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WoW Moviewatch: Nihilum Vs. Teron Gorefiend

Releasing the third video in their 3-part series, Nihilum has posted their live-realm kill of Teron Gorefiend - another boss of the Black Temple. This is certainly quite a feat for Nihilum to have succeeded in so many encounters in such a short time. They also have rumored that they are "making progress on a certain encounter, but are not ready to show a corpse shot yet." Stay tuned for more progress in post-2.1 content!

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WoW Moviewatch: Nihilum Vs. the Shade of Akama

Nihilum has done it again, this time posting the second video in their 3-day trilogy: The Shade of Akama! This is the 3rd boss in the Black Temple. I'm not sure if this was a world-first kill, but it is confirmed that it is a live-server kill (and not the PTR). Great job, Nihilum! Keep on pushin that content for the rest of us to drool over!

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WoW Moviewatch: Nihilum vs. Kael'thas Sunstrider

Nihilum has released the video clip of their world-first Kael'thas Sunstrider kill. This means they have completed Tempest Keep: The Eye. Congrats to them, and thank goodness the GM gave them all the Black Temple attunement items! Nihilum has also mentioned that they will be releasing multiple videos of boss encounters over the next few days, so stay tuned for more!

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Another world first: Curse slays Azgalor!

After a perfectly executed 30-minute wipe fest, Curse has downed Azgalor - the fourth boss of Hyjal. This means that there is only one more boss in their way: Archimonde himself. Unfortunately, since everyone died, the corpse despawned, which resulted in no loot. Hopefully a GM will be on later to rectify their issue. Congratulations to Curse! Good luck with Archimonde!

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Downtime and you.

You may be at work, busy as ever. You may be on the road, on a sales trip or vacation. You may also be at home, repetitively clicking on that button that might just let you into the virtual world we all love. Click, click, click...and the result is always the same: "Unable to connect to server."

What do you do during your downtime?

I, personally, enjoy a few hours with Youtube. If I really feel the withdrawal symptoms, I may even start clicking on game-play know, just so it feels like I might be playing if I squint hard enough.

Need some good ideas on how to pass the time?

  • Go back in time, Tivo the Heroes marathon on SciFi, and watch it all.
  • Troll the World of Warcraft forums to make it harder for people to read/post.
  • Make a few batches of cookies, and eat them all. Be sure to taunt as many people/family members/pets with said cookies. Do not share.
  • Travel to and then picket Blizzard's corporate offices until the servers come back up.
  • Attempt to perfect the jet propelled paper airplane.

(Disclaimer: do not attempt these methods of time passage unless you are professional time traveler, troll, baker, eater, picketer, learner, or rocket scientist. I'm not liable for your entertaining exploits and/or injuries.)

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WoW Moviewatch: A pirate I was meant to be

The song from this clip appeared in the Curse of Monkey Island, third in a series of popular LucasArts games. This WoW-edit brought back nostalgia of the earlier gaming generation. The plot of the song is that Guybrush Threepwood is trying to get his crew to stop singing and get to work sailing the ship, but they keep on rhyming...that is, until he uses a certain word. Enjoy!

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2.1 and Beyond: New arena: Ruins of Lordaeron

"Games for Windows" magazine has released their third article about the things to come post patch 2.1. Above the Undercity will be a new PVP arena, called "the Ruins of Lordaeron."

This will be a new 2, 3, and 5-man arena available sometime after the next content patch. Blizzard has taken what they learned from the previous two arenas and tried some new things in the new map. Attempting to cut down on the geometry features and line-of-sight breaking objects was a goal in this arena. While there are still a few hiding spots, they tend to be in the middle of the map.

Another option that Blizzard is thinking about implementing is the ability to choose which arena map you play on. The downside, however, is that by doing so you are limiting the number of people in the queues by splitting them up into smaller specific queues.

While I've never been a big PVP buff, I'm sure that those of our readers that are will be excited to have another new arena map to play!

You can read the article here.

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Beyond 2.1: Guild banks

"Games for Windows" magazine has released an second article regarding further implementation of features post patch 2.1. Guild banks, a feature we've been begging for for years, will finally be a reality! Get ready to free up some character slots and delete those mules!

In every bank, a new NPC will appear where guild members can deposit and withdraw items. Offering potentially hundreds of storage slots, this will offer players the ability for free storage. At repair NPC's, a new button will appear allowing players to repair using guild funds rather than their own money.

Blizzard even has methods for hindering the abuse of this system. Using a tab system, guild leaders can allow certain levels of players access to certain tabs in the bank. This will prevent players from stealing and selling or transferring guild items. "But what if the guild leaders do the thieving?" Blizzard's website will track EVERY transaction, so their customer service can respond if there is a dispute.

I think this feature is a long time coming, and I'm excited to see it finally implemented. I'm not sure how it will work for those of us who have private mule characters to consolidate our auctions, funds, and storage between many different alts, but we'll see what happens.

You can read the article here.

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Beyond 2.1: Voice over IP (VOIP)

As previewed before, the Blizzard developers made mention that they were working on an in-game voice-over-IP system. Well, "Games for Windows" magazine has an article that confirms that Blizzard will be implementing this feature in the future. While the release of this feature has not been scheduled, more specific information and details of the system have been discussed.

Some of the features that have been disclosed include feature that lights up the speaking character's name in the interface, allowing you to actively see who is speaking, and target them if necessary. Also, the voice channels can be separated so that the music can be silenced while a player speaks, or the music can be over normal speakers and voice can be sent directly to a headset.

While the replies of the players are mixed as to the potential of abuse, options of use, and how it will effect gameplay and system lag, I think that this will be a feature that could be amazing if done well. I can't wait to give it a try!

You can read the article here.

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Will Blizzard's spam-stopper really work?

In response to Blizzard's upcoming spam prevention in 2.10, there has been tons of speculation by forum-goers at whether or not the methods being implemented will really work or not.

According to Drysc, a Blizzard CM:

  • Players will now be able to report chat and mail spam with the click of a button. A "Report Spam" option will now be available by right-clicking on a player's name in a chat channel, whisper, or mail. Using this option will quickly and easily report the player to our in-game support department for review.

Ok, fairly easy, but you could easily abuse this feature on people you don't like, whereas the reporting process was usually drawn out and people wouldn't abuse it.

  • When you report a player, he or she will automatically be added to your ignore list for your current session. You won't see any chat or mail from that player until you log out and back in.

What if your ignore list is already full? Is Blizzard going to increase the number of ignore slots or make it unlimited?

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