorry! I want to level my DK in Inscription and Blacksmithing. Do I need to start running around collecting Peacebloom and copper, or do the knights get a profession boost?
  • Loudfiero asked... Is VANISH fixed yet?
  • Mr. Chibbles asked... What is the state of Gorillas in Wrath? it seems like the new talent system for pets and their Thunderstomp ability would make them great tanks. I have been really curious to see how they work out!
  • Robsato said... Is there any news on the new dances that were announced in the teaser movie?
  • Beldoro asked... Reading the tabard tooltip, I get the impression that rep gained will only go to the tabard faction - ie you don't get any rep for the faction the dungeon should give rep to. Is this correct?

Mounts, threat meters, and tabards Ask a Beta Tester: Mounts, threat meters, and tabards
We'll jump right into things in today's Ask a Beta Tester, because destiny waits for no man!
  • andyjay220 asked... How have people liked the new threat meter? I have tried PTR but I don't really understand it as I am used to Omen. As far as I can tell the only information it gives you is "YOU NOW HAVE 100% AGGRO" which isn't very helpful. I want to see a meter showing how far away from pulling aggro I am so i can gauge my attacking accordingly. Any way someone could explain it to me?
  • Gat asked... I have a question, and please don't say take your time and enjoy the content. I want to get to 80 as fast as humanly possible when the xpac comes out, do you have any advice? Can I carry over quests? Should I shoot for instances or quest?
  • Alex asked... Aside from the Amani War Bear, are any other mounts being removed?
  • Kypros asked... I vaguely remember reading that Blizz was looking to allow players to gain rep by wearing that rep's tabard, essentially removing the need to run a specific instance. Any word on this, or did I just make this up?
  • Vylemacer asked... Are Inscription glyphs actually items that can be readily replaced, or do you have to get or buy new glyphs if you want to swap them out?
  • Tap asked... Hrm, does using a flying carpet require cold weather flying?
  • BiggusGeekus asked... Can the driver of the motorcycle have a battleground flag carrier as a passenger? So if my buddy grabs the flag can I give him a ride to our keep?

Attunements, achievements, more low level quests Ask a Beta Tester: Attunements, achievements, more low level quests
Welcome to another edition of Ask a Beta Tester, wherein we all sit around, drink ale, smoke cigars, talk about our awesome hogs and then tear up the road of Dalaran, risking our lives with extreme stunts just for the thrill and the feeling of adrenaline flowing through our veins.
  • Swiss asked... I'm interested in the Low Level Quest Tracker. Does this replace other trackers such as Find Herbs or Find Minerals? Or does it stack with other tracking as well?
  • Droul asked... What has happened to jewel slots in Wrath? A lot of the gear that has been previewed or leaked has maybe one but most have no slots for gems. Are Jewelcrafters going to be useless in WotLK?
  • saerb asked.. There has been mention of new flying mounts, but since we can't use flying mounts until later, and the removal of Riding Crops, has there been any indication of any new ground mounts with increased speed?
  • Phil asked... Do we know if the new 10/25 man Naxxramas has an attunement?
  • Reric asked... Have various factions been implemented yet in Northrend? How about reputation gear?
  • Alex asked... From what I've seen on the PTR, you can only get boss kill achievements by having completed the quest. By doing that Blizzard is locking out the achievements for Ragefire Chasm to the Alliance and the Stockades for the Horde. Any idea if this is going to change in the final build?

Murlocs, mounts, and minimaps Ask a Beta Tester: Murlocs, mounts, and minimaps
You want mounts? We got mounts. Just waltz on through the intimidating portal above flanked by deadly drakonids, and they're giving em out like candy! Actually, no, I'm lying. Kind of.
  • Locke asked... Any word on new flying mounts or anything like that?
  • rigz asked... Any news on the legendary drops that could be obtained through 40-man Naxx? Is it still possible to get a corrupted Ashbringer or Atiesh?
  • dahwedge asked... I see that Riding Crops and Carrots are going away. Will my Charm of Swift Flight be disappearing as well?
  • Leprakahn asked... What capital cities outside Dalaran will there be Inscription trainers? I think I remember reading that there will be one in Undercity, but where else?
  • jurandr asked... Any murlocs in Northrend?
  • Kaeder asked... I haven't heard any news of being able to show all questgivers on the minimap since the article about it. Is this something that is now available in Beta, or on the PTR? I took a look at the PTR and either I can't find it or it isn't available yet. Any ideas?

Spell power, phasing, and more Ask a Beta Tester: Spell power, phasing, and more
The image above has almost nothing to do with the content of today's Ask a Beta Tester, but I found it funny so you get to deal with it.
  • Turfing's question... I have a priest alt getting close to 70. Planning on doing healing come Wrath. With the conversion to spell power should I be picking up healing gear or damage gear right now?
  • Camaris asked... Is there actually any limit to the number of pets/mounts those new windows can accommodate? I'm assuming they work like key rings (growing larger as you get more stuff), and I hope I'm not wrong on this.
  • yazah asked... Are there any changes to fishing? I don't mean new fishing areas, or fish, but are there any changes to the *mechanics* of fishing? Or is it the same boring process as before?
  • trogdor7 asked... Now that the king is back, where did Bolvar and Prestor go? I'm wondering how the Onyxia attunement chain in particular will work.
  • Shadowpriest asked... Do the two talents Improved Spirit Tap and Meditation stack?
  • Erinar asked... Is there any storyline in beta so far involving Jaina Proudmoore?

Flying in the snow, etc Ask a Beta Tester: Flying in the snow, etc
Because Dalaran is floating high above Northrend, you need a flying mount to reach it, and when you first arrive in Northrend, your flying mount simply doesn't know how to handle the cold weather. You'll need to complete a level 77 quest chain to obtain Cold Weather Flying and reach Dalaran on your own.
  • FoSho asked.... Maybe I'm in the dark here, but how does one get to Dalaran since its floating in mid air. Is there a portal in a town, or do you have to be 67 to get there? I keep on hearing its "dangerous" to get to Dalaran, how so?
  • Blue_Bland asked.... Are the Mage spells Conjure Food (Rank 8) and Conjure Water (Rank 9) still only able to be learned from book drops or are they now available from the Mage trainers at 70?
  • Debesun asked.... I'm unsure whether this has been detailed yet but I was wondering about the starting reputation of Death Knights. Does a Death Knight begin the game at 55 but with the faction standings of a level 1?
  • tehvoid asked.... Death Knights will have all old world flight paths but what about explored zones? Will they have some pre-explored parts of the world (like flight path sites) or have just forgot all of her past life minus flight paths?
  • Tap asked.... Speaking of talent spec swaps, is Blizzard going to implement anything? I'm guessing they're too busy and won't get to it for WotLK....too bad, it would be awesome to change from DPS to healer (as a Priest) or (less likely) tank to healer and back (as a Pally) depending on need.
  • MacGayver asked.... I remember someone mentioning something about king Varian Wrynn being back on his throne. Any word about how that all is currently?
  • Eric asked.... Do we have any idea what the rewards for the achievements will be, beyond those points? Will we be able to trade them in for something?
  • Kevin Gass asked.... Your mounts are learned to the new spell book and you move them around an organize them? or should a clutterfree freak like myself learn the mounts in the exact order I want them to appear?

World Explorin' Ask a Beta Tester: World Explorin'
I'm sorry, folks, but I have to revisit the school-specific spell power discussion... yes, again! As a great many commenters have pointed out, school-specific spell power has recently been removed from the beta versions of the tailored Shadoweave and Spellfire sets. Its overall damage has been decreased and converted to spell power.
  • Binge asked.... Looking for details on the requirements for "World Explorer" achievement. Do we have to visit each sub-area of a zone? How about districts of an opposite factions capital (Stormwind cathedral, trade, old town, etc)?
  • Sorano asked.... Is Shield of Righteousness effectively the attack Holy paladins can/should use between 6 seconds cd Holy Shocks? What would be your opinion on that new ability?
  • Sorano asked.... With a build like this you get 10% baseline spell crit and 16% when using Holy Light or Holy Shock. It just seems to good to be true. Can anyone confirm?
  • David asked.... I currently feel that Blizzard is treating us EU beta testers as second rate testers. Our beta server is currently overcrowded and having all sorts of lag and disconnects as you can see from our forums and we have been asking for a second realm for ages. And now we had an answer from Vaneras basically reafirming that we won't get any server and won't even get premades. i think this is extremely unfair and his a proverbial kick in the face to all of us EU testers.

Of Paladins and Primals Ask a Beta Tester: Of Paladins and Primals
We'll start off with a question that we've probably answered before, but let's try to clear it up....
  • max attack asked.... With the new change to Sheath of Light put lower in the Paladin's Retribution tree, no longer allow for a viable Holy/Ret spec taking advantage of Sheath of Light's over time heals?
  • Scunosi (and several others) asked.... Relating to the 3000 quests question, do dailies count as one quest or do they count for each time you turn them in?
  • Sanzer asked.... In regards to the Paladin Holy tree -- the talent Purifying Power made me wonder if the number of undead in Northrend makes getting this talent worth the points. Am I going to be destroying so many undead that missing this talent would be a mistake?
  • Brandon Tilley asked.... As a lower-level fury warrior, I dual wield two one-handed weapons. When you get Titan's Grip and dual wield two handed weapons, does it use your weapon skill for one-handed or two-handed weapons?
  • Harmun asked.... I wonder what this will do to the primals market? Will it become mostly obsolete like the elemental market did after TBC? Now the only time people need old world drops like this is if they are leveling tradeskills... I ask because I'm sitting on a stupidly large stack of primal life I bought at what was a good price before the markets crashed as people stopped raiding (and getting new gear) and started farming primals while waiting for Wrath.

Professions and Primals Ask a Beta Tester: Professions and Primals
Right now tailors in the beta with 410 skill can craft Frostweave Bags with 20 slots. However, it has pretty basic materials and I'd guess that there will be 22 slots, at least, at higher levels.
  • Demonocracy asked.... Recently 22 slot bags have become available through a vendor in Shattrath for 1,200 gold each. When I saw this my first reaction was to buy-buy-buy, but I questioned whether this was an effort on Blizzard's part to draw gold out of the economy before Wrath. What are tailors capable of creating in terms of bags in Wrath?
  • Several people have , in recent memory, written in to ask about weather in Wrath.
  • Derringher had some engineering questions.... Are there gas clouds in WotLK for engineers to farm? / What are the WotLK equivalent of Motes and Primals in WotLK?
  • turb0dog asked.... Has there been any more mention of Druids getting a "normal" rez without the cool down?
  • Squelchy asked.... This may be boring, but what's farming like? I'm interested in mining, specifically. Stacks of Adamantite Ore sell like gangbusters on my realm's AH. What will be the new Adamantite in Wrath?
  • Maz asked.... I'm interested in obtaining the Seeker title, for which you need to complete the 3000 Quests Achievement. Now, does that Achievement track how many quests you have completed so far? (e.g. 2544/3000)
  • Maz asked.... Also, how hard do you think this Achievement will be to obtain? Does the average player complete ~ 3000 quests while leveling to 80 or do I have to go back to every zone and do each and every quest?
  • Specialis asked.... For Warriors does 2-handed weapon spec. stack with dual wield spec. when one has Titans Grip?
  • Mark asked.... I'm still struggling with the mana percentages for spells concept. If all the spells will be a certain percentage of your total - is there any reason to try and pump up your intelligence to get more mana any more? Why not stick with 1200 mana rather than pushing to get 6000.

Professions and gems Ask a Beta Tester: Professions and gems
We'll start out today with a simple enchanting question....
  • WarwolfSwe asked.... Is there and new rod for enchanting? And do i need to upgrade the standard Runed Adamantite Rod to a Runed Eternium Rod?
  • actodd asked.... Will Northrend have gem vendors like Outland does -- selling low end gems? If so, how do these gems compare to ones currently in game? How do the basic Northrend JC gems compare?
  • RogueJedi86 asked.... As an extension of that, will there be basic glyph vendors? Because otherwise, it'll suck to have to go to players every time we want a glyph. Unlike Jewelcrafting, we'll have a big old Glyph tab in our spellbook from the first level we get a Glyph. Without basic Glyphs on a vendor, Scribes will be pushed a little too hard, harder than JC was with BC.
  • Connor asked.... Do I get a seventh Glyph slot with lvl 1 inscription? I know it's not uncommon for max-level characters to drop their gathering profession for another crafting one. For me, the cost of leveling the profession wasn't worth the BoPs at the end but all I've heard is "seven if you've taken Inscription yourself." Seems like a no-brainer to drop my mining once I get my BS maxed and pick up a free glyph-slot. The only way I don't see that working out is if the 7th-glyphs are BoP or something....
  • Meethan asked.... What does Murder Spree do now? Is it still borked as a Rhino's growl?

Beta from A to Z Ask a Beta Tester: Beta from A to Z
Today we've got achievements, zeppelins, and a few things in between. We'll start at the end of the alphabet and work forward from there!
  • tehvoid asked.... Any news about the come back of the boats and zeppelins' crews? Do boats in Northrend have a crew?
  • swaldman asked.... Are achievements per character, or per account?
  • Jerematic asked.... With spell power being a universal stat among healers and casters, is there an obvious itemization difference between the two roles? For example, spirit & mp5 for healers and hit & crit for casters? Or is it less obvious and may result in confusion when rolling for loot?
  • Wayne asked.... I know Blizzard has stated that they wanted to make pally tanking a little more responsive; have you experienced any change at all or has the tanking mechanics remained the same? Also, with the new Blessing of Sanctuary, does that mean that now, warriors and tankadins are looking for the same gear and the plate spell dmg gear is for the most part non-existent? Or would we still benefit more from spell dmg?
  • Several people pointed out an error in my comments about the barber shop recently. Specifically, Justin noted.... "The barber shop doesn't let you change facial features or skin tone -- a real shame." Not entirely true. I just went in there and gave my undead a jaw that he has been missing for 3 years.
  • MooGooGaiPan asked.... Regarding Glyphs, If we're only allowed a set number, how screwed are hybrid classes going to be? As a Druid, I often switch back between Feral and Resto. It's already a big pain to switch out gear, consumables etc, and now glyphs too? How expensive do you think the glyphs will be? I have a bad feeling the 'good' ones will be some sort of rare pattern like enchants, JC patterns, etc and it just won't be cost effective to switch back and forth repeatedly.

More about inscription Ask a Beta Tester: More about inscription
We might have had more news today -- if Blizzard's beta servers could stay online for more than five minutes consecutively. We've been staring a lot at the "World Server Down" message since Blizzard rolled out patch 8905 late last night (or early this morning, depending on how you look at these things). Let's start today off with more on Inscription.
  • Cruces asked.... From a healer's point of view, I understand that spells will get a huge casting cost and we loose downranking, but that won't be a biggie in raids where you'll have 2-3 raid mana batteries, but what happens to 5-mans? Will healers be able to cope with this in instances where you may not have a mana battery with you?
  • Promethus asked.... I was wondering about some of the achievements, for the ones like finish every group dungeon in Classic WoW and every raid in classic WoW, do they give you a list of any sort to mark off what ones you have done and ones have not?
  • Dightkuz asked.... Borean Leather is the new leather type, so I presume there will be an equivalent to Knothide Leather Scraps also, which I guess is Borean Leather Scraps? Considering that Frostweave Cloth can be turned into Bolt of Frostweave at 350 Tailoring, I suppose that Borean Leather Scraps can be turned into Borean Leather at 350 Leatherworking also?
  • Andostre asked.... I have some alts that haven't reached 375 in their crafting skills, yet. Am I still going to have to start hunting for Primal Nethers and Primal Mights to get there once the expansion starts? The grinding involved in that will probably net me a level or two, XP which would be more fun to get questing in Northrend. I remember that when Burning Crusade started, many of the recipes that were dungeon and world drops became available through a trainer...
  • J asked.... Here's one for the tankadins regarding spell power and gear: with the new stamina = spell power talent, will tankadins absolutely need spell power gear and weapons anymore? I can see the threat generation being enormous if we keep the same mechanics as now, but I noticed that some of the threat talents have attack power figured in. Just wondering if tankadins will now get just as much benefit out stacking a ton of stamina and using what has been thought of as the standard warrior tanking gear with defense, attack power, and a fast, powerful defense weapon and shield as opposed to continuing to stack spell damage?

All about Inscription (and a few other things) Ask a Beta Tester: All about Inscription (and a few other things)
There's not much you'll be doing with Outland or Azerothian ore... unless you want your new Death Knight to be a Blacksmith or Jewelcrafter... but herbs of all levels will be used in the new Inscription profession. Use them to train Inscription, sell them on the auction house post Wrath... either way, you win!
  • Twan kicks us off this morning with.... Is it worth stockpiling herbs or bars/ore if I had to pick one?
  • There have been so many inscription questions continuing to fly around, I've just got to do a recap of all the things we have... and haven't... covered on that front.
  • Eric had an Inscription question that didn't seem quite covered in our Glyph overview, above.... How does Herbalism work with Inscriptions?
  • Elrof had another inscription question for us.... Are we going to be able to buy blank inscription parchment and, if we are enchanters, put spells on it to sell in AH? Or do we need to be insciptionists and enchanters in order to sell enchantments?
  • Going for the Inscription trifecta, Jack Spicer asked.... Approximately how many inks it takes to craft a non-crafting tool item such as a scroll or a glyph.
  • BladedDingo asked.... I have a question about the barber shops... I know we heard a lot about them already but I wasn't clear on something. Does it only change the hair/piercings or can you change the facial features too?
  • Gohdan had a different barber shop question for us.... I was wondering how the barber shop would work work for races like Taurens and Trolls. These races' "hair style" and "facial hair" options are actually horns or tusks. It doesn't seem fair for them to lose customization options but it seems strange to change something as permanent as horns or tusks.

Scourge Strike, titles, and flying mounts Ask a Beta Tester: Scourge Strike, titles, and flying mounts
What you're seeing up above is a flaming quill in a well of frozen ink. Is it useful? No. It looks wicked awesome sitting in the Inscription trainers' shop, doesn't it? Heck yeah it does!
  • Askhill asked.... Does Lake Wintergrasp seem dominated by only one class, or is it pretty even among the 80s?
  • yazah asked a couple of questions.... Why does the Scarlet Crusade employ Death Knights in Northrend? Doesn't that seem unlikely since they were slaughtered by them back in Tyr's Hand?
  • yazah asked.... After level 77, are flying mounts "required" for questing? I mean, at some point, are some quests and quest hubs designed with the idea that players will have a flying mount?
  • cachx asked.... What about the possibility of having more than one talent spec? This was mentioned at the WWI but I haven't seen anything about it since then.
  • t_d asked.... Can you tell us more about Cold Weather Flying? Will it involve money to learn or just a quest line?
  • Mark asked.... As someone who is still a long way from 70 I noticed that you don't mention anything relating to 'classic content' - are there any changes that will affect new players still in Eastern Kingdoms?
  • sarah asked.... I don't know if this was already answered, but I was wondering what the scoop was with Badges of Justice? Should I hang onto the ones I have no and wait until I'm level 80 to spend them, or are they changing badges somehow?
  • racoon asked.... I heard that the Champion of the Naaru title will be made unobtainable in Wrath. Will Hand of A'dal and of the Shattered Sun also become unavailable?
  • Sorano asked.... Is it still possible to earn "of the Shattered Sun" and obtain a Netherdrake on the Beta servers?
  • Jivundus asked.... I've noticed a new wording for stats on WotLK gear, "Increases your armor penetration rating by x." How does this relate to the current wording on gear, "Your attacks ignore y of your opponent's armor."

Enchanting, legacy content, and a beta medley Ask a Beta Tester: Enchanting, legacy content, and a beta medley
Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester, wherein WoW Insider's stable of beta testers answer as many of your Wrath Beta questions as possible!
  • burton888's question.... Is there a "magic number" for Enchanting, in that you can disenchant everythng in the game (currently 275 for pre-WotLK content)?
  • Red asked.... How is spell damage affecting a Paladin's Ret Aura? Is it reduced like a standard DoT tick or even further? What are the numbers looking like with tested spell damage?
  • BigDaddyJay asked.... Where are the Warrior glyphs?
  • zoombini asked.... Has anyone tried to go back to level 70 heroics at 80? How possible would it be to solo/duo them?
  • Elrof asked.... Are we going to be able to buy blank inscription parchment and, if we are enchanters, put spells on it to sell on the AH? Or do we need to be inscriptionists and enchanters in order to sell enchantments?
  • Meethan asked.... Does the 51 point Resto talent for Shamans still suck as much as my first impression of it?
  • Erikamel asked.... Will my Death Knight have any bags beyond his backpack?
  • rahiensorei asked.... With all of the achievements and titles for completing X quests, is there a way to see how many quests you've completed?

The Drakkensryd, Dispersion, and other stuff Ask a Beta Tester: The Drakkensryd, Dispersion, and other stuff
There are a few hefty bugs that they're trying to iron out that forces them to seal it off now and then, since the bugs bring the entire world server down. That and there was an XP exploit that the beta testers found and needed to be dealt with mighty quickly, so it was sealed off for that as well.
  • Gareth asked.... How is the Storm Peaks coming along? Seems like it has a lot of history and culture behind it.
  • dotorion asked.... Does Northrend have a 'level requirement' like Outlands?
  • Saelie asked.... Does Dispersion take away/dispel DoTs?
  • Legather asked.... Are we seeing any 2H weapons that are more inclined towards DK tanking? A 2H axe or polearm with parry and defense rating for example? Or are DK tanking stats being mostly awarded through armor? Does a DK dual wielding 'traditional' 1h tanking weapons experience and advantage in this regard?
  • Stormshot asked.... Any word on what level a Deathknight's primary professions start out at? Last I heard they start out at zero, but I have to believe Blizzard is going to change this. If they don't, then my heavily armored warrior of death will be picking Peacebloom flowers in noobie zones and I can't imagine this is Blizzard's vision for the class.
  • Raze asked.... I looked over the Wyrmrest faction members on Wowhead. Are there really all a bunch of Blood Elves and humans? It's getting pretty cliché and lazy on Blizzard's part to not even bother giving characters as important to the plot as Alexastraza generic Blood Elf models.
  • ironblade asked.... Do you know how good the honor gains are in Lake Wintergrasp? What are the costs for the blue PvP weapons, or the epics if they've been implemented yet?

Draenei, titles, and more glyph discussion Ask a Beta Tester: Draenei, titles, and more glyph discussion
It's that time again, folks. Let's get this party started!
  • Gary's question.... Any new storylines for the Draenei?
  • Jake asked.... Are Prot Paladins having less downtime now with the buff to Blessing of Sanctuary?
  • onetrueping asked.... I can haz rep?
  • Everyone that has ever existed asked a bunch of glyph questions, so I'll try to give a rundown.
  • Meethan asked.... Is Hammer of Righteousness a spammable ability?
  • Aquen asked.... Is Honor going to be reset or just arena points?
  • roadcloak asked.... If I already have a title and I qualify for a retroactive title via achievements, or gain a new title later, do I get a choice on which to keep? Can I later swap to the one I want the most?
Glyphs and gorlocs Ask a Beta Tester: Glyphs and gorlocs
Isn't this fella cute? Sooo cute? Adorable!? No? He isn't? Yeah, i don't think so either. We'll get back to these horrible abominations a little later...
  • Meethan asked.... Is Hunger For Blood, the 51 point Assassination talent, at all useful for solo leveling?
  • Drewcast asked.... Are there or will there be any Aldor vs. Scryer type factions?
  • Hesed asked.... Will any other cities besides Undercity, Orgrimmar, Stormwind and Ironforge be getting any love? Or are they just as worthless as they were in BC?
  • Jaisin asked.... Maybe this has been brought up before, but I can't help but wonder, do all players receieve an inscription page to use inscriptions or is it Inscriber only?

Storms of the Divine and Thunder varieties Ask a Beta Tester: Storms of the Divine and Thunder varieties
Preamble is for sissies.
  • Sallix asked.... Looking at the new Divine Shield (reduces damage by 50%) will it still drop aggro or work like a shield wall-like ability? Also will Hand of Protection (reworked blessing of protection) still drop it's target's threat?
  • dave asked.... Do level 70 toons start off with the max amount of rest XP when we install wrath? Or will rest XP start after the game is installed?
  • Kiukiu said.... All across WoW Insider and in practically every response to an article here, I see some poster complaining about or sniping at Ret Paladins still being OP. Do they run rampant across Northrend? Do people beg to have them in dungeons to actually DPS? Is a Ret Paladin grinding near you a thing to fear or laugh at now?
  • Taytayflan asked.... Do the player triggered knock backs, such as Shaman's Thunderstorm, effectively work on NPC's? Do they have diminishing returns?

PvP questions and random things Ask a Beta Tester: PvP questions and random things
Let's get right into the meat of things.
  • Meethan asked.... Does Bone Shield stack with Earth Shield? If so can I see a screenshot?
  • Meethan asked.... There's been an idea going around about using a large group of Death Knights to continuously use "Death Grip" to lock players and keep them from running. Does this work?
  • Meethan asked.... What's with the presences and auras? Do they count separately? Stack? Passive?
  • Montius asked.... How do the new warlocks feel in pvp? Our main ability of survival was our stamina and 20% extra healing from our fel armor. Now that we will be sharing gear with priests and mages and get more spirit and less stam, are we underpowered in survival?
  • Atheira asked.... This is a question I've always wondered, does Beacon of Light attribute threat to the paladin or its target? And also with Divine Guardian, does it turn Divine Shield into an absorption bubble like some think it mentions, or how does that work, exactly?
  • Uncaringbear asked.... One of the major complaints about TBC is the lack of uniqueness in the design of armor sets. For example, in TBC, PvP and PvE sets share the same models, even going as far as different classes sharing the same armor models (S4 anyone?). Has Blizzard addressed this in the WOTLK beta? Personally, I would love it if Horde and Alliance had their own unique armor, similar to the way it was in pre-TBC.

Of penguins and paladins Ask a Beta Tester: Of penguins and paladins
We kick-start today's Q&A with a pressing issue...
  • Gary asked.... Penguins. I love them. You should love them. Where are they?
  • Celton asked.... What is it like healing with a Holy Paladin? Do you spam Holy Shock whenever its up? I can imagine with a buffed Holy Shock, instant cast Holy Light, ranged Judgement of Light, and Beacon of Light HoT, along with the new spell crit talents, you might not need to cast Flash of Light much at all anymore. In fact, it sounds like you might be standing around a lot and insta-casting when someone gets low. Is healing completely different now or do you still spam Flash of Light the whole time so you don't run out of mana?
  • ashley wheat asked.... So does this mean that Howling Fjord is aimed more for the Alliance, and Borean Tundra is aimed at Horde due to how each faction has access to them?

Hunter-o-rama Ask a Beta Tester: Hunter-o-rama
I approached our hunter in residence, Daniel Howell (you might know him as BigRedKitty), to find out some answers to some hunter-related Qs.
  • Zayd asked.... Have any hunters in the beta tried tanking a 5 man run with one of their tenacity pets yet? I'm very curious to know how viable that is.
  • Many commenters have asked about pet respec costs....
  • Protego asked.... Will a tick bird respawn on a Rhino if it's killed or leaves the Rhino when you mount then dismount?
  • Robert M. had a couple of questions for us.... Are there any plans for other wings of the Caverns of Time?
  • Atomic asked.... Will a boat from Kalimdor take you to one side of Notherend. And the boat from the new harbor in Stormwind to the east side of Notherend, any confirmations on this please?
  • Vispillo asked.... Silly question perhaps, but as I'm sure I'll do quite a lot of dying while leveling in the expansion. I'm curious to know how the corpse runs are, I'm especially curious since it's been mentioned that the regions are quite large. So I'm worrying about really long corpse runs. How bad is it?
  • jurandr asked.... We all know that you can't walk through the Dark Portal until level 58, but what's keeping a pre-68 from hopping on the zeppelin (or boat) to Northrend?
  • newg asked.... I have a question for you beta testers concerning the Retribution Paladin talent Judgements of the Wise. The talent is described as returning 60% of a judgement's damage as mana to 3 party or raid members. I have two questions regarding this: Is the Paladin guaranteed to be one of the beneficiaries of the mana return? (while in a group/raid of course), and if so, does the Paladin 'count' as one of the 3 recipients? And how are the recipients of the mana decided?

Of Northrend and Nesingwary Ask a Beta Tester: Of Northrend and Nesingwary
Today we're going on safari...
  • t_d asked.... Do we get to see Hemet Nesingwary do some big game hunting in Northrend and if so, who did he leave in charge of the Nagrand Expedition?
  • Aracross asked.... Tell me about Old Stratholme. Do you know with who we will gain reputation? A new faction? Or no faction?
  • lynnia asked.... People keep talking about how fair or unfair it is to get to Dalaran at certain levels. But surely you only have to get a mage or warlock to take you there once then you can use the flight point or is the flight point on the ground and you have to teleport up every time?
  • Nevr asked.... Any ideas or info on what the world event is going to be that kicks off the expansion if there even is one? Any clues in the starter quests?

Aurora borealis and paladin tanking Ask a Beta Tester: Aurora borealis and paladin tanking
I may have mentioned this before, but I just have to say it again. Northrend is gorgeous. Gorgeous in a way that puts the rest of the game to shame. Just when you thought you'd seen all the good there was to see in Azeroth and Outland, Blizzard comes along and drops Northrend in our lap and makes everything we saw before look a bit plain and dull.
  • grravie asked.... Northrend is an arctic zone. Will there be aurora borealis in the northern night sky?
  • Arkhill asked.... When you get a beta invite, do you use our own character, or a pre-made one?
  • Arkhill asked.... If its your character from live, do you keep the XP and gear you gained in beta when WotLK goes live?
  • Bylak asked.... What's the status of real-time weather in Northrend? Will we have clear days, snowy days, blizzards, rain, or anything like that?
  • Bart asked.... Now that Blizzard is looking at making Paladin tanking less reactive, how will this affect Paladin tank solo grinding? Are we still doing as much damage to enemies that hit us, we just rely less on it for threat?
  • Hypo asked.... I've read that the new quests will try to explain the story somewhat, going away from the "Collect 20 pig snouts" variety. Is this true? Are the quests more diverse than what we've had before?

Crystalsong and downranking Ask a Beta Tester: Crystalsong and downranking
What exactly is going on in the screenshot above? Well, if you really want to know, there's only one answer: keep reading!
  • slicertool asked.... Any idea what these 'focusing lens' things are for Jewelcrafting?
  • Dightkuz asked.... All the screenshots I see of Crystalsong Forest look like the same brain-frying purple effect that the eco-domes in Netherstorm have. A whole zone can't be as painful to look at as it seems, right? It can't be just me that has to close his eyes flying through those domes.
  • max attack asked.... For those of us that have not received a beta invite is there still any kind of hope?
  • Sallix asked.... Is there a Fel Reaver/Devilsaur like creature that patrols around and will jump you when you least expect it?
  • Meethan asked.... How does Anti-Magic Zone look currently? Have you tested it at all to see if it works? If so, is it good for real PvP? Probably on against spell casters but still. What about PvE?
  • Robert W asked.... In TBC, we had our max quests increased by 5 to 25. Is that happening again in beta yet to a max of 30?
  • archangel723 asked.... I wonder if you get penalized for using a lower rank while not training the max rank? Does the downranking nerf come in to effect by level? Does the game track the top rank that you've trained?

Is it not epic? Ask a Beta Tester: Is it not epic?
Ready for more questions? Let's dive right in and ask: Northrend, is it not epic?
  • Fancylad asked.... Does entering Northrend have the same "epic feel" that entering Outland for the first time had? You know, the whole "stepping out of the dark portal to find yourself already in the middle of a massive battle against the Burning Legion, intense music blaring, frantic scramble to keep your mission from being destroyed just as it starts" feeling?
  • trebow asked.... With the possible inclusion of duel talent specs what is going to be the point in leveling alts? I have a BM Hunter and am halfway leveling a MM hunter but come WotLK I'll be able to experience both on the same Hunter. i love the idea of duel specs but it does seem to discourage peeps rolling alts of the same class.
  • PimpyMicPimp asked.... Is the downranking nerf really hurting healers that badly? Or is it not as big of a deal due to the mana cost changes?

Don't want to look like a clown edition Ask a Beta Tester: Don't want to look like a clown edition
My reward for the time spent had been, in old Azeroth, great stats and a custom tailored set of armor that all matched and made me look pretty awesome. I stepped through the Dark Portal looking and feeling like a hero. An hour later I had a bright purple helmet, dark green robes, a yellow belt, and a pair of bulky blue gloves. Though each piece of armor was a tremendous improvement upon my carefully completed set, it left my character looking as though she'd been dressed by a colorblind clown.
  • Mattimus asked.... What do quest rewards look like, graphically? Going into BC from raiding in WoW was incredibly jarring -- stripping off epics for bright green paints with big purple polka dots was one of the most painful things Blizzard could've done to anyone. Do the quest greens in Wrath allow us to quest in dignity, or are we going to be spending our off-time entertaining children's' parties?
  • Chriasas asked.... Spellstones and Firestones have long been the most useless items in the Warlock arsenal. Any chance of them being removed in WotLK, or at least changed into something useful?
  • Montius asked.... When you first make a Death Knight, he/she is part of the Scourge. Is it possible to send tells to Horde/Alliance while you are still doing the pre-quests?
  • Mercy asked.... How much is it costing on the PTR to upgrade professions from 375 to the new level bracket?
    And also, how much Netherweave should we all be stashing the make that initial jump in First Aid?
  • slicertool asked.... I've heard there is a threat meter being added. Is it in yet?

Priests, Retadins, and the Black Dragonflight Ask a Beta Tester: Priests, Retadins, and the Black Dragonflight
In case the perspective in the above screenshot confuses you, I'll give it away: that's me riding a magic flying carpet. No, not the tailored version (though I'd expect the tailored version to be the same sort of thing), but one you ride for a quest. (I was assured before I took flight that these were the safest way to reach my destination, though the things seemed pretty flimsy to me...) However, now, on to your questions!
  • Tridus asked.... The way it looks right now I expect that I'll be healing pretty much exactly the same way at 80 as I am right now, except without down ranking. Has anything really changed for Holy Priest healing?
  • Eternauta asked.... Are Retadins becoming a desirable DPS class for raids/dungeons/etc?
  • LibbyKino asked.... You say all four of the other dragonflights are fighting against the Blues? This surprises me because as I understand it the Blacks still hate everyone and everything. Are they really helping out in the fight, and if so... why?
  • Natus asked.... Is Blizzard planning to add any new dungeons, raids, quest hubs to the old world at all, or is it silly to buy Wrath if you don't have a 70 already?
  • Alex asked.... Are there any other ways to leave to the Death Knight starting area other then through Tyr's Hand?
  • Milkgas asked.... You've talked before how the events and quests of the Death Knight starting area is instanced, but at the end I understand there is a quest chain which includes laying siege to Light's Hope Chapel. Does this mean that Light's Hope Chapel, its quests, and flight point no longer exist in the world? Does the same apply to Tyr's Hand?
  • Doch asked.... Does being in Frost Presence affect the Unholy talents/spells like a Warrior's stance affects which strikes he can do?
  • Scipio asked.... What happens when a Warlock in demon form dances?
  • Warvanov asked.... In the Burning Crusade we saw a lot of the old school armor sets reused as new items in the BC dungeons. Any sign of this in Wrath? Will we be wearing the same armor dyed a different color again?

Rogues, Druids, Malygos, and more! Ask a Beta Tester: Rogues, Druids, Malygos, and more!
Let's start the week out right by diving straight into some juicy questions!
  • Gilgamesh asked.... With Hunters getting Exotic Pets and Warriors getting Titan's Grip, is the Rogue getting anything interesting?
  • Aeryk asked.... If only 1 target is in range, will the new Murder Spree talent use up all 5 charges on them?
  • Raukus asked.... I really want to hear some news on how Shadow Priests are shaping up. It seems like they're just getting glossed over by Blizzard so far, what's up with that?
  • Drad asked.... I have rarely heard Druids being talked about: all the big news about them is their glyphs. So I've been wondering... what's happening to them?
  • Vanadesse asked.... I'm a Resto Druid, and while in most cases Resto druids use Balance gear for soloing, I like to use feral gear. Will it be reasonable after the healing power to spell power change or will DPSing in my healing gear (it's always about a tier higher than feral) become more efficient?
  • Helasmoth asked.... All I have heard about Death Knights so far has had to do with the Blood and Unholy specs. What does the Frost spec have in store for us?
  • Darxide asked.... From what I can see from Lake Wintergrasp, winning depends on using the machines and vehicles scattered around the map. Does this mean that level is irrelivent here? A level 77 can have a fair fight against a level 80 if they are both in the same machines? Or is this a sort of endgame area restricted to level 80's?
  • IvanZephyr had a lore question for us, and abandon all hope ye who enter here, because lore spoilers are below....
    With the four remaining dragonflights banding together against Malygos, there seems to be some shady things going down, even on the "good" side. I understand that the forces at Wyrmrest Temple captured, tortured, and killed Malygos' Prime Consort in an effort to force him to stop this war against magic users. My question is: How can Alexstraza the Life-Binder explain this horrible event? There is nothing to suggest that Malygos' mate posed any threat to the forces, she merely was the consort to him. Alexstraza is suppose to protect all life, and killing Malygos' consort is completely opposite of everything she is suppose to stand for. How does Blizzard explain this?

Everybody loves Warlocks edition Ask a Beta Tester: Everybody loves Warlocks edition
There are apparently some classes we haven't been paying a lot of attention to lately, as several commenters have pointed out. Today, a little about Warlocks, and tomorrow a little about Rogues. See any classes we haven't been talking about yet? Then ask your questions about them -- we can only answer 'em if you ask 'em!
  • alx1231 wants to know.... I haven't heard much on the state of Warlocks in Wrath. Is there anything cool that I should be looking forward to?
  • ironblade asked.... Have they changed the XP rate of 60-70 as they did for 20-60?
  • venumus asked.... As a Retribution Paladin, I rely on both spell crit and melee crit. Now that they are essentially one ability, does intellect and agility add together for one crit percentage?
  • Doc asked.... I was wondering: what does Unholy spec do for Death Knights? Does it have some handy DPS or is it for PvP or soloing?
  • evestraw asked.... How does Wandering Plague do in Alterac Valley or PvP flagged players in major cities? Is it like Zul'Gurub's plague?
  • Alex asked.... I was wondering do Death Knights have access to their races racial ability, more specifically how does the Blood Elf's racial, arcane torrent, work on a Death Knight?
  • PBoy227 asked.... From what I hear, the starting zone of the Death Knight takes place quite a long time ago...
  • Lionhearte asked.... Have you seen any other place where siege vehicles are usable besides Wintergrasp and Strand of the Ancients?
  • Bakuryu asked.... What do we know about phylacteries? Can they only be used by Liches? And what do they do? Are they any soul-containing object?
  • ashley wheat wanted to know.... I need to know whether Badges of Justice will be used in WotLK.

Northrend, tanking, and pop culture Ask a Beta Tester: Northrend, tanking, and pop culture
Step off the zeppelin or boat to Northrend and you're in a new world. Even when there's not snow, Northrend simply feels cold. Piano playing in the background in Dragonblight even sounds like ice should feel. It's a brave new world of strange sights, unusual architecture, and unheard of beasts. Curious about what you should expect? Read on.
  • Nizari asked.... Have you seen much of the Nordic influence that Wrath is supposed to have? I know you've discussed the Vrykul and the Val'kyr before, but I'm wondering if you've seen any more esoteric or obscure references? I'd find it mighty entertaining if there was a baker who sold Kransekake, or a cooking recipe to make Lutefisk.
  • t_d asked.... I loved the addition of the Arakkoa and Consortium with Burning Crusade. Have you seen any more pop in Wrath of the Lich King and further more, has their stories been expanded on?
  • Corusis asked.... In BC, we were treated to such disgusting quests as picking through Talbuk poop, fetching rotten eggs that cause you to projectile vomit, and rescuing Corki. What sort of unpleasant tasks will Blizz make players slog through in their desperation to get to 80?
  • Freelier asked.... How much rep will I get with the old world reps while leveling in Northrend?
  • Fantus said.... I am curious how the Paladin Protection Spec is doing at the moment in beta. Solo or grouped, but mainly solo since that was what I always found hard leveling that spec from 1-70.
  • h8rain mentioned.... "...and DK's... well, okay, so far no DK I've run with has wanted to tank." Does not surprise me one bit. I expect a flood of DK and when you PST them if they can tank, the macro'ed response will be "Sorry, I am 'DPS' spec."
  • Conner Murphy and Azzarrea both wanted to know about the fate of the Black Tabby Cat, which currently drops from Dalaran mages in the Alterac Mountains. The question being: will it still be attainable in Wrath?
  • muxecold asked.... Does damage from Thorns and Retribution aura scale with spell power now? Does it scale with AP?
  • Talamarr asked.... Do you forsee issues where players will be camping spawn points of vehicles, not even attempting to play the match?
  • Sikachi asked.... What spec for DKs is best for AoE farming/grinding and how does it compare to other AoEing classes like Mages?

Dalaran and UI updates Ask a Beta Tester: Dalaran and UI updates
We're starting out today with a question on everyone's favorite mystical city: Dalaran. (That is your favorite mystical city, right? Because otherwise we'll have to start all over...)
  • Alc asked.... How does Blizzard account for all the wanton slaughter of Dalaran folk by the Horde? How would a hordie get into Dalaran because of this?
  • Drakkenfyre asked.... I see in the UI we get two new buttons. I would like to know what they are for. And is there an option to disable the calender display, and use the old Sun/Moon indicator instead? I don't need the calender, and I like the Sun/Moon indicator better.
  • Dro asked.... Have there been any changes to the LFG tool? If so, anything PvP related? My big hope is that battlegrounds will be added at some point. Dungeon/quest/zone is good, but what about those of us who want to find a PvP group?
  • Angus and Zuukal both wanted to know.... Has Sylvanas' model has been changed?
  • Angus asked.... Is Sylvanas actually going to Northrend? When people get to fight Arthas, she should be there working to kill him. Illidan had lore characters after his butt. If anyone deserves to be in an Arthas fight it's her!
  • Aler asked.... Any news on tailoring specialization? I assume the other specializations get new goodies in WotLK. How about tailoring?
    Both Shadowcloth and Spellcloth can only be made at particular locations in Outland - any word on what's happening to these in Northrend? Maybe new types of cloth?
  • Lori asked.... I envisioned siege weapons to be akin to medieval siege engines that were stationary contraptions used to lob rocks, burning pitch and dead bodies at or over castle walls. Some were platforms that were moved manually to enable soldiers to get over castle walls. It seemed that one faction might be defending a castle while the other attacked it. The defenders would kill enemy players with ranged attacks or destroy the siege engines. The attackers would kill enemy players with ranged attacks and try to gain access to the castle, by breaching walls, at which point normal PvP would begin. Now it sounds like siege weapons means nothing more than motorized PvP. Is there more to it than that?
  • Sephran asked.... I have warrior friends qq'ing about being useless in wrath. Have you grouped with any warrior tanks? Are they as "useless" as warriors believe?
  • Randal asked.... Is Rend still a joke in Wrath, or is it being improved to the point of being useful with talents such as Trauma?

Wintergrasp and caster stats Ask a Beta Tester: Wintergrasp and caster stats
Let's start out with the PvP zone that's on everyone's mind: Lake Wintergrasp. Added in the last beta patch, Wintergrasp doesn't seem all there, but Alex has boldly ventured into the zone in an attempt to tell the rest of us about the zone.
  • Boowat asked.... How does Lake Wintergrasp PvP actually work in regards to siege weapons etc. do i just go round running people over or driving into the side of buildings?
  • Whiplashmtb asked.... With the new hunter pet changes, are there still going to be Hunter Pets with "caster" stats?
  • wrez asked.... Have they made any changes the way fishing is leveled? Every other profession, be it primary or secondary, requires you to level it by performing more "difficult" tasks as you progress; be it the skinning of higher level mobs, cooking more fulfilling dishes, etc. It doesn't make any sense to become a Bassmaster by repeatedly plucking minnows out of the wading pool.
  • Ponnicus asked.... One question I have been wondering is in regards to bonus healing -> spell power. Can we get some real world numbers of what your bonus healing was compared to what your spell power is now?
  • We had a couple of questions about AoE grinding spots from muxecoid and Evan, which basically amounted to.... Are there any good spots for AoE leveling between 70 and 77?
  • andyjay220 asked.... Is there any indication that Protection Paladins will be more effective offtanks?

Blacksmithing and sockets, revisited Ask a Beta Tester: Blacksmithing and sockets, revisited
Today nearly everyone wanted more detail on the blacksmithing socket patterns we talked about yesterday. In fact, five individuals inquired: Do blacksmithing sockets stack with enchants? The answer is yes. (At least for gloves and bracers -- there are currently no enchants available in the game for belts.) Please, there's no need to keep asking. Really!
  • Orno had a question about a different blacksmithing pattern I didn't know about until he mentioned it: Is Socket One-hand Weapon able to socket main-hands and is it also BS only?
  • Aurion asked... I've heard that Rogues will be able to keep their combo points even if the mob is dead and can use them on the next one, is it true?
  • ironlade asked... How fast do Death Knights generate runic power?
  • James asked... What about items such as the Frozen Shadoweave and Primal Mooncloth sets? Sets that rely on whether or not you are healing. Are they the same stats with different set bonuses?
    Do you still need to be spec'd to either shadow tailoring or mooncloth to use the other? Does it even matter?
  • Desitine asked... How does it work with pets that are attached to an item? Like say the bloodsail hat?
  • h8rain asked... Or pets that require reagents?
  • Gune asked... I remember hearing in a podcast that one of the devs at WWI hinted that we might be getting duel talents specs and be able to switch between them in wotlk. Has anyone heard about this?
  • Dave, who is clearly losing patience with me, asked... Are there any changes in Azeroth except SW? Like the Sentinel Hill inn's roof fixed? Lakeshire's bridge? Anything on Horde side?
  • Satanael asked.... I am very interested in playing a Death Knight as a MT in the expansion and I would like to know how they are stacking up in the beta as a tank... do they have what it takes to be a end game tank thus far.

Blacksmithing and socket slots Ask a Beta Tester: Blacksmithing and socket slots
Today we're going to kick things off not with a question, but with a statement. Eldacar of Boulderfist wrote in to tell us that he's just managed to hit 450 skill in Blacksmithing and to report on the new sockets available to Blacksmiths. Several people have asked how the sockets work, but with my complete lack of Blacksmithing skills, I haven't had much to say on the subject.
  • Gnoa asked... Can you confirm whether or not the motorcycles are indeed new mounts in Wrath, and if so do you have to be an Engineer to use them?
  • whack had a couple of questions for us... Does training for New Death Knights cost gold while questing for the Lich King? Can a Death Knight respec while under the control of the Lich King and will this also cost gold?
  • Ian asked... How far towards level 71 do your level 70 characters start out?
  • Gerb asked... Does the stealth animation of Rogues look like ice skating again? We've heard several times Blizzard is working on a totally new animation, I guess this is not in yet?
  • Bsquared asked... I am a hunter that raids as BM spec and PvPs as MM spec. How will this affect my exotic pets? Will I be able to keep my exotic stabled without it releasing?
  • Mekro asked... Is there any sign of Aldor/Scryer NPCs in Wrath?
  • Guy asked... If the Death Knight starting area, etc, is instanced, can you party with friends or is it solo til after the epic ending?
  • KillerSteve asked... Is all the gear you have with healing and damage changed to spell power as soon as you log into Wrath? Just wondering because I want to know if I need a grinding set of gear for Wrath.
    Are mounts and vanity pet slots unlimited in beta?
  • Bylak asked... For someone who's interested in getting a head start on inscription, what kind of mats should I be farming? Is inscription/herbalism going the be the way to go?
  • MaDaBr14 asked... Is the Death Knight starting zone in the past? Some of the events and people in the instance has made myself and some friends wonder if you're starting in the past and once you leave its the current?

Gold, Atiesh, and Mr. Tirion Fordring Ask a Beta Tester: Gold, Atiesh, and Mr. Tirion Fordring
See what I go through to get you the juiciest beta information? That's three sharks I'm fighting off, all for you! Those things are vicious... but they were clearly have not been reading the beta forums, because they had no idea how overpowered Paladins are right now. But enough chatter: time for your questions!
  • Hoops asked... How much gold roughly would you get from questing 70-77 (until you unlock the flying mount)?
  • Justin asked... I had heard that Rogue's sap was being changed to work on more types of enemies. Can you list any changes to the types of targets that crowd controls like Sheep and Sap will effect?
  • Chris Anthony asked... What are the drop rates on the advanced First Aid books?
  • Tobias asked... I'm curious, throughout Outland I enjoyed the motes primals system, it gave fishing and engineering a nice little way of making money since almost everybody needed them. My question, does this system continue in Wrath?
  • Dalixam asked... When you learn mounts and vanity pets as spells, how are they listed in your character tab? Alphabetically or in the order in which you learned them?
  • Superstone asked... With Naxxramas being moved does that mean that Atiesh will no longer be gathered for? Or will it be reintroduced as some 25 man questline for the new and improved Naxx in Northrend?
  • Darkshadow asked... In the beta, is Tirion Fordring still in the Eastern Plaguelands?
  • Tisen asked... Are there new loading screens for the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor like there was when BC came out? Also what does the loading screen for Northrend look like?

Of textures, turtles, and Tuskarr Ask a Beta Tester: Of textures, turtles, and Tuskarr
If you're on a coastline in the World of Warcraft, encountering hostile pirates is always a possibility -- and Northrend seems to be no exception. I'm not sure what this intrepid crew intends to plunder, but if you meet up with them on the open seas, watch out -- I was nearly swallowed by an Orca trying to swim to shore. But enough about me: let's get to your questions!
  • Warlia asked... Does the game really look more crisp and detailed like people are saying?
  • Radiophonic wants to know... Mages get there at 71 but others have to wait three more levels? How is that fair?
  • Chris came to us with two technical questions, which I'll tackle one at a time...
    Currently, spell haste rating lowers the global cooldown by a small amount, but melee haste rating does not. Since both stats are being consolidated into 'haste rating' in Wrath, how is haste rating working on the GCD in the beta right now?
  • Jesity asked... I was wondering if mining has been implemented yet and if so, what new ores are available?
    On a different note, has First Aid been upgraded to include Frostweave?
  • hoeding asked... Is there an Auction house in Dalaran?
  • Frosty asked... Are there any special modes of travel between the areas, like zeppelins?

Do you not value your life fruit vendor edition Ask a Beta Tester: Do you not value your life fruit vendor edition
I can't say enough good things about Dalaran. It's the most beautiful place in the game -- the architecture and textures in the area are more detailed than any we've ever seen. If it weren't for the invisible holes in the ground that send you plummeting to the Crystalsong Forest below, I'd probably never leave!
  • Boowat asks... How do you actually get to Dalaran. It's really high up... can you only fly there?
  • Ezzy asks... Are professions fully implemented yet? If tailoring is implemented, what size bag can you make with the new cloth?
  • Bluemanchu asks... We currently use a mod to coordinate raids/instances between two guilds. Will the new WoW calendar have this ability or is it limited to members of one's own guild?
  • Broadcloak asks... What are the rep rewards from the two starting zones? i.e. which one should I have my main do?
  • Ven asks... I understand that the Death Knight runes will not stack with enchants (i.e. mongoose or executioner). As Death Knights progress throughout the game they are bound to get new weapons. When they get a new weapon and put rune enchants on it, does the appearance of the weapon change to reflect the presence of runes?
  • erin asks... Are there any repeatable reputation hand-ins for Netherweave/Frostweave?

Death Knight-free edition Ask a Beta Tester: Death Knight-free edition
Today I'm going to start out with a few questions that we've answered before -- but people seem so desperate to know, that I feel I have to at least point them in the right direction.
  • Aracross asks... Is CoT3 (old Stratholme) in the beta?
  • Samman asks... Is the epic flying mount training 5,000g?
  • drjonesac2 asks... How are paladins shaping up in the Beta? Is actual playability living up to the hype?
  • marck asks... Have any of the rewards from achievement points been revealed yet?
  • Blayed asks... How are warriors holding up? They haven't really gotten the nerf-hammer, but every other class seems to be getting something awesome...
  • Sean Martinez asks... How has the change to a unified spell power affected enchants like Enchant Weapon - Major Healing? Also what are the differences now between the runic and golden spellthread leg armor kits?
  • Riph asks... I know that level 80 arena hasn't been opened up yet, but how have disc priests been fairing in PvP now that the whole "don't die" aspect of the tree has been messed around with?
  • Ian R. asks... How does spellpower affect shadow damage or fire damage gear? Is any of the new 71 gear school specific or is there only spellpower now?
  • Dightkuz asks... Does Netherweave drop from mobs in Northrend, just like Runecloth drops from mobs in most zones in Outland?

Will we ever run out of Death Knight questions? Ask A Beta Tester: Will we ever run out of Death Knight questions?
But, really, will you ever run out of Death Knight questions? There's an office pool going and I'm starting to worry...
  • tal* asks... Will school specific spell power increase healing? I have Drape of the Righteous from Kara, which only increases holy damage right now. Will it increase healing done by holy spells in Wrath?
  • max attack asks... If the spell effects of this libram are associated with Bessing of Light, and that has been taken from the game what will happen to this libram?
  • Taytayflan asks... Are Alliance and Horde Death Knights hostile to each other before they leave the starting area? And if so, can they just fight it out, or will guards intervene?
  • Nathan asks... Are you able to group with or talk to people of opposing races? E.g. If you are a human, can you group with or chat to an orc? If so, what language do they apparently speak?
  • Zanzi asks... How do Death Knights gain talent points? Do they start out at level 55 with 46 points (and nearly-endless respeccing options) or do they start out with 0 but gain multiple points per level to catch them up?
  • Alex asks... What is Blizzard doing with old Outland gear other than spell damage/healing in order to make them usable for upcoming Death Knights and classes which need different stats now?
  • Fletch asks... There seems to be a lot of priest talents that increase the amount of healing received by a target by quite a large amount - is this increase needed because the mobs are doing a lot more damage, or is it partly to balance the change to spell power?
  • freakinhawaii asks... With the spell gear all being switched over to spell power, will healers be competing with DPS for gear (especially in 5 man PUGs) or is there something that still sets healer specific gear apart?

Healing, now with 100% more spell power! Ask a Beta Tester: Healing, now with 100% more spell power!
In this image, we see a Zeppelin leaving Orgrimmar heading for Northrend -- so let's go with them!
  • Bourgeoisie asks... What weapon skills do Death Knights start out with?
  • Deri asks... How hard is it to get the mechanics of the Death Knight (runes and runic power) down at first?
  • Sean asks... What bags does a Death Knight start with?
  • Sallix asks... Does the current implementation of the barber shop allow you to choose old hairstyles (the ones at the character creation screen) as well as the new ones?

(Almost) All about Death Knights Ask a Beta Tester: (Almost) All about Death Knights
To kick off today's Q&A, I'm going to start with a question that's been asked a few times but left unanswered.
  • Samman asks... For the last time, is the epic flying mount training the same price as on the live realms?
  • Tsani asks... When the Death Knights join the Horde and Alliance forces, what is their starting reputation in those cities? Do they start at neutral like the Blood Elves/Forsaken with the rest of the Horde?
  • Daemon Glidas asks... One thing I'm extremely curious is how crowded the Death Knight's "Spell Book" is. How large does the DK's initial Spell Book begin?
  • Dightkuz asks... Any quests in the DK starting area that require group?
  • Arras asks... How long does it take to get a death knight out of the starting area and into Outland? Is it something that can be done in a few hours?
  • erin asks... Is the new Caverns Of Time "Old Stratholme" instance implemented yet?

Daily quests, skill trainers, and Arthas, oh my! Ask a Beta Tester: Daily quests, skill trainers, and Arthas, oh my!
I'd like to start out with a tiny bit of extra information on a question Alex answered yesterday.
  • Vjax asks... Can you still do level 70 dailies for gold, and do you get XP for doing them?
  • tehvoid asks... Is there a port from Shattrath to Dalaran?
  • Rymer asks... Does what professions my characters have decide what starting zone I need to go to? Or will both zones have trainers so the choice is up to me?
  • Tharko asks... I know we are supposed to come into more contact with Arthas in this expansion. How often have you seen him so far and what role will he play in the casual's experience?
  • Athura asks... Can we encounter Alextrasza (aspect of the red dragonflight) somewere?

The Argent Crusade Ask a Beta Tester: The Argent Crusade
To everyone that asked about Arena points: We don't know anything about that yet, and Blizzard doesn't either. As soon as they know, we'll know, and then you'll know.
  • Gurluas asks... How many high elves are there in Wrath, and what are their role now that they have thier own faction?
  • Jariaji asks... Does the Cenarion Circle have any role to play in Wotlk, either as the Cenarion Circle or as a sort of offshoot faction like the Cenarion Expedition?
  • Vjax asks... Can you still do level 70 dailies for gold, and do you get XP for doing them?
  • The final question is full of plot spoilers, so stop if you're trying very hard to avoid them for some reason!

Seals, judgements, and more Ask a Beta Tester: Seals, judgements, and more
I'm going to start off with a question I've been waiting for -- because it allows me to properly express the full extent of my glee over the changes to the Paladin's seal and judgment system, which are, if I may be so bold, magnificent.
  • Offhand writes in to say... I'm getting confused as to how paladin seals work now. It seems like they keep updating and changing that system.
  • Tap asks... Will there be a new slot for the Death Knight or will I have to delete my banker? I need the bag space! Its hard to support a main and 8 alts (with WotLK 9 alts).
  • Chucker asks... I'd read elsewhere that there will not be ports to the old-world capital cities in Dalaran?
  • BiggusGeekus asks... What old world reputations are changing (if any)? Is it worth it to reputation grind now in anticipation of achievements, or are we better off just waiting it out?
  • Mike asks... I've heard a lot of talk about whether crushing blows exist or not in Wrath. Can you provide some input on this topic?

Death Knights, bears, and buckets Ask a Beta Tester: Death Knights, bears, and buckets
Multiple people had lots of questions about Death Knights, so I'm just going to list a bunch of them and then delve into what's going on.
  • We answer... How Customizable are Death Knights? Do they get unique skintones, or unique racials?
  • krat asks... Do all abilities that require runic power drain all of it, and if so, do they actually scale with the amount of runic power one has?
  • jurandr asks... We know they're getting rid of the Amani War Bear mount. Will any of the other BC mounts be affected?
  • Joene asks... Are factions implemented yet?
  • Aryc Ogre asks... What I want to know is... do the walrus-people have a quest for you to retrieve their stolen bucket?

More Titan's Grip Ask a Beta Tester: More Titan's Grip
I tried to answer as many as I could, but time is a fickle mistress and I was going to write some sort of metaphor here but I can't think of one, so if you would all be so kind, come up with one for me.
  • Jamesisgreat asks... How much gold are you getting rewarded per quest on average? I mean is it worth us saving up our gold for Wrath?
  • Arkkoran asks... Will there be more character customization options in Wrath of the Lich King? More specifically, can you change fur color in the barber shops?
  • moomento asks... I was wondering whether we can keep the honor we have currently in BC and spend it at level 80 in Wrath.
  • Ian R. asks... Can Forsaken Death Knights heal themselves with Death Coil?
  • Everrest asks... As an avid Frost Mage I'm curious how many of the mobs you've encountered in beta have frost resistance (or immunity!?). Is it a problem Frost Mages might only be facing irregularly or are 75% of the mobs made to resist cold spells?
  • BigDaddyJay asks... I keep reading that Titan's Grip is great for early level grinding, but not so much for instancing. How come nobody is talking about the abundance of Haste gear and its effect on Titan's Grip?

Wyrmrest Temple and the dragon shrines Ask a Beta Tester: Wyrmrest Temple and the dragon shrines
I had to pick and choose questions I actually knew a thing or two about, so I couldn't really answer class questions about classes I don't play or don't know very well.
  • juicyjuice asks... Will players who spent a lot of time with the Argent Dawn pre-BC have a significant advantage over people who may not have much or any Argent Dawn rep when WotLK hits?
  • Joene asks... What's up with the dragon shrines, and what's inside the Maw of Neltharion?
  • ironblade asks... Any good news on Titan's Grip? Is the DPS good and is it a viable leveling spec?
  • poPixel asks... Screenshots are coming in of oversized Devilsaur pets - what about the more unique monsters hidden away? Is The Beast (remember UBRS?) now an option?
  • Nizari asks... Are the elf NPCs in Dalaran Blood Elves or High Elves? I couldn't tell from the tour de Dalaran video that was posted.
  • CJ asks... So when are we going to see some well-fed buffs from Wrath recipes?
  • Wren asks... This may seem like a stupid question, but are we going to be limited to one Death Knight per server?
  • Lori asks... I think Blizz said they wanted Northrend to feel larger than Outland. Have they achieved this goal?

Death Knights and Dalaran Ask a Beta Tester: Death Knights and Dalaran
With over 200 questions yesterday on our initial Ask a Beta Tester column, I'm afraid we couldn't answer everyone's questions. (There just aren't enough hours in the day!)
  • Necro asks... Any news on new Engineering?
  • Warigami asks... Is there any new information at all regarding tailoring, especially new bags or crafted items?
  • Jonny Dale asks... Any sign of the new dance moves we were promised?
  • Dusseldorf asks... How far do the Death Knight starting quests get you?
  • Jonny Cain asks... What level did Death Knights start with their professions? Zero? 250? 300?
  • Dymphnah asks... ...what sort of mounts to DKs come with?
  • Branden asks... Since you are getting jump started to level 55, do you automatically get all the flight paths that you would have by level 55?
  • Jonny Cain asks... Are there auction house and trainers in Dalaran? Portals to the world?
  • Jess asks... How does it work having Dalaran being one of the final zones? Do you have lots of people suicide running over to Dalaran?
  • jtrain asks... Can you describe how the 2-zone approach is working out in the beta, and which zone is "better"?
  • Sylvanra asks... How quickly would you guess T4/Heroic/normal Badge loot (not the expensive T6 style badge loot) to be replaced? Level 72? 73? 70?
  • Lenyssia asks... Looking through the achievements I got the impression that they wouldn't be awarded by character but by account. Can you confirm this?
  • Ryan asks... How has combining Spell Damage and Spell Healing into Spell Power effected hybrid classes?
  • Zumwalah asks... How does spell power compare to healing?

Let's get this party started! Ask a Beta Tester: Let's get this party started!
The first edition - no solutions yet, but more than 200 questions, begging to be answered!

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