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Breakfast Topic: What's been your best moment of cool?

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It's like every action movie ever has a moment like this: The main character realizes that he's in a desperate situation, and instead of running, he decides to fight back in the most badass way possible. Sunglasses may or may not be involved. There are generally explosions, some crazy flips in the air with a car or two, and a stunt that makes the liability lawyers wince at the thought of anyone reenacting it.

What's your best "moment of cool"? My favorite one of memory was the time that I was flagged coming out of a BG in Un'Goro, and a paladin three levels above me decided to take advantage of that. After a few kills, I kited him over to one of the elite Devilsaurs, aggroed it, waited until he threw his shield and it hit me and the dragon, and Feigned Death. Then with the Devilsaur eating chunks of his health bar, I proceeded to finish the paladin off.

What about you? Everyone has to have one.

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Breakfast Topic: My paladin turned out to be a ninja

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Back around the time faction changes came out, my old guild decided en masse to change over to the Horde. I logged on one morning after a week's vacation, saw nobody in the guild, and when I popped into Vent, I found out where everyone had gone. I transferred over my main, we wrecked ToC and then later ICC and For the Horde, and all was good. A few weeks ago, I realized I was bored and wanted to transfer over my level 80 draenei pally for another alt to play and to farm frost badges with. My choices were obviously limited to blood elf. I didn't particularly like either character model or their animations, and after 15 minutes of staring at the character recustomization screen, I flipped a coin and it came down to blood elf female.

I absolutely hated it at first. The animations were silly looking, and she ran funny. I was broke after that, so I decided to grin and bear it. A few days passed, and I tanked my way from one end of the dungeon finder to the other. It was in a heroic Drak'tharon Keep, after I had pulled the entirety of the room before Trollgore and was facing down 13 or 14 Scourge trying desperately to kill my overgeared self, that I watched my paladin dodge, parry and block at a rapid pace. She wasn't just mitigating damage; it honestly looked like she was dancing. I was reminded of gun-fu scenes like from The Matrix where characters duck, dodge and dash their way around dangers. My paladin was a ninja.

From then on, I loved my blood elf female pally and all her silly animations (except for the casting ones ... still not too keen on them). What similar situations have you been in, when something you thought would be awful turned out to be absolutely amazing?

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