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Breakfast Topic: What's your least favorite WoW chore?

Some players abhor farming rep. Others dislike the farming professions, and still others would rather wear whatever good-enough item comes their way than devote hours, days and weeks farming gear, mounts or other items. Then there are the players who dislike farming on an actual farm. So OK, farming -- definitely one of those things that turns certain players right off.

But farming isn't anywhere near the top of the list of WoW chores I'm not fond of. Atop my list lurks a chore I dread so deeply that I will sometimes abandon (temporarily or even permanently) a character over it: updating a character after a major gameplay patch. Nothing turns me off more than having to tinker under the hood of a character I've long since come to happy terms with. Talent resets are my nemesis. The two or three characters I play the most? Sure, trying out the new stuff is kinda fun. But all those little guys who see only occasional play, the guys whose level I couldn't verify when I'm away from the keyboard and whose keybinds I forget after a day or three away? Setting them up again represents a major investment of time -- one I confess I'm not always willing to make.

What's your least favorite WoW chore? Do you suffer through it to gain certain benefits, or have you sworn off ever performing that dreadful task again?

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Random Acts of Uberness: The power of glasnost

After a veritable hurricane of goodwill during the holidays, it's seemingly back to business as usual on the highways and byways of Azeroth -- except for these players who took something personally in all the right ways.

Caught being uber: Glasnost and Purix, Zul'jin (US-Horde) So I've been trying to tame Degu for weeks on end. I'm just not coordinated enough to do it on my own. So tonight, after my fourth or fifth death, an 88 mage, Purix on Zul'Jin, asked if I wanted some help taming him. We both died a bunch more times trying. So I started advertising for a tank. Oddly enough, I had a DK volunteer, Glasnost on Zul'Jin.

The three of us tried countless times, and the three of us died countless times. Finally, after the DK made the comment, "Alright, now this is personal," we tried a few more times with the three of us and died. Then the DK had the idea to have the mage not do anything, just to let him tank Degu alone. He took the beating until Degu was down under 20% and let himself die. I threw down the ice trap, Deterrence, and hit tame. I got him! I tried to pay both the folks who helped me and they wouldn't let me. I gave the mage all the cloth I had in my bags and the DK says, "Nah, just name him after me." So I did. -- Zentagia, Zul'jin (US-Horde)

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Drama Mamas: The mechanics of handling our drama

A curious reader writes:

This isn't actually an advice question, more a curious query. I've noticed some topical overlap between the Drama Mamas column and the Officers' Quarters column on WoW Insider. Do you guys ever punt submissions over the fence to one another? What criteria should people use when deciding which column they should send their request to?


-- Josh

Guild drama is everywhere ... But yes, there is a method to divvying up all the madness! The Drama Mamas have invited along Scott Andrews from Officers' Quarters this week to help explain how and when they share reader letters. We'll also look at ways to increase your chances of getting a letter published, plus what really happens behind the scenes when Robin and Lisa disagree over a particular letter.

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Breakfast Topic: Are you dried up and Looking For Content?

For every player who adores leveling alts lies another player who lives only for endgame content. These are the players who methodically prepare for patches and expansions long before they arrive. They stockpile points for gear and materials for crafting. They play through content during beta testing to get the lowdown on as many details as possible before attacking it on live. These players farmed the Timeless Isle dry before the time itself even had time to dry.

And unless these players are constrained by a raiding schedule that's less frequent or successful as they'd like, once they've devoured what's available at the endgame, they become bored. Undeniably, utterly, irrevocably bored.

If endgame-only is your preferred playstyle, have you already gone largely or completely inactive for Mists of Pandaria? Have you been successful at finding something else in the game to tide you over until the next bit of new content? If you do stop playing once you've gobbled up whatever's new for endgame players, do you chomp impatiently at the bit for the next release of content -- or are you always vaguely anxious that there might not be enough to tempt you back again?

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What single thing is most responsible for keeping you logging in regularly?

Back when I was a raiding guild officer, I was around Azeroth just about any moment I wasn't busy elsewhere. There were applicants to interview, recruits to orient, newer players to help gear up and oh so many other to-dos to check off.

Now that I'm in another of my PvP periods, my attention span is less tied to external motivators like guild tasks. I recently leveled a new character to the precise bracket I'd decided I wanted to play him -- and then never logged him back in. Instead, I hopped to another realm with the idea of quickly level-capping a character who was just shy of the finish line. That project quickly devolved into accidentally-on-purpose choosing quest areas that turned into world PvP skirmishes lasting the entire evening. I'll get level 89 Hordeside some day ... Some day.

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15 Minutes of Fame: Turwinkle the gnome charms with adventure videos and community interviews

Sometimes a letter from an appreciative fan is the best way to introduce a player to WoW Insider readers:

I'm writing in to nominate a wonderful man that I recently had the pleasure of working with. Known as Turwinkle on Twitter or Palmerbomber1 on YouTube, he comes from Moon Guard and has recently begun making rounds on Wyrmrest Accord, where he gets in touch with various guilds and interviews them about what they are, what their stories are, and advertises their members. He also has a series with his gnome Turwinkle where he records himself leveling through the game, narrating the adventures of his mage.

The exposure he's done for the Wyrmrest community is second to none, and I'd love to see him get the recognition he deserves. The two hours he spent with our guild was a blast for everyone involved, and I'm sure many of the others he's spoken with felt the same.

Introducing the gentle good humor of Turwinkle the gnome, star of the "let's play" Adventures of Turwinkle and host of Turwinkle Talks interviewing roleplay guilds across Azeroth.

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Breakfast Topic: Have you run every single WoW raid?

No matter when you started playing World of Warcraft, if you raid, you've probably felt the itch to visit every last dungeon you can. Motivations vary; some players want to rack up more achievements, some are avidly chasing each scrap of storyline, and others are in search of transmog gear or just plain bored with the current content.

Let's talk about the different ways players enjoy WoW's raid content, both current and classic. Have you taken a turn through every last raid instance in the game? Are you enough of an old-timer that your total includes 40-man and 20-man versions of early dungeons? Which dungeons are the most difficult (or inconvenient or hard to schedule) to revisit today? How many folks here have completed every last raid at the intended level?

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Well Fed Buff: Lunar Festival Fortune Cookies

Happy Lunar Festival! Need a little pick-me-up in between visiting your elders? Make your own fortune cookies! There's nothing like making your own Azeroth-related fortunes; our favorites are based on the coins of the Dalaran fountain or the humorous Twitter antics of Angryorc.

Just make sure you get the fortunes all written up and ready to go before you start baking, because making fortune cookies is a fast-paced, hands-on project that will demand your full attention as you cut, bake, shape and cool the little guys in quick succession.

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Breakfast Topic: Do you chit-chat in random groups?

Good morning! Are you just sneaking in the Breakfast Topic daily, or are you lucky enough to be able to run the whole front page before lunchtime? Yeah, I don't normally play in the morning, either. It stinks. Sometimes the boss will catch me online during work hours, yeah -- but it's just to grab a quick screenshot for a new Breakfast Topic, know what I mean? It's not like I'm trying to slip through all my dailies or anything ...

Chit-chat. We love it in the WoW Insider comments, we love in game, and we especially love and recommend it among groupmates, where it helps foster a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie. A friendly greeting at the outset of random groups or raids sets the stage for a more relaxed, personal experience and paves the way for questions, suggestions and comments about the content ahead.

Once you've greeted your groupmates, though, do you keep up the friendly chatter? As a healer, I'm frequently too absorbed by the breakneck pace of most experienced tanks to type much once we've begun. I don't mind others who do, though, especially if they weave in a workmanlike mix of suggestions and gentle joking about our performance. I'll admit to tuning out when the talk turns to sports scores, though. That's when you'll notice players randomly making a Confession or Levitating gently through the instance on puffy little clouds. Oh yeah, sports talk. I'm bored.

So do you chit-chat during random groups? Do you feel awkward when you get matched with an SBD (Silent But Deadly) group? Do you have a patented icebreaker for new groups?

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15 Minutes of Fame: TEDx speaker on overcoming anorexia with WoW

Continuing our look at young people successfully folding World of Warcraft into their successfully unfolding lives, this week we interview another student for whom WoW has made a big impression. "I saw your Breakfast Topic post How has WoW made your life better?, and well, a few weeks back I had the opportunity to give a TEDx talk about how playing World of Warcraft helped my fight anorexia and a crappy education system," wrote Erik Martin, aka Klaes of Emerald Dream (US).

Talk about All The Things ... Also a game designer who has even worked on projects for the federal government, Erik has rallied from anorexia to go on to advocate for student agency and motivation in education. With a confidence bolstered in Azeroth, he's assembling his own experiences and aspirations into a big-picture view large enough not only to fill his own sails but to help others push off from safe harbor.

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