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Helpful UI Mod: FindRemind

I enjoy the little UI mods far more then the huge Cosmos or Titan mods. There is something about a program specifically created to remove an annoyance that I find delightful.

How many times have I rezzed and gone about my merry way, only to realize 5 or 10 minutes later that I forgot to recast my ore finder? It always really annoys me, because I have no idea how many veins I have missed in that time. FindRemind is a tiny little mod, and all it does is remind you to recast after a resurrection. A little dialog box pops up, you click Accept, and you never have to miss another ore vein or herb again.

[Thanks WoWvault]

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To Merge, Or Not To Merge?

I have never been a part of a successful guild merger. I have been involved in three, and in each case the downfall of the guild has been imminent. Why is it that when two (or more) groups try to combine their resources and members, they fail most of the time?

1. A guild merger is often a symptom of deeper problems within one or both of the guilds. Guilds with no problems a far less likely to be interested in mergers than those with lots of discontent among their members.

2. Officers don't like to give up respect and privilege. Guild officers earn respect from members. That’s why they are officers. In a guild merger, some officers are bound to get demoted, and those who aren’t have to earn the respect of a whole new group of members. That inevitably leads to friction within the larger group.

 3. Play styles and rules are bound to be different. Loot rules…the bane of a guild’s serenity. Even if members aren’t thrilled with the loot rules that a guild uses, they learn to deal with them. If a new group comes in and has a different way of determining looting, who gets to lead and go on raids, or the way that promotion within the guild structure is handled, it leads to accusations of favoritism.

conclusions after the jump.

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New Armor Graphics! Oh Wait...Just Placeholders.

Shadow's Edge has pics of the new AQ armor sets up on their website. I was excited until I realized that they were reused and they looked rushed and unfinished. Oh well, that's what they look like right now, and hopefully they will be updated in short order.

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Does Blizzard Oil the Squeaky Wheel?

I have played Warriors as my mains since the day the game was released, back when their abilities were seriously bugged. Execute would drain your rage whether it hit or not, our chance to hit was calculated incorrectly, et cetera. The boards were flooded with "Fix Wars" posts, and Blizzard fixed us, albeit slowly. It seems to me that there will always be those who are not content with their class, and if they complain loudly enough, things get fixed. The polite requests get lost in the wash.

As I was trolling the WoW forums, I came across this thread. The thread quickly spirals out of focus, but there was an interesting discussion going on in the first few pages. Does Blizz give preference to the forum loudmouths, and if so, is that a bad thing?

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New WoW Manga

For those of you out there who are serious lore-junkies like myself, the WoW mangas are like giving a sip of water to a man dying of thirst. There is a little information in them, but it is surrounded by the mediocre writing. I read the first book of the Sunwell Trilogy with a mix of eagerness and distaste, because the story was interesting and there was some character development, but the writing style wasn't really what I expected or wanted.

Well, mediocre or not, I have no choice but to pick up this new one, because I have a problem. Well, they say that admission is the first step and I'm addicted to WoW lore, so that's why I'll be buying the next book in the Sunwell Trilogy.

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Well, You Knew Druids Were Versatile!

Druids are arguably the most versatile class in WoW, what with their shapechanging and all, and this video is a perfect example. This 34-man group of druids drop Onyxia, which is a testament to the versatility of the class. It would be possible for the other hybrid classes, Paladin and Shaman, to do this as well, but I can't see how any other non-hybrid class could pull this off, unless they were completely maxed out with items. Well done, Druids of Al'Hakir.


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The Way of the Warrior

WoW Stratics has released their first iteration of Way of the Warrior. I have played warriors almost exclusively since release. In fact, I always play warriors in everything, from Diablo II's barbarian to LARPing as a fighter. Having played warriors in many different forms and in many different games, I really like warriors in WoW. They aren't the best interpretation of the fighter type that I have seen, but the importance of their role is undeniable. I prefer the fighter, not as a crowd-control tank, but as a class which can be relied upon to deal out good, reliable damage all day long. There is an element of that in WoW, but other classes do that so much better that warriors are not used in this capacity.

Well, Stratics' Way of the Warrior is a good guide for people just starting the class, and it has a few good builds, but it doesn't have much endgame usefulness. If you are interested in a detailed breakdown of the different warrior abilities and ideas for a few good builds, check it out.

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Blizzard Rumored To Have Bought 1500 New Servers

Rahul Sood, President of VoodooPC, has rumored that Blizzard just purchased over 1500 new Opteron servers. If they did so, it is likely that they will be used in conjunction with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion. Now I really know nothing about servers, but according to the hype, these bad boys are "the business". It's exciting to see Blizzard making such a large investment in the future of WoW, and hopefully these new servers will make a noticeable difference.

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WoW Ipod Video Trailers

Apple has released WoW trailers designed specifically for the Ipod Video. For those of you lucky enough to own them, these are great for a quick bus ride or a long lunch line. Apple is allowing you to bring a little piece of WoW with you when you travel, in order to fully submerge all of your existence in Azeroth (and Kalimdor).

The same trailers are avaliable in larger sizes too, and feature a Burning Crusade trailer, a Zul'Gurub tour, the old E3 trailer, and the Battlegrounds trailer.

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A PSA From Sluggy Freelance

Sluggy Freelance, which is a gem of a webcomic, has had a short hiatus recently and their filler episodes have all been WoW-related. They are all funny and relevant, but this particular comic struck a chord with me. The mistyping of Rogue as Rouge is incredibly prevalent, and whenever it happens I am tempted to correct the individual responsible. I rarely do because I don't want to be "that guy", but it grates on me nonetheless.

Thank you for this PSA, filler artist Thyla, and may we all take it to heart.

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