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Shifting Perspectives: Gearing up your Resto Druid for Kara Part 1

Every week, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting druids and those who group with them. This week John Patricelli, the Big Bear Butt Blogger, tries to bring some Resto Druid gear info with the haelp of 4 Haelz.

Andrew: "Right. Right. Gotcha." [pause] "I bet even covert operatives eat curly fries. They're really good."
Spike: "Not as good as those onion blossom things."
Andrew: "Ooh, I love those."
Spike: "Yeah, me, too."
Andrew: "It's an onion... and it's a flower. I don't understand how such a thing is possible."
Spike: "See, the genius of it is you soak it in ice water for an hour so it holds its shape. Then you deep-fry it root-side up for about 5 minutes."
Andrew: "Masterful."
Spike: "Yeah." [pause] "Tell anyone we had this conversation, I'll bite you."

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Now you know exactly what I'm thinking when someone says "Lifebloom" around me. So, you really sure you want me to write for the Resto set?

Plus, that'll teach Allie to quote Veronica Mars at me the other week. I'll see your modern day Nancy Drew and raise you a Spike. Dare to escalate?

This week, I present you with the first part of a list of gear that the aspiring Resto Druid should be looking for to prepare for Karazhan.

Since if left to my own devices I'd just get you into all kinds of trouble, I enlisted the services of Bellwether at 4 Haelz to bring together the research. 4 Haelz is a blog by an end-game raiding healy Druid kinda person. She's smart and funny and neat and stuff, so go check her out. Her blog, check her blog out.

Follow along after the break and we'll get into the specifics!

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Shifting Perspectives: Share your delight in Tree of Life!

Every week, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting druids and those who group with them. This week John Patricelli, the Big Bear Butt Blogger, brings you a fun challenge for Restoration Druids specced for Tree of Life.

Since this column has been dominated by news of the Ferlol kind lately, I thought this week would be a good time to bring some true leafy fun into the mix.

I am still working avidly on a gearing for Karazhan list for Restoration Druids, with research and insight provided by Bellwether of 4 Haelz, with full expectations of having it ready for you to enjoy next week.

In the meantime, here is a wonderful opportunity for Treelovers to show their Bark is stronger than our Bite.

Phaelia, the mind and heart behind Resto4Life, decided that Arbor Day was the perfect time for Resto Druids to let their imaginations bloom.

To that end, she has issued an Arbor Day Challenge to all of you Trees out there.

More about the challenge, and the fun you can have, after the break!

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Druid tanking is up in the air for Wrath

In the recent explosion of news about Wrath of the Lich King, Ten Ton Hammer had an interview with Jeff Kaplan and Tom Chilton, where they asked some solid questions on why exactly we needed another tanking class.

To quote the Ten Ton Hammer interview with Jeff Kaplan and Tom Chilton;

Chilton: We're kind of designing the Paladin tank to be the best AE tank, and we're designing the Warrior to be the best sheer mitigation tank, and we're designing the Death Knight to be the anti-spellcaster tank.

From that statement, at least, you can see that the subject of a feral druid's place in the end-game main tanking plan doesn't even get a mention. You might think that, as far as the designers are concerned, a feral druids' future tanking viability is merely an afterthought.

But that doesn't mean that in the new expansion, all of the new Talents will only be buffing up the Balance and Resto trees.

Oh, no. Not hardly.

No, I have seen what is currently active for the new Talent trees up to level 80, and I can assure you, we may not be in the forefront of the developers' minds when it comes to 'cutting edge' tanking, but we have NOT been forgotten.

Follow along after the break to find out more!

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WoW Insider Show Episode 38: Lunatic Edition

This last week on the WoW Insider Show, which is now available for listening on WoW Radio, Mike Schramm was gone and the lunatics took over the asylum!

Well, okay, it's wasn't really all that crazy, but John Patricelli, Dan Whitcomb, Matthew Rossi and the Turpster did have a good time talking about early Paladin leveling, Patch 2.4.2, the 'epicness' of ten manning Arthas in the upcoming expansion, changes to scare beast and growl, and even speculated (in a horrified way) on the possible repercussions of having mounts with passengers.

We discussed the recent break-up of Death and Taxes, and we even speculated wildly on Legacy weapons, and how they may get implemented in the expansion.

I thought it was a fun show, even if Turpster did point out the dark side of every exciting new feature we talked about.

At the end of the show, Turpster sent out a call for suggestions on how he should celebrate his Shadow Priests' expected dinging of 70, so send in your thoughts and suggestions on that or anything else on your mind by emailing us at And don't forget that while you can listen to the show either in WoW Radio's archives or on iTunes, you can also hear us live every Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm EST/8:30pm GMT.

Don't miss it!

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WoW Insider Show Episode 38: Lunatic edition live tomorrow

For tomorrow's WoW Insider Show (which you can hear live at 3:30pm EST on WoW Radio), the lunatics have taken over the asylum!

Mike Scramm is on vacation, and he has left the show in the hands of John Patricelli (the Big Bear Butt) this one time. Since one chance is likely all I'm getting for this, we're pulling out all the stops by having the Turpster, Matt Rossi, AND Dan Whitcomb on hand to talk about all things hot in the news of WoW Insider from the last week.

We'll of course be talking about Patch 2.4.2, the 'epicness' of ten manning Arthas in the upcoming expansion, changes to scare beast and growl, and the possibility of Wrath mounts with passengers.

We may also be able to fit in some time to talk about the recent break up of the guild Death and Taxes.

And as is the tradition on the WoW Insider Show, we'll have reader mail, which you can send to us at, and we'll be chatting in IRC as well at in the #wowradio channel.

It promises to be an experience, so make sure you don't miss it.

Tune in tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, at 3:30pm EST over on WoW Radio. See you there.

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Shifting Perspectives: Yummy treats for bears to eat

Every Tuesday, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting druids and those who group with them. This week John Patricelli, the Big Bear Butt Blogger, brings you some choice tidbits of knowledge on level 70 consumables for the beary furry crowd.

We've talked about the gear you can get to build your tanking set up to Karazhan, but to actually tank in a raid, you need to bring along plenty of tasty consumables to buff you up to tip-top shape. And that's what we're going to cover today.

There are four basic types of consumables you can have active buffs from.

You can have active at one time;

  • Flask or Elixir buffs (One Flask, or One Guardian and One Battle Elixir effect)
  • Multiple scroll buffs (as long as the buffs do not overlap with player spell casting)
  • One Weapon buff
  • One food buff

Also, there are tons of potions and items that can be darn handy to use in the middle of a fight, especially when things are looking their bleakest, and with the changes to how Druids shift forms in Patch 2.3, there are some very simple macros that you can use to make your own 'oh no!' buttons. Use at your own risk!

What will help you in your fight is situational, but knowing what you have to choose from can make creating your own shopping list a lot easier.

Hopefully, this post will help you plan ahead!

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Shifting Perspectives: Druids just wanna have fun

Every Tuesday, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting druids and those who group with them. This week John Patricelli, the Big Bear Butt Blogger, brings you news of one of the coolest Druid events to hit the World of Warcraft.

Despite the impression you may get from previous articles, being a Druid isn't all about raiding. Not hardly. The essence of the Druid is flexibility, the ability to think fast and adapt to changing situations quickly.

Today, I'm going to highlight the kind of imaginative, flexible thinking and sense of fun that I feel is at the heart of being a Druid.

On Saturday, April 26th, a group of Druids from the Penny Arcade Alliance gathered together into a murder of crows, and proceeded to terrorize the unsuspecting Horde of the Dark Iron server.

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Shifting Perspectives: Gearing your bear tank from 70 to Karazhan!

Every Tuesday, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting druids and those who group with them. This week John Patricelli, the Big Bear Butt Blogger, comes late to the party with a mammoth of an article that hopes to cover bear tank gear choices from dinging at 70 up to and through running Karazhan with your guild.

Gearing up as a bear tank

As you approach level 70 as a feral druid, your playstyle to this point has most likely been as a Kitty, focusing on causing lots of damage, very swiftly. Kind of like a stripped down, no frills rogue. But with style.

As much as you enjoy being a kitty, however, you just know all your friends want you to tank. With Fury Warriors, Enhancement Shamans, Retribution Paladins and real Rogues floating around, there is no shortage of melee DPS in the game.

But a good tank! Well, that's another story.

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Pleasing Pet Perspectives: A look at the fun Best Pet Friend class!

Every Tuesday, Pleasing Pet Perspectives explores issues affecting Best Pet Friends in Hello Kitty Online and those who group with them. This week John Patricelli, sometimes known as the Big Bear Butt Blogger, opens the new column with a look at the already announced Best Pet Friend class character options, and then discusses some of the benefits to both playing with and grouping with one.

You've seen them before. Wherever Hello Kitty goes, you can be sure not too far away is her pet, Charmmy, carrying the silver key that will open her jewelry box.

In Hello Kitty Online, I bet you can already tell that one of the classes I am most excited about is the new Best Pet Friend class.

This class will allow you to choose to play a character whose play style closely resembles that of a traditional Rogue from games such as World of Warcraft, but when grouped in a party, you will provide powerful buffs that will benefit everyone, making those tough monster battles go that much smoother.

Follow along after the jump to talk more about the advantages to both soloing and party play with your new Best Pet Friend!

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Shifting Perspectives: Patch 2.4 druid roundup

Every Tuesday, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting druids and those who group with them. This week John Patricelli, sometimes known as the Big Bear Butt Blogger, postpones the final part of the bear tanking strategy guide once again to focus on druid changes in today's patch 2.4.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Leveling guides still need to be written, tanking strategy article gets put off yet another week.

If anyone ever told me before I started this gig that I'd have too many breaking news stories to discuss to write big posts in a long series, I'd have laughed at 'em.

I guess the lesson here is that World of Warcraft is a continually growing game, and sometimes we have to act fast to stay on top of the changes.

As much as I'd like to hand you Episode III: Return of the Bear Strats, I bet with the patch hot and heavy, most of you are a lot more interested in knowing how we stand with the excellent druidy goodness.

Sigh. So long, bear strategy. Hopefully next week. Unless we get a hot annnouncement of new druid content coming in the next expansion, or shocking undocumented patch changes, or something.

One thing you can be sure of... there will be some folks that have every badge reward they want on patch day, and others will continue, like me, to scrimp and save.

Either way, look on the bright side. It'll be nice to have at least a week before people start complaining of being bored again.

Let's do a nice roundup of all the various changes and additions coming to the druid class, so everybody can plan what they want to do first. Just follow along past the break!

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