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Breakfast Topic: Where does your game need work?

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For a long time, I loathed PVP. We're not just talking I wish I was better at PVP. We're talking frothing rage hatred. I was not inherently good at it, I didn't think I needed to gear or talent any differently for it, and my unwillingness to prepare ensured that I would never enjoy it. As a hunter, I was always an early target and would die (at least in my mind) more than anyone else in every BG I set foot in.

One year, while doing the holiday achievement where you need to rack up honorable kills while wearing the gnome disguise from Dalaran, I actually went four times through Alterac Valley back-to-back, getting killed (and losing the disguise) before getting even one HK, all four times. Shouting at my poor defenseless computer, snapping at my Ventmates, throwing things, logging off in a huff ... All this and more was the norm when I tried to PVP. It has taken a lot of reading articles, practicing different approaches, and most importantly, long, deep breaths accompanied by trips to my happy place to get to where I can go do Tol Barad without it being my final gaming action of the evening.

Now that my PVP's in a better place, my next horizon is cash flow. Most of my army of alts have stalled in the lower levels, and my crafting empire has not yet been realized. My main is a dual crafter, and his farmer couldn't keep up when Cataclysm hit, so the professions stalled. Repairs, gems, and enchants are enough to eat up my income from dailies more often than not. I can generally cover my basic needs -- food, flasks, and whatnot -- but I feel pretty much broke, all the time.

Everyone has some area of the game that they feel less than confident in, would like to improve upon, or at the very least, wish didn't make them feel like a noob or an incomplete player. I took the liberty of going first, and you're among friends here -- so what's your Achilles' heel? What part of your WoW experience just isn't where you want it to be?

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Breakfast Topic: The one missing item in World of Warcraft

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to

We all have our favorite in-game items, be it our uber T10 gear, our Zulian Tiger mount or our Diamond-Tipped Cane. But sometimes, we can't find what we want in game. We know what it is, search around for it, check the websites, but nothing quite fits the description. All our research leads back to the same sad conclusion: what we want simply doesn't exist in Azeroth. We resign ourselves to move on without it and harbor the hope it will appear in the next patch or expansion.

What do I want in Cataclysm? I just want a pizza.

I don't even care about the toppings. It can be thin crust, cheese-only, out of the grocer's freezer for all I care. Maybe my Chicago upbringing is coloring my perception here, but I just think that in such a vivid, exciting world with so much to offer, it is inexcusable that the most universally consumed dish in western civilization is not represented anywhere. I have scrolled through all 466 items listed in Wowhead's Food & Drinks category, searching for anything that might meet the bare minimum criteria of what in my mind constitutes pizza, but for naught. We have defeated Old Gods, dragon aspects, even the Lich King ... But not one of us has ever even had a slice of pepperoni and cheese.

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