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First hand account: AQ & Medivh

AFK Gamer has posted about his first hand experience with the on-going war efforts on the Medivh server. He goes in-depth with screenshots on how players were acting. He also talks about how the GMs were handling the whole situation. Good stuff. Be sure to check out his follow-up and his flickr pools.

Do you think Blizzard will wise up and put some measure in to prevent issues like the Medivh server had, for future world events?

Holiday screenshot contest winners

More news from the holiday contest front...

The holiday screenshot contest has come to an end and Blizzard has announced the winners. This was another shining example of creativity within the community, I can't believe how funny some of the screenshots are! Such irony with the BWL and Molten Core screenshots with snowmen and snowballs.

Don't forget to take a gander at the honorable mentions, there are some funny ones.

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Cookie contest winners

This is slightly older news but worth posting.

Blizzard announced the contest winner for their holiday cookie contest. They had some amazing entries, I am continually confounded by the amount of effort and skill some of the players put into these contests. The winning cookie (Welcome to World of Fondant!) has some amazingly detailed icing work on it.

I would highly recommend checking out the winners and the honorable mentions. Just remember to not go hungry, lest you find yourself craving cookies!

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Read my lips, no new instances...

Some confusion has surfed on the forums about what will be in patch 1.10. Caydiem has come out to set everyone straight, no new instances in 1.10!  I guess someone confused the fact that a new tier (dubbed 0.5) armor set is being released in the next patch, so they assumed that meant a new place to farm for that new set.

What other 1.10 patch rumors are you guys hearing?

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Selling Accounts Part 3: A stance?

Tall, small, round or skinny - we all look and feel differently about things. In particular, the WoW Insider staff has been debating on what is/isn't cheating.  Chris' recent post sparked the behind the scenes debate.

While some of us do feel that selling an account is one form of cheating, others don't.  Some consider gold buying ok, some don't. Our differing views and opinions are something that we can offer because we have a team of bloggers. While we don't all agree on the definition, we hope you can understand that we are all individuals writing for the blog.

Now on to my view :). I do think selling a character is cheating, as is buying a character/gold/ or anything for that matter. I do believe that Blizzard should take an approach similar to Sony and offer up realms where they can buy gold and items in a sanctioned environment.

If people want to spend money, why shouldn't blizzard get a cut? Let them take that cut and hire more developers to create content! My ideas tend to be liberal (or flaming liberal as my father says) but I think they could be beneficial.  Your views?

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Patch 1.9.2

Tired of the stutter issues that came with 1.9.1? Blizzard release patch 1.9.2 today, expressly to fix this issue...  YAY!  Go blue!

I look forward to going home and not seeing jumping people in IF/Org anymore - it was messing with my mind. Seeing the stutter makes me constantly check my pings or makes me wonder about my router...

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Warlock fan fiction

Are you a big fan of WoW fiction and world lore? I ran across this little gem while surfing the warlock forums (*cough* I know I spend all my time there) and I wanted to share this with you. I combed the thread for all the stories until I made it to the post where he noted he was making a blog for the stories. This guy is pumping out some grade A material, imo.

We have been kicking around the idea of doing something like this for WoWInsider...  A weekly piece of fiction about our characters expliots on Akama. Would you guys be interested in reading that?

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Warlock changes in 1.9

It has been a little over a week and I have been grinding my warlock towards getting my mount...  Since I am purely spec’d for affliction right now, I haven't seen much downside (personally) from the recent patch. I have seen a lot of whining about the CoS/CoE nerf on the forums. Most of the whining is geared towards the fact that CoS is only useful in groups/raids now because the damage buff is easily overrun by CoA when running solo. Any warlocks with real numbers done a comparison?

The other item I wanted to discuss was the addition of the soul shard bag - I have mixed feelings about them. I am running with 19-20 shards on me, average now. Even thought I have more shards, I find I still use them up at the same old rate when running solo (I don't have shadowburn, yet). I have seen a lot of flak about the cost of the bags and the fact that they should have been a quest reward, at least for the low end bag. Ecksvee has started an effort on Uldum to take donated components and money to make free bags for everyone - a brilliant idea! What are your thoughts on the shard bags?

Was 1.9 a buff or nerf for warlocks, or do you not care? :)

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Ahn'Qiraj War Effort

[Ed. note: This article was contributed by Ugkul]
Want to know what the various items to turn in for Ahn'Qiraj are (check out the list below)? Predictably, prices for these items are rapidly rising in the AH. The first time you turn something in, you obtain ten commendation signets that can be turned in for a reputation boost as well as a Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies crate that typically contains a scroll and a green/blue item; subsequent turnins only net one commendation signet and one supply crate. Ten commendation signets net a 75 point reputation bonus, which means you could net a 1125 reputation bonus just for turning in one of each!

Alliance and Horde have different turnin items and quantites. The list is below:


90000 Copper Bar
28000 Iron Bar
24000 Thorium Bar

33000 Stranglekelp
26000 Purple Lotus
20000 Arthas' Tears

180000 Light Leather
110000 Medium Leather
80000 Thick Leather

First Aid
800000 Linen bandaids
600000 Silk bandaids
400000 Runecloth bandaids

14000 Rainbow Fin Albacore
20000 Roast Raptor
17000 Spotted Yellowtail


90000 Copper Bar
22000 Tin Bar
18000 Mithril Bar

96000 Peacebloom
19000 Firebloom
26000 Purple Lotus

80000 Thick Leather
60000 Heavy Leather
60000 Rugged Leather

First Aid
250000 Wool bandaids
250000 Mageweave bandaids
400000 Runecloth bandaids

10000 Lean Wolf Steak
17000 Spotted Yellowtail
10000 Baked Salmon

Definitely an interesting way to get everyone involved in a world event, but we feel the supply crate rewards might be too generous.

Farmers are taking notice and AH item prices are rapidly rising, as well as shortages in other areas, such as bags, since one can obtain a better price selling off the leather at the AH then from the final item.

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EU patching blues?

Yes, we all get a little borked off when it comes to major patch time and our mods quit working... This is just a small frustration compared to what some of the EU gamers have gone through since patching started yesterday. According to this thread over on the EU forums, there was a network disconnect while the patch script was running. I am sure they didn't realize that was the network cord they unplugged at first :P.

One user commented that the server downtime will totaled around 37 hours, once they got them back up. I also know that Jennie had a few alts on one of the servers. I feel for everyone, I know I would go nuts if bloodhoof went down that long!

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