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Breakfast Topic: Way better than my first time

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I am leveling what will hopefully be my sixth level 80. It is my ninth character slot on my main server, leaving one spot for a worgen druid. I really like leveling. The term "altoholic" has been thrown around -- but once they get to 80, I stop caring about them. It's the leveling process that I really enjoy. It seems leveling gets better and better each time I attempt it. I light up every time I get level achievements, and I love that feeling of getting a mount for the first time.

For this alt, I have decided to level like it's my first toon with some semi old-school restrictions. My current alt is a 27 dwarf paladin, and I cannot use the dungeon finder nor run with heirlooms. I didn't give my alt gold or bags. I am not buying or training for riding skill until level 40 and epic at 60. I am trying to stay in the natural quest progression (I did run to Elwynn Forest to kill Hogger, but I didn't take the quests) provided by the game. This is incredibly hard. At 27, I have exhausted every possible quest in Wetlands at my level, and none of the quests have sent me on to another zone.

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Breakfast Topic: Gotta go!

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Sometimes real life gets in the way of playing WoW. I understand that it's healthy to have a life outside of WoW and I agree, but when you sit down to raid or run dailies, "real life" can have different plans for you. Either you have been in a group where some one just up and leaves or says "g2g" before exiting group. Maybe you have been that person.

I've been healing when the tank who just pulled the first hall up to Sorrowgrave in heroic Utgarde Keep then /yell(ed), "On call -- sorry, I have to go." Needless to say, I dropped aggro and ran, then laughed with the hunter as the 'lock ran back, all while rezzing the rogue. I understand people have to go and wasn't that mad, but the 'lock and rogue were upset. You could tell, because their chat looked like @#$! and @#&.

I don't read wingdings, but it got me thinking. I needed a macro to hit when I have to leave before I can finish a global cooldown. I can only think of three times in the last year I couldn't finish a pull before logging unexpectedly, but I prepared two macros to entertain those who I unfortunately leave in a bind. Combined, they read as:

/s By the time you read this I have already disconnected. I have some emergency I have to attend to and could only afford four key strokes. It's probably has to do with my children, pets, and or fire. At the very least it could be the rapture and I am sorry you are still around to read this. Elune be with you or other race appropriate farewell.

Do you have a dropping-group macro? Have you had to leave group unexpectedly? Why?

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