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Guild drama, preventing the big three

Far be it from me to play guild expert, that's Scott's job, and he does it brilliantly. I am so far in need of guild advice that I take it wherever I can, and when I read the Priestly Endeavors article on Guild Issue Resolution, I found so much of worth for me personally I knew our readers should know about it. Yes, it was written a while ago, but good advice never goes stale.

As Kirk puts it, there are three major complaints that players have when they talk about the guild drama they've encountered with their previous guilds. "I never get any loot," they say. "They waste my time," can be heard echoing off the guild bank walls. "No one ever helps me," the crowd bemoans. Each of these is a major sticking point with guild members, and if you as the Guild Leader can do anything to avoid these big three, you'll go a long way toward creating a content guild populace. The loot issues he suggests can be mostly resolved with a good loot distribution system, but not everything can be handled by organization.

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Blizzard fan art page updated

New fan art submissions have been added to the Blizzard fan art page. The two images thumbnailed here are "Cold Battle", submitted by Can Soner (Pskocan), and "I was waiting for you", submitted by Sara Forlenza (Marea). If you have artwork that you would like to enter to be shown in their gallery, read the rules here.

Please be sure that you are entering your own works, as there have been reports of plagiarism in artwork submissions. Dalayur, previously of Forte, had his artwork submitted by someone else last week, but many of us had already seen his artistic endeavors and notified Blizzard of the error. This is actually the second time this has happened to Dalayur, but Blizzard has given proper credit to him for this submission.

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Guide for New 60s

With Blizzard's big push over the holidays, reducing the price of WoW and the free 10-day accounts, there have got to be plenty of new players getting close to 60. A guide to 60 was posted a few days ago, but Gamespy's new guide for people who are reaching 60 for the first time is great. It has detailed breakdowns of all the major instances, all the major quest chains, some of which start at level 52, and is generally a good guide to the PvE endgame.

I missed the Linken's Secret chain the first time around and kicked myself when I found out about it. This comprehensive guide, though helpful for experienced players too, is especially nice for first-timers.

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Fishing & Cooking guide

Are you looking to get your cooking and fishing skills up? Gaming Steve sent us a heads up to his latest post tilted "Clapperoth's Guide to Reaching Level 300 Cooking and Fishing in a Single Day"! It is horde based but overall it is a very good guide.

The other nice benefit of this guide is that you could use the fish for the war effort. Keep an eye out for the Rainbow Fin, Yellow Spotted tail, and the Salmon (depending on which side you play). I would also highly suggest looking for a mod or two if you are going to pursue this endeavor.

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