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Breakfast Topic: How do you pass time in cities?

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It seems that with each new feature that Blizzard adds to the game, our characters spend more and more time in the capital city hub. Profession dailies, portals, trade chat, and LFD all beckon our characters to spend our time within the friendly confines of Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Have you ever taken a look at what other people do while waiting for the opportunity to conclude their business in town? Or at what you yourself do?

I've watched people put on light shows with vanity items; run laps around Dalaran as if they were in the Race for the Cure; inspect everybody who walks by with an interesting item; or hop from rooftop to rooftop in Stormwind. Others devote their time to more annoying pursuits; finding the biggest mount possible to stick on top of the mailbox outside the AH seems to be a common theme.

I often idle in Stormwind while waiting out the last minutes before raid time. I typically camp my character in a special point in the city. On my main, I leave my mount in between the spires of Stormwind Cathedral, while my DK stands watch by the tomb in the graveyard and my shaman idles away under a tree in the Valley of Heroes. It gives me a familiar setting while I talk with my guildies and helps me focus on whatever the next important task I have.

When you're in town, do you try to put on a show? Do you wait anywhere significant? Or are you the type who doesn't linger in civilization for any longer than necessary?

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Breakfast Topic: Do you have any specialty alts?

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People always have a goal in mind when they make a character. For many, it's a very broad goal, such as leveling a DK to be their tanking character or trying out a mage. Many people, on the other hand, create characters for a much more specific purpose. A common example is the ubiquitous bank alt, a low-level character stowed in a major city whose entire life consists of nothing but looking good while carrying huge loads from the AH to the nearest mailbox. There have been several pacifist characters, at least one person who leveled to the cap completely naked, and one who leveled to cap without dying once.

I recently made a concept character. I have a paladin, death knight, and warrior all at level 85, all specced and geared to tank. I decided late in Wrath that I would roll a worgen druid in order to complete the set. As Cataclysm came closer, I decided that I would work to experience the full spectrum of bear tanking. So I resolved to level my druid without any heirlooms, using only gear that I gain through questing and running dungeons. I also resolved to run every 5-man dungeon at least once while at the appropriate level. He's now frolicking through the snows of Northrend at level 72, has tanked every 5-man instance from Deadmines to UBRS, from Ramparts to Magister's Terrace, and is working his way through the 5-mans of Wrath. It's been a blast, especially since the buff to Swipe.

Have you ever made a character just to play the game with your own twist?

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Breakfast Topic: What's the saddest quest in WoW?

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Quests serve a number of purposes in the game. Beyond the obvious experience and gold rewards, they advance the story and provide soloing content that wasn't available in earlier MMORPGs.

Each quest has a theme that it sets. There are epic quests, funny quests, story-based quests, disturbing quests -- and then there are the sad quests. From Pamela in Eastern Plaguelands, to Rheastrasza in the Badlands, to Crusader Bridenbrad in the shadow of Icecrown, Blizzard has implemented quests designed to tug the heartstrings of the players.

For me, the saddest quest I've seen so far is The Mosswalker Savior in Sholazar Basin. As part of the Oracles quest line, the player gets tasked with saving Gorlocs from the Scourge attacking Mosswalker Village. The player arrives to find the village in flames and the Scourge running rampant. You can already tell that you arrived too late to save most of the villagers, and the remainder are being mercilessly tortured, dragged through the street on a chain.

What really makes it heartrending is the way that most of the Oracles don't really understand what is happening or why it's happening. They just ... apologize, as if that were all it would take to appease the Scourge. The quest sits smack dab in the middle of Sholazar Basin, which is the most lighthearted zone in Northrend. You spend most of your time in that zone hunting animals, digging up shinies, and making booze. All of a sudden, Blizzard drops the Scourge back into your lap with all the subtlety of your average anvil.

What's the most emotional quest you've done?

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