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Matthew Rossi is not a figment of your imagination. Matthew Rossi does not live in Edmonton, AB, in the cold and storied northlands of Canada. Matthew Rossi is not a large silithid. It's possible that this bio is not entirely accurate.

The Queue: Awesome Werewolf Superpowers

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Guys, I love you all as if you were my children. My children who leave a lot of comments in the comment section. So many comments. 737 comments as of this moment. That is a lot of questions, statements, pictures, videos, non sequitur, all sorts of things.

I have to admit, on nights when I can't sleep (that's all of them) going through the Queue is like a portal into another dimension. Luckily, they still play WoW over there.

Chrth asks:
Q4TQ: If you were one of the humans on Fenris Isle, would you have chosen to become a Worgen or to be raised as one of the Forsaken? Consider this from a real life perspective, not game-wise (e.g. "Worgen because I love the Alliance" is not what I'm looking for).

Would I rather be trapped in a rotting corpse that's slowly deteriorating, forced to consume the flesh of the living and unable to feel, or would I rather have awesome werewolf superpowers? Yeah, that's a toughie. I guess I'd have to go with awesome werewolf superpowers.

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Breakfast Topic: Why not heirloom followers?

We have epic followers, we have a legendary follower, so why not heirloom followers?

Well, as is often the case when I have one of these ideas at three am, there are potentially a lot of reasons why to not have heirloom followers. For one thing, we level our followers and get them better gear and so on - a follower you could somehow send to your alts would mess up this whole process. Would they scale to your level? What level would they top out at? Could you gear them up? Could you make them epic?

All good questions. But man, it's daunting to have to try and get all the same followers over and over again, especially ones that are on rare vendors. Sometimes I wish I could mail my little minions to my alts, just so I wouldn't have to deal with flying out to the Spires of Arak yet again.

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Patch 6.1 PTR: Heirloom necklaces datamined

So once again the folks at Wowhead are hard at work datamining away at Patch 6.1 on the PTR, and they've found something very interesting - new heirlooms. Specifically, neckpieces. A whole host of them, in fact. At present they don't seem to scale down on Wowhead, and they say 1 to 60 which seems odd to me, I'd expect 1 to 90. But that On Use is pretty amazing, all told. Since we're also talking about the heirloom tab coming in this patch as well, it's a good time for a set of necklace heirlooms.

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Patch 6.1 PTR - New Blood Elf Models Incoming

We've been waiting for new blood elf models since Warlords of Draenor was announced, and now we finally know when we're getting them. Patch 6.1's PTR will have the first look at the blood elf of the future, soon to be the blood elf of the present. These are very definitely works in progress, so there are things to keep in mind - currently all male blood elves have the same facial geometry, for instance. But you can hop on the PTR yourself and take a look right now.

To my eye they don't look very different, just improved. But what do you think?

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Breakfast Topic: What to do at 3 a.m.

I tend to like to do stuff at night, when there's practically no one else on. Partially this is because of my rather aggressive insomnia, a problem I've had for years now. But there's also something peaceful about it - stripped of the vast majority of players, suddenly I can wander about in the world, queue for dungeons or LFR, do the daily quest without worrying about other people doing the same, farm for rares if I'm of a mind to. The world feels broader, more expansive.

Perhaps this is simply a legacy of my being a rather curmudgeonly sort, but as I type this it's the waning hours of the morning. So I now ask you, what would you do in the quiet moments of the night?

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Breakfast Topic: I want to unleash my followers upon my enemies

Seriously, I have like twenty of these people, why can't I loose them as an unstoppable force of destruction? I know we have raid missions, but I'd love to be able to go to, say, Ashran and do a 20 vs 20 PvP Follower match, or perhaps a special raid, just me and my followers. Some actual in the world gameplay for them beyond just sending them on missions or sticking some poor unfortunate in the mine (Sorry, Lantressor) or what have you. I mean, imagine a weekly mission where you have to coordinate your followers on an assault on an Iron Horde base?

Yes, I'm basically arguing that we should be able to play Warcraft III while we play WoW. I just feel like we should get to do something more with our followers, something that helps increase the feeling that we're the commander of this elite fighting force. Do you have any ideas for ways we could more directly utilize our follower base?

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Breakfast Topic: What will Patch 6.2 be?

We're talking a lot about Patch 6.1, of course, because it's the new hotness on the horizon. But because we assume there'll be at least two more patches after it (and who knows, maybe that's a false assumption) I have to ask what you guys think the next patch is going to be.

I'm kind of hoping it'll be either Farahlon or Tanaan, although I suspect Tanaan will be in the last patch of the expansion, whatever that is, along with the final raid. For 6.2, I don't even know if we'll get a raid, but I have to believe we're at least going to see some new five mans.

Now it's your turn. What's 6.2 going to have in store for us?

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The Queue: Excellent, excellent, excellent, FIGHT

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

That's right. Ten hours of the Mortal Kombat theme. Why? Because Mortal Kombat. Let's do this.

valencemagi asks:
Q4tQ: is there any way to rename Lt. Thorn to something else? Like, I dunno, Lt Harshwhinny? Asking for a friend.

No, and I think your friend is mean. Lt. Thorn's a lovely person once you get to know her.

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Breakfast Topic: 6.1 and content

There's a lot of stuff coming in patch 6.1 - like, for example, the continuation of the Legendary Quest Chain, complete with legendary follower. But so far, one of the things I'm not seeing is content, exactly. A ton of model fixes, new stuff for the Darkmoon Faire, Harrison Jones as a follower, but no new dungeons, no new raids, and as far as I know zones like Tanaan and Farahlon aren't coming.

Since I have no idea how many patches we'll actually see for Warlords, I have no idea how significant this is. I want there to be more dungeons and raids, that's my favorite content, so I'm sort of hoping we'll hear more soon.

What about you? Would you like to hear about some dungeons, a raid or maybe the zones that weren't released on launch? Or do you think 6.1 is full enough?

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Breakfast Topic: The Fate of Inventory

We've seen a lot of improvements to the inventory system over the years. We've seen bags get bigger, sorting and searching included, items like mounts, pets, toys and soon heirloom items all removed from our bags (along with quest items) to help make space. We've seen void storage, so that we can take items we want to keep but not necessarily need access to and put them somewhere, and many consumable items and various reagents have been improved to stack to higher amounts, freeing up more bag space.

This has me wondering, though, are we forever in a bag arms race between all the things we may want, and the amount of space we have? Will we eventually see consumables get their own tab, or reagents go from the various kinds of profession and reagent bags in the bank to a tab of their own? What changes do you foresee for our always filling bags?

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